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Muscle Frosting



@youfreshnaturals muscle frosting review
Cookies & cream – 13f/8c/10p – first Smell is a bit of CnC, decent macros for a spread. Unfortunately I’m not a huge fan. Very grainy texture, and it doesn’t have a ton of actually flavor IMO. Hint of cookies n creme then it kinda fades away by the time you swallow it. You definitely get to the cashew flavor quick. Definitely wouldn’t be a Sammy spread or something like that. Would be more of a spoon eating spread. Needs more ‘cnc’ flavor definitely.
Cookie dough – 14f/7c/10p – get mainly just a chocolate smell. Also very grainy texture. Chocolate on top is pretty cool but it’s kind of a thick layer with not a ton of sweetness. More of a coco flavor. More of a spoon spread. The chocolate could be used to spread I suppose. The cookie dough by itself is also slightly unsweetened as well, and it’s needing more flavor.

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cake


I promise I will start getting better pictures before I make my final creation. (There is a piece of cheesecake stuffed in the middle)

Ingredients: (Dry)

40g Peanut Butter Protein ( I used PES )

15g Coconut Flour

40g Oat flour ( Ground up oats)

6 Splenda Packets

12g Powdered Peanut Butter

1 Tsp Baking Powder

1/4 Tsp Baking Soda

8g Chocolate chips

Ingredients: (Wet)

46g Egg Whites

60g 0% Plain Greek Yogurt

62g Unsweetened Applesauce

40g 0 cal Pancake Syrup (Waldens Farms)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl place all dry ingredients and mix well.

In a separate bowl place all wet ingredients and mix well.

Add wet mix to dry mix and combine. Use water to help finish mixing if needed.

Then since I used big chips I cut them into halfs and placed them in giving the batter one more mix.

I then placed parchment paper in a 6in ramekin and sprayed it down.

Place batter in ramekin and bake in the middle of the oven for 25-30 min. Use the toothpick test to check if done.

Once done, pop out and set on cooling rack until cool.

Macros for the cake : 535 cal / 10.7 fat / 65.3 c / 52.7 p

Notes* I had fat to kill so that is why this is slightly higher. If you want to bring it down, sub out coconut flour and oat flour for either self rising flour or whole wheat flour. Should bring down the fat a few grams. You could also bring the protein even higher if you made a frosting for this.




Fudge Donuts!!!

IMG_20160112_112443At it again guys! More Donuts!



Pre heat oven to 350

Spray your donut pan

In a bowl place

80g Self Rising Flour

30g Chocolate Protein

10g Coco Powder

15g Semi sweet baking chocolate broken into small pieces

2 tsp Baking Powder(I forgot I didn’t use All Purpose flour and your don’t need this or salt is using Self Rising)

1/4 tsp Salt

8 packets Splenda or granulated sweetener of choice

Mix well,

In a spate bowl melt down 28g Lite butter then add it into the dry mix. Begin folding it in.

Add in 5oz low fat buttermilk , 1 1/2 tsp vanilla, and a whisked egg.

Mix everything together.

Place batter into your donut pan and place in oven for 10 min.

Use toothpick test to check if done.

Place on a cooling rack.


In a new bowl place 25g Chocolate Protein, 5g coco powder, 7g melted chocolate chips, 2 splenda packets, and enough water to mix it together. End result should be a frosting texture.

Next, take your donuts and dip them into the bowl covering the top. Repeat for all 6. Once they have been dipped, using a spatula spread remaining frosting over the donuts.


Place donuts on a plate and sprinkle with enough powdered sugar to cover them all. I used 2g.

Macros per donut: 139 cals / 3.9 f/ 17.9 c / 10.5 p


I hope you enjoy! Find me on IG @the_flexible_baker












Its peanut buttah jelly time! Doughnut Style!

Where ya at, where ya go, its peanut buttah jelly time, peanut buttah jelly time.


Ever since I can remember growing up a staple was PB&J. You just couldn’t beat it! So easy, so many different kinds of jellys and jams. Smooth peanut butter, crunchy peanut butter, it didn’t matter. Slap it inside some bread and I am happy. Good lord if only I was up on my peanut butter game back then like I am now. peanutbutterjelly_by_sheharzad_arshad-d7rsura

It had been quite some time since I had made some doughnuts, and I recently picked up some low fat buttermilk so I figured now was better time than any. 8517715def7e04f4b07fc8ecb830869a

Lets get started,

  1. Preheat oven to 350, spray donut pan with non stick cooking spray.
  2. In a bowl, place 12g Pb2, 16g Brown Sugar(I used splenda version), 10 splenda packets, 32g peanut butter protein(I used PES), 100g All Purpose flour, 1/4th tsp salt, 1 tsp baking powder. Mix everything well.
  3. In a separate bowl melt 28g Butter(I used Lite). Add into your dry mix and start mixing slowly.
  4. Add in 1 whole egg, 1 1/2 tsp vanilla, 5 oz low fat buttermilk. Continue to mix until well incorporated.
  5. Spoon mixture into your doughnut pan. Place in oven at 350 for 15min
  6. Use toothpick test to check in done. If it comes out clean you are done. Pull doughnuts out and place on a cooling rack.

Now, you can eat you doughnuts as is and the macros would be 131 cal/ 2.8 f / 19 c / 8p


or you could then add a frosting/drizzle. Since the fat is low, a real simple option would be to melt some chocolate chips then dip your donut in it. You could Also mix a scoop of protein with either water, syrup, or cream cheese and make a frosting.

I decided to make a peanut butter frosting using PB2 and maple syrup. I placed 18g of PB2 in a bowl with enough 0cal syrup to mix it. Just a splash of water to help thin it out just slighty. I then covered 2 donuts heavely with the mixture. I prolly could of made enough frosting for atleast 3 donuts. Then I added 10g of Strawberry jelly on the top to each donut. Last final touch for me was 15g Jif PB&J cereal to cover the outsides of the both donuts. IMG_20160110_181414

Final Macros for donuts w/out cereal: 171 cals / 3.9 f / 26 c / 12 p


These turned out so dang good! Best doughnuts I have made to date that is for sure.


Make sure to follow me on IG @the_flexible_baker

Smores Muffins Revamped!

What’s up everybody!

Decided I would re make some smores muffins and try to add a nice touch to them. I hope you enjoy!



Pre Heat oven to 350

First off we will start by making the crust. In a bowl place in 48g Lite Butter melted, 8 splenda packets and 93g Grahm cracker crumbles. Mix everything until it is well combined.

Next take your muffin tin and line that with muffin holders. I like to spray them with non stick spray to help prevent sticking.

Evenly separate your cracker crust into 9 muffins and press it down so it molds into the bottom of the holder. I put a bit of non stick spray on my fingers to help with the pressing. Once complete set to the side.

Take 15g semi sweet baking chocolate squares and break it up with your hands. Place in a bowl with 20g Coco powder. Add 1/2c warm water and mix. Set to the side.

In a new bowl place in 90g Self rising flour, 2 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp salt, and 62g chocolate protein(I used Quest). Combine and set aside. (I was informed by the amazing @foodsmyfrenemy that with self rising flour you can leave out the baking soda and salt as that’s what the self rising is for. I clearly am still learning so you can leave it out if you use self rising, if not keep it the same. In the meantime make sure to go follow Abby on IG)

In one more bowl(I used a kitchenaid stand mixer for this one) Place in 2 tsp vanilla, 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white(46g), 14g lite butter, 10g honey, 10 splenda packets, and 75g plain greek yogurt. Combine.

Take your chocolate and coco water and pour that into your egg mixture and continue to mix. Then add in your dry mix mixing as you pour.

Once everything has been combined, evenly distribute your batter into your 9 lined muffin holders. Lick remaining batter out of the bowl as those macros don’t count 😉

Place muffins in the over for roughly 15min at 350, checking them as they bake. Use the toothpick test to check if they are done. Comes out clean, then you are good to go. Take out and set on a cooling rack.

Now get out a cookie sheet and lightly spray it down. Place down 9 marshmallows. I used the chocolate ones that are made for smores. Place on the top rack of your oven under broil. Place on high and just watch them. They should not take long at all. If you use chocolate they will take just a bit longer to change color. Once they have a nice golden top take them out and using a spatula place one on top of each muffin.

Only left to do is eat! After they sit out for a bit I recommend putting them in a sealed container and throwing them in the fridge.

Macros for each muffin: 171 cals / 5f / 25c / 10p


I hope you enjoyed! Find me on Instagram under @the_flexible_baker ! Stay tuned for a new website as well! 11fc86a024f6528e2f462d4ce73f996c1674cd232f601ca697781c2ffc768b8e

New Goals for the New Year?

Recently I was having a conversation with a few people about goals and what new ones they had set for the new year. Many said down a couple pounds, some wanted to squat more, a few wanted to eat better. All great goals, but what’s wrong with them?

Well….. Lets take this for example.

‘By March I want to be able to complete a muscle up. ‘

Every time muscle ups come into the workout I try my hardest and I really give it, but no muscle ups are gotten. Next thing I know, march is here and I still haven’t gotten that muscle up. Mentally I am defeated. Sitting there thinking to myself, I set a goal and worked hard for it. Did muscle ups every time I was suppose to and it didn’t happen.

So why didn’t you get that goal?

” if I could maybe build on your goals? This is no offence, but maybe instead of just making a goal of Muscle ups, maybe set goals that directly work twords the main goal, so instead of just muscle ups maybe change it to, “I’ll work my kipping skills 3 times a week and add in extra tricep work twice a week” I feel changing the way we look at goals can help them get achieved much faster. It its just muscle ups, and you go try muscle ups and don’t get them you are not getting anywhere mentally. If that makes sense.” One of my responses to my recent conversation. It actually happened to be about muscle ups.

Another example.

I want to loose 10lbs by June.

You kinda watch what you eat, exercise a few times, make a healthy choice here or there, but next thing you know its june and you haven’t lost that last 10lbs yet. Sitting there you are wondering why.

Instead the goal could be broken down into a few key goals to pave the way to the overall goal.

I want to loose 10 lbs by June. That means I will

– Exercise 3 times a week

-Drink 8 glasses of water every day

-Start eating breakfast every day

Those are specific goals that you can visibly see and track daily/weekly to make sure you are on path you crush every goal you set for yourself. With setting smaller obtainable goals you are mentality setting yourself up for success. Constantly being able to check off goals is mentality and physically rewarding. It will not only give you a boost in your confidence and ability to hit your bigger goal, but visually seeing yourself making progress will keep you hungry and more willing to stay on track.

Think of it as an Outcome and a Process goal.

I have a vision of what I want, and I also need a plan of action to get me there. Just make sure you don’t make your goals to open ended with no visible finish line. That might be something like I want to fun faster or I want to be skinnier. Those are goals, but you are never setting yourself an end point to work towards.

Lastly I personally think it is a good idea to physically write down your goals. I think writing them, and posting them somewhere that you see them daily not only adds a bit of ownership and really makes the goals become real, but it also should motivate you. Every time you wake up and see that post it note staring you in the face telling you what you need to do, I feel you will be more likely to accomplish that task. You will begin to feel as though you are cheating yourself if you don’t accomplish that said task, and its true! You are hindering yourself the progress you want and deserve!


Last but not least, as a quick thought think about including a friend/spouse/family member/team mate/co worker, whoever in on your goals. Set goals, share them, and keep tabs on each other! Form a support group of sorts. That way if you are loosing motivation, you have someone there keeping you on track because you wont want to let them down if they are still going strong for their goals! I find this quite often in my nutrition group I am lucky to be a part of.(working against gravity http://www.workingagainstgravity.com/  ) The support in that group is unreal. You want to succeed, just because everyone else is killing it and you feel like you can’t let them down!


I think I could keep rambling on about this all day but I will wrap it up here. I am going to include a link to an article that I thought was very well wrote, and shared quite a few same views as myself, and defiantly dives even deeper into the topic. Enjoy everyone and I hope you have a great New Year!!!






The Plan to takeover the holidays!

Hey everyone! With the holidays just around the corner I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to help you win the holidays and not put on a ton of excess weight.

1. Trim up some dishes. If a recipe ops for nuts, or full fat cream cheeses, gravy, sauces, and butters. Look for lite butters and gravys, low fat or fat free cream cheeses, greek yogurt, fat free dressings, or leave them out completely. A big one for me is using fat free cottage cheese as dressing or my salads.

2. Load up on macro friendly foods such as salads, fruits, lean proteins, and veggies. Piling your plate high with these foods will not only limit place on your plate for macro dense foods, but they will help fill you up so you have less room left for sweets.

3. Bring your own dishes. Veggie plates, fruit salads, turkey roll ups, and so many more. That way you at least have a good go to dish in a pinch if you need some snacks.

4. This one is more of a mental thing, but wearing tighter clothes will actually make you eat less because you will feel tighter in your clothes much faster than if you wore loose clothes. Mentally you will want to eat less so you are not uncomfortable in your clothes.

5. Make sure to keep your water close and stay hydrated! Staying hydrated can be key to not over eating during the holidays. Having more liquid in the system will help with hunger cravings. Also adding a bit of lemon juice to your water can help curb appetite!

6. Chew gum. Keeping the mouth busy can help take the mind off eating.

7. This gets different opinions, but I like to either fast for the day until dinner comes, or ill eat mainly protein leading up to the meal to save most of my calories for that one meal to help prevent way over doing my macros.

8. Sub out full sugar drinks for diet or lite versions to help save calories. Also do this if you are making cocktails as this will save you numerous calories.

9. If possible do some type of exercise that day just to help bring yourself into a calorie deficit.

10. Choose to be a helper! Help make food, drinks, set the table, anything that keeps you busy and helps prevent you from unneeded snacking.

11. Moderation is key. 1 cookie is fine. 20 cookies…not so much. Enjoy, but be mindful.

12. Don’t be afraid to say NO. Often times, friends and family can pressure you into eating more than you want or need to. Don’t be afraid to say no. You know you have goals in mind and are doing your best to achieve those goals. You are not being rude denying that 2nd piece of pie or extra helping of mash potatoes.

13. Don’t be a scavenger! Once you are done eating, either remove the food off of the table, or remove yourself from the table. The longer you sit there looking at goodies, the more tempted you are to start taking unneeded bites that can quickly add up!

14. Leave the leftovers. Let someone else take them home. You had your day of enjoyment, now lets get back on track. Last thing you need is a plate full of grandmas cookies sitting on the counter staring you in the face for days on end.

15. Last but not least, remember that it is the holidays, and you are allowed to indulge. Enjoy yourself, but stay reasonable. If you want 1 more cookie, or that glass of wine then do it! Obviously there is a point, were you are just destroying progress downing an entire platter of cookies by yourself, but that 1 extra cookie that will put you a bit over your macros will not derail all of your hard work!



These are just a few tips and tricks I use that I have found to help get through the holidays. I hope this helps you conquer your day!