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FitJoy Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Review


@fitjoynutritionRaspberry chocolate truffle review 
220 cal / 7f / 25c / 20 p
First thing to mention is the nice split of macros. Honestly roughly 5-8g of fat and 20-30g of carbs and protein is typically what I’m looking for in a bar. Very strong Raspberry aroma here but does has a artificial tinge to it. Bars dipped in chocolate then finished with a chocolate drizzle. Very soft texture to the touch. Soft when bitten in to and no real crunch factor. Few whey crisps but they get lost. Pretty much the only flavor I get in this bar is artificial Raspberry. I don’t have any chocolate flavors on the tongue at all. Trying the chocolate by itself was very meh. Unsweetened and didn’t offer much. Overall for me the artificial Raspberry is a bit to much for me. Takes over everything and lingers in your mouth. .
Overall 4.5/10. 
IMO the bar is edible is you absolutely need something and your friend says he’s got the hook up(which he clearly doesn’t) and lets you pick between this or @bpi_sports best bars(see previous reviews). .

FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar, Raspberry Chocolate Truffle, 12 Count

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MuscleTech 100% Whey Advanced French Vanilla

Hello everyone! Up for today’s review we have MuscleTech 100% Whey Advanced French Vanilla. Overall a solid protein. It mixes well, good overall nutritional profile, and tastes good! Check out the video for more info!

Calories – 130

Fat – 2g

Carbs – 3g

Protein – 25g


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Quest Hero Bars

Overall, this brand on bars lost it for me. Another company with a lot of hype behind their product that just doesn’t deliver. Check out the reviews to see what I thought or here are some links for you to check them out yourself! 

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@questnutritionblueberry cobbler review
170 cal / 7f / 30c / 17p .
Very faint Blueberry smell here. Cereal bar style filling, Blueberry layer, then covered in a vanilla coating just barely enough to get around the bar. Very very sweet bar, honestly it’s almost chewy texture that sticks in your teeth. Macro split is a bit off for me as I would of liked to see a bit higher protein count here. Flavor definitely isn’t Blueberry cobbler. It should be a sweet vanilla with a weird gummy layer. I get little to no Blueberry flavor here and left a bit disappointed.
Overall – 5.5/10

The bar is edible and isn’t terrible but nothing I would write home about or go outta my way to get again.


@questnutrition Vanilla caramel hero bar review
170 cal / 9f / 29c / 16p
visually a bit better than the chocolate bar but still very plain. Smells exactly like a cereal bar you’d get from a gas station. Whey crisp filling, thin layer of caramel, then a white coating. Macros on the bar are a bit wacky for me. Higher fat and carb to lower protein usually isn’t a win for me. Also totes 12g of sugar. 60g bar weight so it’s a standard size for quest bars. Bar chews very soft with just a bit of crunch for texture. Kinda keeps the cereal bar flavor as well. The picture shows almonds and I don’t taste any of those, and I don’t really get the caramel flavor either. Mainly just a overall vanilla flavor this this bar. I think the flavor here is actually much better than it’s brother the chocolate pecan. Finished smooth and doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Wasn’t a bad bar at all.
Overall 7/10


@questnutritionchocolate caramel pecan review

200 cal / 11f / 27c / 15p .
I must of gotten the reject of the group. Pulled mine out of the package looking like Frankenstein. Not quite how the package looks eh? Visually very unappealing with a chocolate coated whey crisp bar with a caramel layer and scattered pecan pieces coming it an a pretty standard 60g weight. .
Fat macros are a bit high for my personal liking at 11 with only 15g protein and 12 of the 27 carbs are sugar which seems a bit high compared to most bars? I could be wrong. .
Taste wise the primary flavor is caramel with chocolate being a very faint backdrop and a finish at the end. The pecans although some visible decided not to show up to the party as I couldn’t taste them. The bar also seemed to chew and finish a tad bit dry as well. Throwing in the microwave for a bit seemed to help the flavor just slightly, but you shouldn’t have to do anything else to a protein bar as they are suppose to be a convenience product. .
Overall 6.5/10
With all the factors weighing in I decided to go with 6.5. Originally I had planned a 7 but I felt with as high rep quest has with protein bars I was a bit let down by this bar. It’s much better than the @fitjoynutritionbar I had yesterday (see earlier post) but not something I would write home about.

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Grenade Hydro 6 Strawberry review

Good afternoon! Thank you for checking out this review!

Macros: 135 cal / 3.5 f / 6c / 24g p

Whey Isolate and Casein Blend for a fast and slow release. Great strawberry aroma, but falls short on taste. Slightly pasty and a bit weak on overall flavor, but it does bake well! The freeze dried strawberry pieces put me off to it as well. Check out the video for the whole review!

Donut E-book that was mentioned

Grenade Website! 

If you liked the video please give it a like and share! Feel free to leave any other suggestions as far as reviews go!

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