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OhYeah! One Bar (Chocolate Brownie)


I recently was selected in a contest from OhYeah! and received their new “One” Bar. I got Chocolate Brownie and Cookies and Crème. I tried finding these on their website but they must be to new? Only found CCCP, Pb, and lemon pie.

I wanted to start doing some reviews on different products I come across just to possibly help someone else with a purchase down the road.

Lets get started.

Macros: 210 cals 7g fat / 24 carb / 21 protein / 10g fiber / and only 1g of sugar

Squeeze test: Felt soft in the wrapper. Had some give to it so it was a decent que that it wasn’t going to be hard as a rock.

At first glance the bottom for some reason reminded me of a Snickers bar. unfortunately this wasn’t a Snickers bar.


First Glance out of the package: Nothing super special about the Aesthetics on this one. Plain flat brown protein bar. Smell has a slight chocolate smell to it, but nothing over powering.


Split it open to check the inside.


Now on the wrapper it shows the bar is fully brown/black throughout the entire bar, but when you bust it open it has a tan filling with small black crispies.

Taste: At first bite it wasn’t terrible but nothing special. I felt that there just wasn’t enough bang from the chocolate that was there let along get the feeling of eating a chocolate brownie. The crisps were nice, but yet again not strong enough of a chocolate flavor. Now the tan filling at first glance threw me off but I thought that it may just be how their coloring turned out. With further eating IMO it tasted like it should of been a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor vs a chocolate brownie.

Texture: Soft and flexible with a nice chewy consistency. Just a tad bit of graininess, but I did like the added ‘crunch’ from the crispies even though I felt they didn’t ‘crunch’ enough.

Heat test: of course I had to try in the microwave as well. 10 sec later it turned it quite soft, maybe even just a tad to much. I thought it helped improve the taste of the bar as I then had the ‘melty’ feel well eating.

IMG_20150714_114029021 IMG_20150714_114037369_HDR

Overall thoughts: I am going to give this a 6.5/10. Mainly because the lacking of a rich chocolate, and the filling throwing me off.

Compared to Quests Chocolate brownie that comes in at 170 cals / 6g fat / 24g carb / 20g protein / 19g fiber / 1g sugar and the same bar weight at 60g I would probably have to go with quests. Less overall Cals, Tad less fat, more fiber, and more like eating a chocolate brownie.

Would I recommend? If these are all you have access to then yes, if these are marked down cheaper ( as I found online the other flavors were just over 2 bucks ) then yes. If you have to pay the same price and can get quest then I would say go with quest.

Let me know if this review was worth the read and informative. I have many other protein bars, proteins, and more I would be willing to through reviews to if you guys wanna see em.

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Quick ass Smores Muffins. Cause Breakfast wasnt enough


Well I was having breakfast the other day, I believe it was a omelet and bagel. I finished it up, and thought to myself this just isn’t enough. Wanted to smash down some more protein without killing the fats.

Decided I would quick whip together some macro friendly Puffins. (Protein Muffins)

What you will need:

15g Self rising flour

1 egg white

33g Smores Protein

5g Pyslium Husk (not needed, I just wanted more fiber)

4g SF FF Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding mix

4g Brown Sugar Sweetner

1.7oz Applesauce

Vanilla Extract

Baking powder


Splash of Almond Milk


7.5g Mini Marshmallows

15 pieces of Smores Goldfish

Chocolate Sauce

Let’s get started


Add in all dry ingredients and mix well.


Add in Wet ingredients and mix that shit up


This is where I added in that splash of almond milk.

And just keep mixing. Till you got something that Slightly thick mixture



Throw your batter in the spray muffin tin. I made 4 big ones, could of gotten 5 out of it though.

Bake @ 350 for roughly 12 min. After 8 or so minutes I took them out topped with goldfish and marshmallows. Put back in for roughly 2 more min. Then switched the muffins to a higher rack and Switched the oven to Broil and let the Mallows get all purty like.

Watch closely as you don’t want to burn and ruin everything haha. Let cool in pan for a couple minutes if you would like, or if you are a fatty like myself, demolish as soon as you can.


Top with some chocolate sauce if you would like.


Hot Damn look at that. 4 Quick ass smores muffins that are so good!

Macros for all 4 : 376cals / 4.1fat / 49.9 carbs / 31.4 protein

Macros for 1 muffin : 94 cals / 1 fat /  12.5 carbs / 7.8 protein

That is with toppings included. If you just went plain jane or even a protein frosting those macros would be even lower!

Not to shabby if I say so myself.

Remember if you like my post feel free to check me out on Instagram, d_chron is the name! If you make one of my creations feel free to tag me or hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness so I can check it out! I would love to hear feedback!

God damn Do I love Cinnamon and Themes.

Yes, it is true. I will see a flavor, or an ingredient like in todays example the Cinnamon Combat Crunch Bar and a Left over Cinnamon roll and that will spark the creativity and next thing you know Im scrounging up everything I have in the house that related to cinnamon and I will throw it together and hope for the best.


This is another Improve recipe so unfortunately no step by step, but honestly this is so easy you don’t really need much direction. This also happened to work out nicely cause I didn’t have much left in the fridge (no veggies at all) and had a long day of work ahead of me. Threw together a huge spinach salad(yeah there is that salad again. #doyouevensaladbro) but thought to myself……..hmmm…..I should be a winner and eat more Micros today. Grabbed a bag of frozen veggies, seen 2 dishes I usually cook them in were dirty(usually I wouldn’t care, but had raw pork in one and lots of other dirty dishes in the other, so I played it safe) so I immediately threw those back in the freezer as laziness took over. I just so happen to have couple zucchini in the fridge but didn’t want to take the time to cook em, so that left me with the idea of Zoats for breakfast. A quick easy volume meal that also can hit some good micros, and a whole lotta fiber in one sitting.

So, lets get this cinnamon train rolling.

Get a small to medium sauce pan. Now for me I have a hot pot so at this point Ill start heating up some water so it gets boiling quick, vs waiting for my water to get hot in the pan.

Well my water is heating up I will take either

40g oats or today I used a Quaker Cinnamon Apple Quick oats pack (cause lazy as fuck, and remember theme 😉 )

Throw that in the sauce pan with cinnamon, 1/3 cup of milk(not needed just wanted to chance it up a bit)

and however much zucchini you got. Today mine came to 6.5oz.  You are going to want to get it nice and shredded. I just use a hand Cheese shredder. Does the job like a charm.

Now at this point hopefully your water is boiling, add 2/3c water to your sauce pan (1 cup if no milk was used) and bring that to a boil. Once those fine bubbles have started drop your heat down, and throw in 2 svg egg whites, or more if you need some more protein and continue to cook that up. Now this is wear I will add in some of my flavorings.

I threw in more Cinnamon, Couple splashes of Vanilla, a Packet of Stevia, and a smidge of maple syrup. Mix in thoroughly and continue to cook. Once it has increased in volume a bit and looks like everything is incorporated you are done! Now for the final step and this really doesn’t matter either (whey) pun fully intended, but I will throw in some protein for extra protein value and flavor. Today I mixed in .5scoop @cellucor cinnamon swirl whey right before I took it off the heat. Could add it once you take it off the heat I am not sure it really matters.

Transfer your steamy, scrumptious oats into a serving bowl of choice and if you are feeling like making a flex bowl throw some goodies on it! Today I used a @musclepharm cinnamon combat crunch bar cut into pieces, a left over Pillsbury low fat cinnamon bun, and cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Was going to add in Coconut Sugar as well but I forgot.

Grab your favorite coffee mug, fill it to the brim ( Im using @alphamindcoffee, use “Rhine” to save 20% on your entire order! yes your welcome! ) grab a spoon and dig in!

You can really get creative with this on your flavor combos. Chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, banana, really is endless. Goes for toppings as well. Brownies, chocolate chips, fruit, candy, ice cream, whatever you fancy at the time!

Remember if you like feel free to give it a share and don’t forget to tag me in It telling me if you enjoyed it or not! Also so I can see some killer flavor combos! @d_chron on Insta, or just #dustyscalculatedmadness !

Until next time, Eat good and lift heavy folks!

Simplicity is Beauty. Good Ole M&M Cookies with a Maple Twist.


What is up everybody.

It has been ages since I have made any type of cookie. I had recently picked up a small pouch of Crispy M&M’s and they have been sitting on my shelf. Well last night inspiration hit and I thought to myself Simplicity is beauty. Lets take it back to some basics and do some M&M cookies spiced up with a bit of maple for the down home feeling.

Now I didn’t take step by step pictures cause I wasn’t going to post this as a recipe quite yet but hey why not right?

90g Cannellini  beans

30g Pumpkin Puree

10g Coconut Flour

4g SF FF Vanilla pudding mix

70g Egg Whites

34g Protein(I used #cellucor Chocolate Chip)

10g Homemade Maple Syrup

Splash of Maple flavoring


bit of cinnamon

Baking Powder

If needed 1 packet of sweetener

If needed literally just a splash of milk or water

Toppings of Choice ( Chips, M&ms, nuts, anything! )

First Preheat oven to 350 F.

Then Rinse and drain Beans.

Blend or mash them together, add pumpkin, egg whites, vanilla maple syrup, and maple flavoring mix until combined.

Add in the Protein, Coconut flour, sweetener, cinnamon. Mix again until well combined.

Add in milk, or extra sweetener if needed, I used a bit more syrup and a splash of almond milk.

Take batter and place evenly on a sprayed baking sheet, putting down wax or parchment paper if needed. I have this new oven liner thing that works great and don’t even need to spray it.

Once all the batter is placed I then added some M&M’s to each cookie. You could mix in the batter as well, I just wanted each cookie to have even amounts of goodies.

Pop in the oven for 6-10min. My oven was at 450 right before I put these in so it was very hot, could of shortened by cooking time a bit. Just keep an eye on them.

Once done, Pop out of the oven to let cool for at least 15 min. Pair with something like Ice cream or just eat by themselves! These had a nice Cakey texture to them.

Macros for whole batch : 423 Calories, 6g Fat, 49.7g Carbs, 41.5 Protein

Macros Per Cookie : 62 Kcal, 1g Fat, 7.1g Carbs, 6g Protein.

Not to bad if I say so myself. Macros will drop even more if you were to take out the maple syrup or say waldens farms or something like that, as well as leaving the M&M’s out, but I mean come on…… who wants to do that?

remember if you like the outcome let me know ! If you post the recipe I would love to see it!

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Cinnamon and Puffins, Puffins and cinnamon. Oh wait, their Blueberry!

Well The feedback I have been getting from these Cinnamon Puffins lately has been crazy! That is right I said Puffins. Protein Muffins my Flexible Dieting people. In the past couple days I have no made these 3 times, each time slightly changing volume of ingredients, and changing up the frosting each time as well. Last two times I have gotten crazy and added blue berries!

Today I will show you how you can make a half batch, or a full batch. You can decide 😉


First let us begin with adding

17g Protein of Choice. I used @cellucor Cinnamon swirl

10g Coconut flour

1 packet Stevia

1 tsp of baking powder ( I gotta be honest I don’t measure)

2 tsp cinnamon (again I don’t measure I just dump in)

4g Vanilla SF FF Pudding mix

Mix that all together.


Then I added

45g Pumpkin Puree (Usually would of been 30 but I wanted to use up what was left)

Couple splashes of vanilla

46g Egg whites

10g @Waldensfarmsinternational Pancake Syrup

Splash of milk…… Literally. Just a splash, don’t do what I usually do and make things to runny.


Throw you batter into either sprayed tin or use these little holders. First time I used these, and I must say I wont be again I don’t think. For one, I lost some of my muffin when getting them out, and two it seemed to make them cook longer.

I then threw in 10g of frozen blueberries. They don’t need to be, its just all I had.

Throw in oven at 350 F for anywhere from 12-20min. I find each time its slightly different depending on protein, and such.



In the meantime for the this version I decided to go with a Greek Yogurt Glaze even tho I am not a huge fan.


30g Greek yogurt

10G Protein

Splash of Pancake Syrup

Loads more Cinnamon

Touch of vanilla

Then I threw in Fridge till ready to frost.


Pop your muffins out of the oven and use the ole toothpick test. Set aside to cool


Frost then enjoy by themselves or with a meal! I had them with 3 shrimp egg rolls, Mac n cheese with veggies and pretzels, and a Cheese stuffed burger with BBQ, bacon, and jalapenos.

Here are two other versions that I have made recently. The first one I also had let sit in the fridge for 4-5 hrs before enjoying and gave them a texture I really enjoyed. The 2nd pic, I chose to add some cinnamon toast crunch as a garnish of sorts.

215 kcals 1.1fat 17.1 carbs 30.2 protein

That is 71.6 cals .36 fat 5.7 carbs 10.06 protein per muffin…. or should I say Puffin. Not to shabby I would say!

Like I said, play with the levels to decrease or increase volume. So many combinations ! Stay tune for some more flavor combos!

If you like what you see and give it a try don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Feel free to tag me in any post ( @d_chron ) on IG or use #dustyscalculatedmadness #dcm so I can see your mad creations!

Now I am off to squat! Have a good day everyone!

IMG_20150606_160234 IMG_20150608_213123

Wait, You arnt on my Instagram?

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Here are a few treats from the past couple days. Next Post will be Doughnuts and Deadlifts!

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I know y'all don't give a shit about my dinner. You just want me for my goodies… 😕😆 Wrapped up my half dozen with the dunkin chips ahoy donut. Kept the theme with @cellucor chocolate chip cookie dough brownies with a @dymatize fudge frosting with a cookie crumble. Just like the donut 😉 mixed butterscotch n chocolate pudding with egg whites n made an omelette stuffed with frosting. Threw the donut In the oven a bit then the pan. Melted the fluff inside but turned it almost into a caramel. 7/10. Also threw Brownie ice cream in the pan. Melted quite a bit so I decided to throw everything on top of the brownies. Now ima throw on some Beethoven and pass out cause I'm working all weekend….. Least I got a donut saved for deads tmrw. 😉 #iifym #teamwag #leangains #leangainsmeals #foodporn #food #carbsafterdark #cellucor #dymatize #flexibledieter #flexibledieting #if #fasting #cookies #donut #nationaldonutday #halfdozen #hotmess #alltheprotein #ifitfits #macros #bodybuilding #powerlifting #icecream

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See all of these, and many more !


Who Doesn’t love Brownies?

Well I sure as hell know that I do, and if you don’t then I am sorry to hear that….. you should probably turn away as I am about to lay down some SIMPLE yet Delicious brownies. untitled

Let’s get started.

I wanted to do a picture at each step but I had pre prepped part of this are slightly was rushed in making it, but I wanted to get something on here for everyone !

Pre heat over to 350, or 400 for a quicker cooking time.

Take 70g of cannelloni beans and grind them up. (make sure you have rinsed and drained them previously.) I just use a coffee grinder, could use a food processor, blender, masher, it doesn’t matter. Get them all mashed up and throw them in a bowl.

Next take 60g Pumpkin Puree, 15g coconut flour, 96g egg whites, 5g coco powder, 1g chocolate extract(I think, it was around 1tsp. I just pour a bit in). 15 chocolate stevia drops, and 1 packet of stevia. Dash of cinnamon, 1 tsp baking powder, and 4g of chocolate sugar free fat free pudding.  Now mix in 1/2 scoop of protein. I usually will do a whole scoop, but I put it in the pan before remembering to add the other half….. haha oh well! Now depending on the protein you use the amount will vary, but use just enough almond milk or milk of choice to mix it all together. I like mine just a bit past a thick paste.

Next take a pan of choice, this time I used a 8×8 sprayed pan lined with parchment paper and sprayed again.  pour and spread mixture around evenly.  Pop those bad boys in the oven at 350 for about 15-20 min again depending on protein, oven, milk added.


In the mean time take 1 Scoop of protein(usually would be a half, and the other half in the protein but it doesn’t matter. Mix with 2tbsp of nutella, and enough milk of choice to mix into a nice paste. Pop it in the fridge well the brownies finish cooking.


Use the ole toothpick method to check if they are done. If it comes out clean you are good to go!

Let cool on top of a rack I took mine out of the pan to speed up the cooling phase.


Well I was waiting for it to cool I made a sweet omelet that had turned out great!

I took 4g Butterscotch sf ff pudding and mixed with 4 egg whites. tossed it in a sprayed heated pan and let cooked for a bit.

Then I threw in 2 crushed up oreos and 7g peanut butter filled chocolate chips.


Let cook and fold over for maximum melty’ness

Well that is cooking, take your fudgy brownies and throw them on a plate.

Take your frosting out of the fridge and start lathering on your brownies nice and thick.


I had some fats to kill so I throw some Almond butter (16g) on top making sure to get a bit on each one. 😀



Cut into 9 pieces and enjoy!

wait….. where is the omelet.

Don’t worry, there it is ! I covered that in some leftover frosting so it melted on nice and good like.


I hope you enjoy! I tried to keep these very simple, yet awesome! Now, If you don’t have a bunch of fats to burn like me that is okay don’t sweat it. The Nutella is not needed to make the frosting work.

Macros for whole batch without extra peanut butter: 613 calories 16.1g of fat/ 42.2g of carbs/ 49.6g of protein

With extra pb: 707 cals/22.1f/45.2c/56.2p

If you make these and do like them, feel free to tag me on Instagram!


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