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Up for today’s #nutbutter review: @dsnaturals

Vanilla Maple 15f/7c/11p – very good smell of Maple, great texture as its very smooth. Would be great for a drizzle of some sorts. I get more vanilla than I do maple. I make my own maple syrup so I got a taste for it, so definitely try to increase that. Pleasant aftertaste as well. Good consistency for being kept in the fridge. Doesn’t get hard as a rock

Brownie batter – 15f/7c/11p – good chocolate brownie smell, again good smooth consistency even after being in the fridge. Easy to spread. You can taste the almond a lot on this one with a backdrop of chocolate. Would definitely try to increase the chocolate.

Both also get good marks for vegan friendly, gluten. Dairy, soy, lactose, etc etc free.
These are both solid buys, and I would recommend👍

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How Applesauce Will Change Your Life

I recently got asked by the great Steve Hall  to write an article talking about my my adventures with macros, adapting them in the kitchen, and how I make them work for me.

Once you have read this, head over to Revive Stronger. A one stop shop for all your fitness needs. Numerous articles, coaching, videos, recipes, and more!

Original article here      If you go to original article, you will also find yourself a secret recipe!

How Applesauce Will Change The Way You Diet Forever

Never have I met someone who is as creative with their food as my friend Dustin.

Cookies, Brownies — incredibly tasty food.

Normally very high in fat and calories.

But Dustin somehow makes these ‘diet friendly’ versions, that aren’t crazy high in fat or calories; I don’t know how the man does it. Today I want to share with you his story of how he got into fitness and fell in love with cooking.

Dustin is what you could call a late bloomer to the fitness world.

He dabbled a bit in sports, but nothing really stuck with him in his younger years. Not until he hit a point in life that he was so unhappy with his self-image that he needed a change. Luckily he soon fell in love with fitness and developed such a passion for bettering himself that it bloomed into the need to help others.

Dustin will be talking you through his transformation and how applesauce changed the way he approach a diet, forever.

Doesn’t it seem like everyone you talk to is on some type of diet?

Low carbs




…I can’t eat this, better not have that after 6pm, and the list goes on.

When you take a step back and look at all these ‘fad’ diets, what do they usually have in common?

Needless Restrictions.

The Clean Eating Saga

Growing up, I ate pretty bland.

Typical meals usually consisted of meats, potatoes, and vegetables. It was lacking a whole lot of flavour, and there wasn’t much variety. Once dinner was done though, there was always dessert; cake, donuts, cookies, pudding.

It didn’t matter what it was.

Needless to say, I grew up with a slight weight issue. I struggled with this for the majority of my adolescent years. Growing up, I never really developed self-control, or thought about the repercussions of eating an entire line of Oreos! It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I realised I needed a change.

At the time, clean eating was all the rage.

Chicken, brown rice, and broccoli am I right???

Typical “bro meal” if you will.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed a trend, but I had yet to have any FLAVOUR in my life. It was bland food after bland food! I rode the “clean eating” train for a while, and even gave up sweets in an entirety for a whole year!

Yes, that meant no cake on my birthday!

Soon after that, I found out about Flexible Dieting, and a new page was about to be written

Fats & Sugar Just Taste so Good!

With the introduction to Flexible Dieting in my life and my need, or better yet, my hunger for flavour, I found myself on a quest to become a mad food scientist.

So, let’s take a moment to look at some of the problems we face with eating all the foods that we love. Typically they are caloric dense, high fat, high carb.

“Macro killers”

That is already an issue.

Now, you stack this up with someone who has a killer sweet tooth, or someone who might have been restricting themselves, and now you’re on the verge of, or have the potential to binge on these calorie dense foods. This could be detrimental, and could also be potential diet disaster when not kept in proportion and balance.

So, how do you incorporate these foods into your lives, yet maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Once I started counting my macros, I only had a limited amount available, so I needed to figure out how to eat all the foods I loved, while still fitting them into my macros, and be able to enjoy other foods that day. That’s not the easiest task when you want brownies, or cake, and you only have 55g of fat to work with.

Fat, for me, seemed to be the biggest issue.

Not only did I not have a tonne to work with, I typically don’t digest high fat content foods well after clean eating for so long. This lead me to really dive deep into different ingredients, and figuring out how to make substitutions to make a healthier product, yet maintain that same great taste.

For example:

  • Pumpkin or applesauce for fat sources
  • Honey, stevia, and splenda, for sugars
  • Low fat butters and almond milk, as lower calorie alternatives

Yet, in the world of cooking, fat is flavour, they say, and you can’t always expect things to taste great with no fat content.

So, I also had to play around with lower carb options such as coconut flour, protein powders, and thickening agents. I think cooking and baking is actually very similar to Flexible Dieting in general. You need to have some give and take, and balance with it all. After figuring out that I could eat foods I like, and I could make healthier options, it was a nonstop roller coaster

Flexible Dieting Changed My Life

I think finding Flexible Dieting was one of the most pivotal moments in my fitness career, because it gave me the realisation that I don’t have to suffer mentally, or physically, from the foods that I eat.

No longer do I have to choke down dry, plain food because I thought it was the healthiest option.

Once you open your eyes to that fact, there isn’t a single food you can’t enjoy, you will really allow yourself to enjoy what you eat again. Although, we must always remember that the key is balance and moderation. In playing around with making healthier versions of foods, you will notice that instead of, say, a brownie that you might have a hard time fitting into your macros, or feel guilty about having, you can now eat that brownie, or maybe two, or three, for the same caloric hit, or even less!

How does that help?

Well, it’s mentally rewarding to say the least, but humans typically eat with their eyes the majority of time. So, if you have one brownie vs. a plate of brownies…

…which would you pick?

Also, the addition of more volume will help you feel full and satisfied, which can help combat unwanted snacking or overeating. This can than also open up more allowance for other foods in the day instead of having to sacrifice a chunk of macros for a small treat.

Adherence, to me, is king.

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, if you can’t stick with it, or if doesn’t fit your lifestyle, then it will never work in the long-term. On the other-hand, making your food work for you allows for nothing but adherence. You literally have the reigns, and can navigate though life’s challenges much easier knowing you can be flexible.

This really comes into play around holidays and on vacation. No one wants to be that person at the party who’s not eating anything because everything there is labeled a “bad food”, or their meal plan doesn’t allow it.

After adherence, I believe Flexible Dieting is helping to restore healthy mental relationships with food.

No longer do foods have to be kept “off-limits” because they are somehow bad for you.

Everything falls back to moderation — Too much of anything can be bad for you.

Overeating is simply overeating.

Flexible Dieting has given me an avenue to really flourish in baking and food preparation in general. Never before counting macros, would I focus so much on every detail, extracting every ounce of flavour I can, and fitting it into as much as I can.

Cooking is all about balancing ingredients with flavours, as life is about balancing goals with happiness. Without one, I don’t believe the other will flourish to near its capabilities. So break away from that bad food mentality, grab some supplies, and get baking your favourite treats again!

May the macros be great, and the flavour even better!

FlapJacked Protein Products

I got sent over a care package from the great people of FlapJack with their Buttermilk pancake mix, carrot cake mix, and their mighty muffins. You can find the mighty muffins in a separate review.


First Up, Buttermilk – 3f/23c/20p per svg.
Gotta say these are GREAT. I was very impressed. Super easy to make as you just need to add water, great macros, great taste, and fluffy texture. Glad I finally got to give these a shot. Can’t recommend them enough. Go make sure to give them a follow if you don’t already!

9.5/10 !

Carrot Cake coming soon!



Lenny & Larry’s


@lennyandlarrys snickerdoodle cookie. 8f/54c/16p
Good cinnamon/nutmeg aroma, dense, chewy but just a tad bit to moist in the middle. Hits all your markers if you have gluten problems, vegan, no eggs, no dairy, HFCS, etc. Felt as tho it was slightly under cooked almost like raw cookie?. I don’t think I’d mind as much with the pb or the chocolate but with this flavor I would expect a slight crispier cookie. Great initial flavor but I feel it gets lost with the undercooked inside. Did enjoy this cookie only being 8g of fat, but I feel 50+ carbs is still kinda high. I suppose this passes as a snickerdoodle cookie, but not sure if this will make it into the usual mix. Warming the cookie up did make it much better! Helped to bring out the flavor !



Reeses Stuffed Biscuit Skillet


What we have here today is a very simple and easy dessert you can whip up for a party or family get together.

Simply get a package of low fat Pillsbury biscuits(doesn’t have to be low fat). Place them on your counter and cut into half, then half again.

Then simply place 1 reese oreo and 1 chocolate chip in the middle of the biscuit and fold over then roll into a ball making sure all sides are sealed.

Place all rolled balls into an over proof container, I chose to use a cast iron skillet.

Bake per the directions on the biscuit container.

In the meantime well it is baking I simple took 1 scoop protein powder with 2 oz of cream cheese and 1 tsp of vanilla as my ‘glaze’ that I popped place on the top once popped out of the oven.

Crushed a few oreos over the top for some final touches.

Macros per ball came to be , 2f/10c/2p

Flavors are absolutely endless with this! Get creative!


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Beechies Bake House Brownies


@beechiesbakehouse toffee brownie review : 6f/30c/14p
Great aroma to this little guy. Once heated it’s such a soft gooey brownie. So damn moist. Texture is absolutely on point, soft with a great chew. Center is absolutely covered in toffee giving it a great flavor. Dense with great chocolate flavor. Absolutely loved eating this and highly recommend.



Any one else suck at meal prep? 🙋 Well thank godness for @beechiesbakehouse for sending me some of her brownies! I got some classic and some toffee! Up first we have the Classic Brownie: Macros: 4f/26c/14p and 21g of fiber.

Bare with me as i tried for 20min to get a good picture with this crappy phone. Absolutely great texture, feels just like a brownie. Great aroma as you heat it up, looks just like a brownie, dense, moist, good size, absolutely no sugar, tons of fiber, no crazy ingredients, easy instructions, low fat, and it’s quite yummy. I was absolutely impressed with this actually. I would say my own critique would maybe be just a touch more chocolate flavor, but for having no sugar the flavor is doing just fine.

Pizza Crust

This is an absolute staple in my diet. I try to make this at least once a week. Whether I make pizza fries, pizza, dessert pizza, or anything else this helps make it much easier to fit it in.

Macros for the crust are only 400 cals / 92c/ 12p

How to make it is actually fairly simple.



All you will need is 120g Self Rising Flour, 4g Yeast, a pinch of salt, and 70-80g of warm water.


Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well before adding in the water.

Then add in the water and mix will dough is formed.


Next cover dough with plastic wrap and let rise for at least 1 hr. It helps to have it in a warm environment


Place your dough on preferred rolling surface and roll out. I use non stick spray instead of flour.

Make sure you spray your baking sheet before putting dough on it.

You can either than put toppings on as is, or pre bake your crust just slightly before adding toppings.

Bake anywhere for 350-450 degrees. I don’t like to wait so I tend to cook at 450. Just keep an eye on the pizza. It will cook just like a normal pizza and take 12-15 min depending on what you put on it.