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Quick and easy French Toast Sticks

Well, I was deciding what I wanted to have for breakfast and was really having a hard time. I usually have the same ole same ole consisting of some type of meat and egg with some veggies and cheese. Usually in a omelet with maybe some hash browns, or in a Sammy. Today I wanted to have something different. Recently I had cooked some bread loafs so I had some nice thick white bread sitting on my counter. First thought that came into my head was French toast. Yeah, that’s good but I have it all the time. Then I kept thinking on that idea. Now I did have to work so I couldn’t get all crazy inspirational but I thought about French toast sticks, and how long it had been since I had any. You may be asking, what the hell is the difference between French toast and French toast sticks? Not a damn thing other than you can eat one with your hands a hell of a lot easier! ūüėÄ Plus it’s a change up so what’s not to love.


Now, I wont have macros to accompany this as whatever bread you use will probably have different macros then mine. I would recommend using a bread that has a bit of structure to it, but really any bread could work. Some of the Sarah Lee 45 cal bread would probably be your most macro friendly option.



First off slice your bread into pieces. I sliced it, then lay it down and cut into strips. Could be the long way, or you could make smaller short pieces. Falls down to personal preference. I got 10 pieces.

Next in a bowl, place 92g or 2 egg whites, 10g of Cinnamon Whey(could sub for any flavor), 1/2-1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp Baking powder, and 1/2-1 tsp vanilla extra. Whisk that together.(To make the job even easier, put it all into a shaker cup and give it a few shakes and pour into a bowl. The blender ball will do a great job breaking down the protein.)

Once mixed, spray a skillet with non stick spray and turn the heat to medium.

Once pan is hot, start dipping your French toast sticks into your batter and thoroughly coating them. Then place evenly in to pan.



Allow to cook until it starts to turn golden brown, then flip and cook for just a minute or two longer.

As soon as they are browned on each side, remove from your skillet and plate. I stacked mine high and just simply served with a dish of 0 cal pancake syrup.

This was a very simple, easy way to change up a quick breakfast, and put a spin on an old classic. I hope you enjoy!


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G2G Bar Reviews.


PB chocolate chip- 70g bar 14f/25c/18

Now first off, yes I know what you are thinking , 14g for a smaller bar. Yes bit higher than I would like, but after eating this it is justifiable. Great peanut butter smell n taste. Really big blast of honey, its got omegas, gluten free, low sodium, naturally flavored, and all that good stuff so you clean eaters or diet restrictive people can enjoy to!
Im not big into whats in the bar just macros, but I can say you can ‘feel good’ eating this as their ingredient list is top notch.
They also gave me a coupon code for 20% off(Baker) how fitting I know. So try em out.




Almond fruit nut – if you like a trail mix feel, or if you like almond butter these are a great pick up. Starts with a big almond butter taste, then hits you with some cinnamon then finishes off with a blast of honey.
Used as today’s quick pre meal.



Today was Peanut butter fruit nut. Again very strong peanut butter smell and taste. Starts crunchy and finishes smooth. Big chunks of nuts and some chunks of fruit through out. I do think it could use just a bit more fruit, at least in this bar was a bit scarce. The bits with fruit in it tho did have a nice taste similar to a pb&j.
Still got 1 more to try out. But would recommend these. These pair well with coffee.




The final @g2gbar review. Almond chocolate chip. Great earthy and oat smell. This one reminds me the most of eating a granola bar. Dense, chewy, texture on point. Hits of cinnamon, honey, and Vanilla. These bars are easily one of my favorite bars to have with coffee. 8/10 use ‘Baker’ to save 20% gotta find new bars to review now

You can find these bars at https://good2gobar.com/


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New Goals for the New Year?

Recently I was having a conversation with a few people about goals and what¬†new ones they had set¬†for the new year. Many said down a couple¬†pounds, some wanted to squat more, a few wanted to eat better. All great goals, but what’s wrong with them?

Well….. Lets take this for example.

‘By March I want to be able to complete¬†a muscle up. ‘

Every time muscle ups come into the workout I try my hardest and I really give it, but no muscle ups are gotten. Next thing I know, march is here and I still haven’t gotten that muscle up. Mentally I am defeated. Sitting there thinking to myself, I set a goal and worked hard for it. Did muscle ups every time I was suppose to and it didn’t happen.

So why didn’t you get that goal?

”¬†if I could maybe build on your goals? This is no offence, but maybe instead of just making a goal of Muscle ups, maybe set goals that directly work twords the main goal, so instead of just muscle ups maybe change it to, “I’ll work my kipping skills 3 times a week and add in extra tricep work twice a week” I feel changing the way we look at goals can help them get achieved much faster. It its just muscle ups, and you go try muscle ups and don’t get them you are not¬†getting anywhere mentally. If that makes sense.” One of my responses to my recent conversation. It actually happened to be about muscle ups.

Another example.

I want to loose 10lbs by June.

You kinda watch what you eat, exercise a few times, make a healthy choice here or there, but next thing you know its june and you haven’t lost that last 10lbs yet. Sitting there you are wondering why.

Instead the goal could be broken down into a few key goals to pave the way to the overall goal.

I want to loose 10 lbs by June. That means I will

– Exercise 3 times a week

-Drink 8 glasses of water every day

-Start eating breakfast every day

Those are specific goals that you can visibly see and track daily/weekly to make sure you are on path you crush every goal you set for yourself. With setting smaller obtainable goals you are mentality setting yourself up for success. Constantly being able to check off goals is mentality and physically rewarding. It will not only give you a boost in your confidence and ability to hit your bigger goal, but visually seeing yourself making progress will keep you hungry and more willing to stay on track.

Think of it as an Outcome and a Process goal.

I have a vision of what I want, and I also need a plan of action to get me there. Just make sure you don’t make your goals to open ended with no visible finish line. That might be something like I want to fun faster or I want to be skinnier. Those are goals, but you are never setting yourself an end point to work towards.

Lastly I personally think it is a good idea to physically write down your goals. I think writing them, and posting them somewhere that you see them daily not only adds a bit of ownership and really makes the goals become real, but it also should motivate you. Every time you wake up and see that post it note staring you in the face telling you what you need to do, I feel you will be more likely to accomplish that task. You will begin to feel as though you are cheating yourself if you don’t accomplish that said task, and its true! You are hindering yourself the progress you want and deserve!


Last but not least, as a quick thought think about including a friend/spouse/family member/team mate/co worker, whoever in on your goals. Set goals, share them, and keep tabs on each other! Form a support group of sorts. That way if you are loosing motivation, you have someone there keeping you on track because you wont want to let them down if they are still going strong for their goals! I find this quite often in my nutrition group I am lucky to be a part of.(working against gravity http://www.workingagainstgravity.com/ ¬†) The support in that group is unreal. You want to succeed, just because everyone else is killing it and you feel like you can’t let them down!


I think I could keep rambling on about this all day but I will wrap it up here. I am going to include a link to an article that I thought was very well wrote, and shared quite a few same views as myself, and defiantly dives even deeper into the topic. Enjoy everyone and I hope you have a great New Year!!!