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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to get on here and shed a bit of light on why I haven’t been active as of late.

I have been getting many requests for a ebook to come out so I finally caved in and agreed. It would of been a better idea if I knew how to make one ahaha. None the less it Is my mission to figure this out and get it released as fast as possible. With that side that is why I haven’t been posting to much on here especially recipes because I am only making a few over and over to fine out the details and get it book ready. Obviously if I am going to be putting them in a book, I cant be posting them for free on here now can I?

With that being said, I am going to try and shoot for a mid November release. I will be starting to take all the photos and write up ingredient/directions this week and the next. After that it will just be figuring out how to transfer it all into ebook format.

Now until the book is released I am going to try and share other avenues that may interest you. I have just started Layne Nortons new #ph3trainer. Im one week in, and I think I may try and document my progress through out it. I also want to start sharing articles, videos, podcasts, and maybe even my own perspective articles to give a bit more content to the site rather than just recipes…. although I know that’s why you all are really here ūüėÄ If there is anything else you guys would like to see please let me know !!!!

So please bare with me as I am so technological stupid these things take me time. If you are versed in ebook making please feel free to reach out as I will take all the help I can get!

Wait, I forgot ….. Whats Flexible dieting??

I want to start adding in more rants, opinion based articles,¬† training resources, and more…. but I am not the best writer so bare with me.

I wanted to right up a little something about Flexible Dieting.

Key word…. FLEXIBLE.

What does flexible dieting mean to you?

Well for me, it got me away from labeling foods as ‘bad’ and developing a mental capacity on labeling ‘cheat meals’ If the plan was that great would you have to cheat on it?

It also brought back all of the foods that I enjoy to eat, on a daily basis rather than suffering eating foods I may not like for weeks on weeks to the binge one day on everything and everything I can think of and fit into my mouth.

Now to build on that I see so many people who adapt the flexible lifestyle which is great, but then they allow themselves to fall into some of the same ruts or issues that they faced when ‘clean eating’ or even more issues! I don’t know how many times I’ve seen someone have a meltdown because they cant weigh something, or find nutritional info on it. Continue to pass on social events in fear they may have to eat something they didn’t prepare, fall back into eating only the same foods over and over again because its easy to track. Believe me I have been there!¬†Now grant it, if you enjoy eating a particular food a lot by all means DO IT! I love ice cream, so I eat it almost every day, but what I mean is people will only have chicken breast/broccoli/sweet potato in fear of making something else may be to difficult to track.

We must remember the goal and purpose of flexible dieting. To develop a healthy, maintainable approach to life long healthy eating habits to sustain our current goals at hand.

With the tools and tricks I have learned from flexible dieting I feel that I could venture out and never use a scale again, never track my food again, and still be alright. Making smart decisions and to remember that moderation is key. ANYTHING in excess can be ‘bad’ for you.

With that said, you also need to look at current and future goals and use that to be a base of your decision. For instance if I am trying to diet down for a show, or make weight for a meet it would be very beneficial to be weighing and tracking my food to dial in progress and really be in charge of positive or negative results.

Now on the flip side, if its your off season, if your going on vacation, having kids, whatever it may be that your primary focus may not be making weight, then by all means have a more intuitive style of eating. With that said you still want to be conscious and aware of portions, making sure your eating good micros, hitting fiber, and staying hydrated but after that just enjoy yourself!

Don’t allow a great way of eating take control of your life, so that you don’t continue, or start to develop unhealthy eating trends or habits, and worst case scenario give up on yourself.

Thanks for reading guys and gals, like I said writing, grammar, all that good stuff has never been my strong suit so bare with me as I develop these skills, just like anything else we do.

Always strive to be better than yesterday.


If a smores walked into a cake factory and got alil “Dirty”


As its getting colder I started thinking about campfires……which leads me to food….which leads me to smores of course. Figured it has been awhile since I have don’t anything smores themed, so here we go!


Here is what you will need.

1 scoop (34g for mine) of Smores Protein

5g Coco

92g Liquid Egg Whites

120g Pumpkin

4g Hot Coco Mix

3 Splenda Packets

15g Self Rising Flour

30g Coconut Flour

1.5 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp baking soda

Milk to mix.

I added just a smidge of 0 cal chocolate sauce

Pre heat Oven to 350

Line and spray down baking dish

Mix everything in a bowl and pour into dish.

Bake for roughly 25-35min. I also had pizza cooking at the same time so the oven got opened multiple times throughout this cooking time.

Well that is Baking in a bowl mix:

30g Chocolate Protein

5g Coco

4g hot Coco mix

Milk/ 0 cal chocolate sauce to mix. Place in fridge.


Once Cake is baked, pop out and place on rack to cool.

Once cool, put it on a plate, take your frosting out and start frosting. (I usually will add a bit more liquid after pulling out of the fridge)

Once Frosted I dusted with 2g of grahm cracker crumbs and 15g of mini marshmallows. Obviously I added more after the fact but doesn’t matter for the recipe.

Macros for Entire Cake with toppings : 638 Cals / 8.8 Fat / 77.4 Carb / 67.2 protein / and a whopping 22.5g of fiber

Macros for 1/4 of the Cake with Toppings: 159 Cals / 2.2 fat / 19.3 carb / 16.7 protein / 5.6g of fiber

Not to Shabby. Let me know if you like this! Tag me on IG if you post it so I can see it! d_chron or hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness !


Peanut Buttah vs Chocolate Family reunion

So I ask you,

What goes better. Peanut Butter and Chocolate, or Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Is there a difference? I don’t fucking know, but the two together brings me more happiness than a clearance rack of doughnuts.

3b368b2c9262c6b0548211c475b54da1 cutest-kitten-meme-generator-what-did-you-say-peanut-butter-is-the-best-fool-6c6997

I had a can of beans left in the fridge and I wanted to get them used up. Been awhile since I made brownies, but I was thinking I wanted to give a cake a go, well trying to keep the carbs as low as possible. So, through countless hours SLAVING away in the kitchen I came up with little beauty.


Peanut Butter and Chocolate Explosion Cake


Things you will need for Chocolate Cake:

1/2 svg of chocolate protein(mine was 15g)

6g SF FF chocolate Pudding mix

60g Rinsed and processed cannellini beans into flour

5g Coco

1/8 tsp Baking soda

1 tsp Baking Powder

7 g Coconut Flour

30g Pumpkin Puree

70g Almond Milk*

10g Chocolate Syrup*

Mix above ingredients in a bowl and set to the side

Peanut Butter Cake ingredients:

.75 scoop of peanut butter protein(roughly 23g)

60g rinsed and processed cannellini beans into flour

6g PB2

60g Pumpkin

7g Coconut Flour

1/8th teaspoon Baking soda

1 tsp Baking Powder

60g Almond Milk*

10g Pancake Syrup*

Place batters into Sprayed and Lined Baking dishes and Bake at 375 for roughly 25 min. Chocolate took about 27 min.
Make sure to do the knife or toothpick test to tell if done or not. Once done, take out and leave to cool on a raised surface for 20-30 min


Well Those are Baking we will make the Frosting:

15g Chocolate Protein

5g Coco

6g SF FF Pudding mix

50g Almond Milk *

30g Chocolate Sauce*

Mix together and place in fridge to thicken.

Now a note to add. Items that have a * behind them may need to be adjusted to deal with your specific protein powder or likeness. Less liquid will be much thicker, more liquid will make it a bit more runny.

Now once the cakes have cooled, slice each cake in half. Now you can just layer the cakes, you can use a bit of frosting to help each layer stick, or you can just use a bit of chocolate syrup. I wanted to save all the frosting for the outside so I just spread a bit a chocolate syrup on each layer to help ‘hold’ it. If I wanted to increase the protein content a bit I would most likely add either another half scoop chocolate or pb protein to make more frosting and could place between each layer,,, but for this recipe I skipped it.

Okay, now at this point you should have a 4 layer cake. I did Chocolate layer, then a pb layer, then chocolate, then pb on top. Now take your frosting out of the fridge. Should be pretty thick, so feel free to add a shot of chocolate syrup or a bit of almond milk/water and remix it. Then, begin to cover your beautiful naked cake.

Now if you would like to add the PB Drizzle, just take 6g of PB2, mix with a bit of liquid then pour over the top.

Proceed to top with your favorite toppings if you would like. As soon as this is done, grab a eating utensil(I¬†wont make ya use a fork if you don’t¬†want to)¬†and begin to instantly consume until you are forced to¬†take a breathe.

happy_baker olos xeg

Macros for the Cake are 582 Cals / 6.8g Fat / 64.5g Carb / 65.5g Protein and a HUGE 20g of Fiber.

Macros for 1/4 of Cake : 145.5 cals / 1.7g Fat / 16.1 Carb / 16.3 Protein / 5g of Fiber

I hope you guys Enjoyed this as much as I did!

If you did like it please let me know how it turned out!

Tag me on Instagram under d_chron or just use the hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness !!!!

Its like if French toast and Cheesecake met, and F**Ked, youd get this

Alright guys I got something for you. Super simple, SUPER macro friendly and freaking yummy!


Strawberry Protein Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast

How freaking good does that sound?!?

Alright so this is all you need.

4 Slices of bread

70g of strawberries

1 egg white

Splash of Milk

2oz Fat Free Cream Cheese(or w.e cream cheese you want to use)


Strawberry Syrup(not needed)

1/2 Scoop of Strawberry Protein

Reddi Whip, Cool Whip, it doesn’t matter

Baking Powder and Baking Soda

Lets get this shit started!

First things First, Don’t forget your apron!

IMG_20150730_094030061_HDR(don’t mind me I had just rolled outta bed)

Now, Cut off the edges of the bread

IMG_20150730_090812890 IMG_20150730_090955342

Once edges are cut off Use your rolling pin to flatten them out


Next Take you Protein, Syrup, Cream Cheese(helps if It is room temp but I just used cold stuff cause I didn’t wanna wait) and mix it in a bowl.


Since we are already mixing things, grab another bowl and add in your egg white, splash of almond milk, and a splash of syrup.(I also put in a smidge of B.P. and Baking Soda. Don’t ask if it made a difference lol)


Now let that sit and take you Cream Cheese mix and start spreading on one side of your flattened bread

IMG_20150730_092633567 IMG_20150730_093029413

Take your Strawberries and cut them into little pieces and arrange them along one edge of the bread. Save just a bit of each!

IMG_20150730_091757886_HDR IMG_20150730_093327568

Roll those bad boys up

IMG_20150730_093511989 IMG_20150730_093403959

Take your Rolled Bread and drop into the egg wash and cover completely. At this time also spray and heat up a skillet.

IMG_20150730_093923335_HDR IMG_20150730_094121905

Throw them in the pan and start to cook em


At this point, I took some cinnamon and sprinkled it on right before I turned them.


Well they are cooking don’t forget to grab the biggest strawberry in the container and munch on it



Inside Money shot

IMG_20150730_094432157_HDR God damn those are looking good!

Take the French toast and try to plate all fancy( im trying to step my game up)

Take the last bit of cream cheese and spread along the plate, then top with bits of berries. Reddi Whip in the middle.


Throw a bit of syrup over the top, and your done!


Macros for the plate minus those 2 strawberries are

274 cals, 2fat/37carb/28protein and 8 grams of fiber!

Hot damn!

Remember if you liked these, be sure to tag me in the creations on IG I wanna see it! d_chron! or hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness  !!!

Off to go bench!

Peanutbutter Banana Bread v1


Hey guys, I thought I would quick throw up a recipe for the banana bread¬†I made the other day. This is the first version, so many more to come. Had to test the waters with¬†a good base, now to experiment with ingredients. Didn’t do it step by step for that exact reason. Lots of fine tuning I would like to do.

I took

1 svg Light and Fluffy Pancake Mix

2.5 egg whites

280g ripe banana

6g Psyllium Husk

68g PB Marshmallow @cellucor whey

Cinnamon and baking powder

1 packet of stevia

Enough Almond milk  to mix.

Bake at 335 F for about 50 min. Take out and let cool on a raised surface. Serve warm, or stick in fridge to serve cold.

Top with your favorite spreads or sauces.


Cut this bad boy into 8 slices.

Macros per slice –¬† 96cals .6g fat / 14.2g of carbs / 8.6g of protein

Macros for whole loaf Р770cals  4.9g of fat / 113.4g of carbs / 68.8g of protein

Now, With this base down things I plan to add or do differently.

I will try coconut flour, and oat flour instead of pancake mix.

I will add in Chocolate or Peanut butter chips into and on top of the mix.

Add in maple syrup or honey for even more sweetness.

Possibly add in pudding mix, or applesauce/pumpkin.

Add in some nut butters

Paired well Nuts n More PB, had a MHP ISO beef shake, and Last but not least Alphamind Coffee. Be sure to check them out and use my code “Rhine” to save 20% off your purchase.

Remember if you like my stuff fee free to check out my IG under @d_chron or #dustyscalculatedmadness. Tag me if you try it!

Cinnamon and Apple, like two peas in a pod…..but not a vegetable……

Oh I try to be clever and witty but that usually doesn’t work out so well. Anywho, I figure I better get my ass on making a recipe for these loafs I have been making as of late since I keep getting harassed for it =]

I’m am going to jump right into it cause I am rushed to get this on. Apologies for a shitty entry but least I got it on here.

Get together

30g Oat flour (blend oats)

20g Coconut Flour

1 scoop of preferred protein I used @cellucor protein

Baking powder

1 packet of stevia

heaps of cinnamon


Next add

1/3 cup Apple Sauce. I am using some homemade stuff

2.5 egg whites

Splash of vanilla and maple flavoring


I decided to add in some Maple Syrup


andddddddd then a bit of almond milk


Make sure batter is well combined then pour enough batter to cover bottom of  prepared baking dish


Pour in 1.5 svg of apple pie filling(no sugar added)


Then pour remaining batter over the rest. Sprinkle with more cinnamon.


Then bake in the over at 350 for roughly 20min then set to cool.


In the mean time for my frosting I took 1 svg Vanilla Marshmallow frosting cause I gotta burn through it and mixed with a half of a scoop of vanilla protein and a bit of maple syrup.


Once cool frost your loaf

Then Feel free to top with what ever you would like! If you want!



Also, I have been playing around and letting mine cool in the fridge and serve it cold, or throw in a container and allow moisture to build up in it. Makes it even better.

Macros for the loaf before frosting,

483 Calories 7.2g of fat, 53.1g of carbs, 44.7g of protein.

Not bad at all. Probably could cut that into 6-8 svgs

I hope you all enjoy! This was an absolute joy to eat. Love this flavor combo.

Remember if you like the recipe feel free to tag me in your creations! IG you can find me at @d_chron or just use the hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness !!