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High Protein Smores Pudding


131 cal /2.5 f / 17.5 c / 10.5 p in this wine glass, toppings not included

Even though summer has come to an end, I don’t wanna let go to some of those summer flavors, and smores is definitely one of them. I was in my kitchen the other night, needing some protein and thought to myself, I haven’t had pudding in forever! Now I loooooveeeee butterscotch pudding, but I decided to venture out and I am glad that I did. I really wanted to share this recipe with you all because of of how EASY and QUICK this recipe is! Now, I know pudding isnt the most fancy looking food items, but with a quick plating idea it can be quite the fancy after dinner treat!


  • Calories – 87
  • Fat – 1.7
  • Carbs – 11.6
  • Protein – 7


  • 3 cups 1% milk
  • 1 scoop toasted smores @muscletech
  • 1/2t xanthium gum
  • 1 box(2.1 oz box) SF FF vanilla pudding mix
  • 32g crushed graham cracker crumbs


Put everything into a tabletop mixer and whisk for 2-4 minutes until thickens. Once thick, add graham cracker pieces and mix into pudding. Eat right away or chill and serve later. Makes 8 servings. Or if you serve this size you’ll get about 5.5svgs.
I served in a wine glass with marshmallows, graham crackers, and a bit of chocolate drizzle. 👌
In retrospect I should of chilled the glass and drizzled sauce on it before adding the pudding.

Things you may need!

MuscleTech Nitrotech Whey Isolate Plus Musclebuilder Protein Powder, Toasted S’mores, 2 Pound

Jell-O Sugar Free-Fat Free Instant Pudding and Pie Filling, Vanilla, 1-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 6)

Walden Farms, Chocolate Syrup, Fat Free, 12 oz

Jet-Puffed Mini Marshmallow – 16 oz. bag

Honey Maid Graham Crackers in Fresh Stacks (12.2-Ounce Boxes, 6-Pack)

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Caramel Apple Stuffed Egg Rolls!



Hey hey everybody! I know I’ve been slacking on recipes, but I’m working on donuts yo!
In the meantime check this super easy, low fat recipe featuring my new jar of @waldenfarmsinternational caramel dip.
My take on Salted Caramel Apple egg roll coved in Graham cracker crumbs.


1. Lay out egg rolls


2. In a bowl mix 2 svg apple pie mix, 50g caramel dip, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/8 tsp salt.

3. Place filling in each egg roll.

4. Roll them up better than I did.

5. Melt 7g butter and coat.
6. Cover in Graham cracker. Roughly 6-10g depending on how thick you want it.
7. Bake for 14min at 350

8. Let sit and cool once done.

9. Try and plate fancy.
10. Fail

11. Add ice cream and @nutsnmore salted caramel pb to make it better.

12. Enjoy!
1f/18.5c/2.5p per roll (before pb)

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Epic Spreads


Cookies and Cream:

14f/10c/6p – creamy and rich, perfect for drizzling when at room temp. Epic was my first cashew/coconut spread but I dig it. I should mention I hate coconut. Nice cookie chunks evenly throughout. Sweet but not to sweet, as the nut butter hits soon after the sweet is over for a good blend. Macros are good for a non marketed ‘protein’ nut butter. Also, the man behind the scenes it’s top notch. Patrick has been a great guy since day one. Always very happy with my experiences with @epicspreads

Laurel’s Butter


@laurelsbutter Oatmeal Cookie up for today’s #nutbutterseries . Also find a video version on YouTube under The Flexible Baker(I think, I have no idea how to work YouTube)
16f/9c/12p – first off. Ingredients list is awesome. 4 , and that’s its. Simple and freaking delicious. Idk how she got the taste so money without a ton of ingredients. This is a great blend between smooth and chunky. Perfect for sammys or other sweet goodies. Chunks of chopped up raisins in it as well. Literally like eating a pb covered oatmeal cookie. I thought this was really good and I’m not even a huge raisin fan! Can’t recommend @laurelsbutter enough. Her slogan is “no crap, just nuts” and I love it!
8.8/10 would buy again.

Luna Bars

Here’s a link to a variety box! Luna Bar Variety Sampler Set (Pack of 12)



@lunabar white chocolate Macadamia – 7f/25c/9p
High expectations as this is one of my favorite flavor combos.
Very strong but pleasant smell of vanilla with a hint of cinnamon. Texture just like a rice crispy, with a good chew. Coating of white chocolate on the bottom, and a drizzle on top. Don’t get to much Macadamia nut unfortunately, I would say maybe make the pieces a bit bigger. A few bites did have good combo of flavor tho. Overall macros are not that great but it was enjoyable to eat. I will definitely be eating more of these to try their flavors

7.8/10 would get higher if macros were better.



@lunabar smores review.
Overall weak macros. Designed for women I would assume it to be lower in calories. Anyway, decent smell when opening. Chocolate meets Graham cracker. Rice crispy top coated in chocolate. Good chew when your eating this, and the chocolate coating on the bottom is nice. No real marshmallow found when eating this bar. Maybe they counting it as whats holding the rice crispy together? If this woulda had little chunks of marshmallow this woulda reminded me of those granola smores bars I ate when I was younger.
7/10 decent taste, but not smores.
Video on my YouTube!

Muscle Frosting



@youfreshnaturals muscle frosting review
Cookies & cream – 13f/8c/10p – first Smell is a bit of CnC, decent macros for a spread. Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan. Very grainy texture, and it doesn’t have a ton of actually flavor IMO. Hint of cookies n creme then it kinda fades away by the time you swallow it. You definitely get to the cashew flavor quick. Definitely wouldn’t be a Sammy spread or something like that. Would be more of a spoon eating spread. Needs more ‘cnc’ flavor definitely.
Cookie dough – 14f/7c/10p – get mainly just a chocolate smell. Also very grainy texture. Chocolate on top is pretty cool but it’s kind of a thick layer with not a ton of sweetness. More of a coco flavor. More of a spoon spread. The chocolate could be used to spread I suppose. The cookie dough by itself is also slightly unsweetened as well, and it’s needing more flavor.




Up for today’s #nutbutter review: @dsnaturals

Vanilla Maple 15f/7c/11p – very good smell of Maple, great texture as its very smooth. Would be great for a drizzle of some sorts. I get more vanilla than I do maple. I make my own maple syrup so I got a taste for it, so definitely try to increase that. Pleasant aftertaste as well. Good consistency for being kept in the fridge. Doesn’t get hard as a rock

Brownie batter – 15f/7c/11p – good chocolate brownie smell, again good smooth consistency even after being in the fridge. Easy to spread. You can taste the almond a lot on this one with a backdrop of chocolate. Would definitely try to increase the chocolate.

Both also get good marks for vegan friendly, gluten. Dairy, soy, lactose, etc etc free.
These are both solid buys, and I would recommend👍

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