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ProSups My Cookies


@prosupps carrot cake my cookie review – 290 cal / 8f / 36c / 18p .
First off, the carrot cake aroma with this cookie is spot on 👌 very inviting to say the least. 80g weight of the cookie so it’s a good size. Carrot cake cookie with a glaze on top makes it look very appealing as well. Very very soft texture and good carrot cake flavor but I did find it to kinda die out as you chew and the more you chew it does get a bit grainy unfortunately. Very dense as well. Might have something to do with it. .
Overall – 7.5/10, still one of the better protein cookies on the market and macro split is very good as far as competition goes but needs a bit of tweaking imo .

Pro Supps MYCOOKIE Delicious Soft Baked Protein Cookie, Carrot Cake, 18g Protein, 7g Sugar, Gluten-Free, No Trans Fat, Healthy On-The-Go Snack, 12ct, Net Wt 2.82 oz


@prosupps_mycookiered velvet cookie – cals – 290 / Fat – 8 / carbs – 36 / Pro – 18g .
Visually it’s a very very deep red cookie with a white icing over the top. Very comparable macros in the protein cookie realm of things. Soft cookie as it breaks easy, and chews even easier. Dense texture, and Very subtle flavor that isn’t too strong but definitely is just enough. You get hit with red velvet then finishes with a smooth icing that’s almost makes it feel like it’s a cream cheese icing. Definitely was a fan of this cookie, and I’m not a huge red velvet kinda guy either. .
Overall – 8/10 , definitely a cookie to pick up and give a shot. Great job by @prosupps

Pro Supps MYCOOKIE Delicious Soft Baked Protein Cookie, Red Velvet Cake, 18g Protein, 7g Sugar, Gluten-Free, No Trans Fat, Healthy On-The-Go Snack, 12ct, Net Wt 2.82oz

Pro Supps MyCookie Soft Baked Protein Variety Pack 2 w/18g of Protein, No Trans Fat, Gluten Free, 12Ct/Box

MTS Cookies & Creme Protein Review

MTS Cookies & Creme Review


MTS is easily one of my favorite protein brands on the market. I have personally tried three of their flavors(CNC, mint cnc, and Red Velvet) and have loved each flavor. They spent a good amount of time testing their products before releasing, and it shows. 

MTS Nutrition Machine Whey Cookies & Cream 5 lbs (2270g) by MTS Nutrition

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  • Calories – 153 

  • Fat – 3.5g 

  • Carb – 6g

  • Protein – 25


MTS Nutrition Machine Whey Cookies & Cream 5 lbs (2270g) by MTS Nutrition




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Chocolate Chip Apple Cinnabun bake

So, If you know me then you know I love cinnamon rolls. I’ll take them anyway you serve them: Warm, cold, stuffed, deep fried, baked, and now even turned into a bake! This is everything I love about a good cinnamon roll and more. Warm, gooey, crunchy, and soft all at the same time. The chocolate chips and apples make sure to keep pockets of soft gooey pockets, well the cookie dough and syrup crisp up for a nice crunchy texture addition almost forming a crust through out the bake. Enough chatting, lets get down to business.

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  • Cals – 378
  • Carbs – 66.2
  • Fat – 10.8
  • Protein – 4.6

Macros will vary depending on what cinnamon rolls, cookie dough, and syrup you use.




  1. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees and spray a 9×9 with non stick spray
  2. Cut of cinnamon rolls into 4 pieces and place into dish.
  3. Next place your apple pieces, cookie dough, and syrup evenly through out the bake.
  4. Crush up 2 Oreos and sprinkle over the top(you can leave out and do once completed as well)
  5. Bake in the oven for 20 min, or until the cinnamon rolls turn golden and slightly hard.
  6. Remove from oven and place on cooling rack for 5 minutes.
  7. Warm icing sugar up enough to drizzle. Proceed to drizzle all over the bake.
  8. Cut into 4 large pieces and enjoy! Goes great with a Apple Pie ice cream!










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Epic Spreads


Cookies and Cream:

14f/10c/6p – creamy and rich, perfect for drizzling when at room temp. Epic was my first cashew/coconut spread but I dig it. I should mention I hate coconut. Nice cookie chunks evenly throughout. Sweet but not to sweet, as the nut butter hits soon after the sweet is over for a good blend. Macros are good for a non marketed ‘protein’ nut butter. Also, the man behind the scenes it’s top notch. Patrick has been a great guy since day one. Always very happy with my experiences with @epicspreads

3rd Version Quest CNC



The ‘new’ and 3rd version of Quest CNC – 9f/21c/20p Slightly grainy, weak flavor if you don’t get a cream chunk, cookie pieces are a bit dry n chalky, good chew, a bit softer than last, warmed makes it better as usual. Overall I felt the the flavor in this bar was more of a backdrop. It definitely gave me a drier chalky feel as eating it then after I started chewing the flavor would come out more. I think this new version is a bit better than their last, but not near their original. I looked at ingredients to compare and I couldn’t find any differences. I wish the macros were still like they use to be. I think when they first came out fat was 6f.

Coffee in my Cake cause Drinking it isnt enough


You really cant ever go wrong with a Chocolate Cake. Simple, Delicious, and usually visually appealing as well.


In a Bowl Combine:

50g Pumpkin

45g Self Rising Flour

4g chocolate SF FF Pudding mix

70g Egg Whites

15g Chocolate Protein Powder

5g Coco Powder

6g Honey

5g Psylium Husk

2 tsp Baking Powder

1-2 Tablespoons of Alphamind Coffee ( use the code “RHINE” to save 20% on your entire order)

Pour into Sprayed and Lined Baking dish. Bake at 350 for 25min.

Take Out and let cool.

Well that is baking take another bowl and combine

15g Peanut Butter Protein

12g Pb2

Optional but will add more fat – 1/2 to 1 svg of peanut butter

enough water/milk/syrup to mix into frosting consistency.

Once Cool, I cut in half and throw a cookie in the middle with a bit of frosting to hold it together. Proceed to cover in remaining frosting.

Sprinkle more coffee grounds on top for added look.

Macros for Cake including PB2 but not including my nut butter : 488 Cals / 3.7 fat / 70.4 carb / 42.3 Protein

Macros for 1/4 of the cake : 122 cals / . 9 fat / 17.6 carb / 10.5 protein

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happy_baker olos xeg

Im just trying to be a beef cake

So I decided to give a go at baking with beef protein.

Let me tell you it wasn’t a bad life choice. It almost leaves the cake with a nice fudgy feeling to it. I have only tried Vanilla caramel flavor but intend to try my hand with a chocolate as well. I think it would make a nice batch of brownies, hint hint


Vanilla Caramel Cake with a Chocolate Frosting

What you will need:

50g Pumpkin

1.5 egg whites. (roughly 70g)

34g Protein

45g Self rising Flour

14g Coconut Flour

4g sweeter

6g Psylium husk (cause fiber )

1/4t Baking powder

1/8tsp baking soda

Splash of Caramel Sauce

Splash of Almond milk

Now usually I would add 4-8g of SF FF Pudding mix but I was out so I skipped it.

Mix all that together and throw in a sprayed baking dish and bake roughly 20-30 min at 350.

I have been playing with trying to get more rise in my cakes so lately I have been whisking the egg whites a bit in a separate bowl then adding them last but I don’t think it is helping.

Well cooking in a bowl mix:

15g Chocolate Protein

5g Coco Powder

1 oz FF Cream Cheese

Splash of Almond milk

Splash of Chocolate Sauce

Mix till well incorporated then put in fridge to chill

Once the toothpick test comes out clean pop that bad boy out to cool for at least 30 min.

Once cool cut in half and spread some of your frosting in the middle of the cake.

Once Frosted either add some toppings or just enjoy!

Macros for the Cake are 502 cal 2.5 fat / 70 carbs / 53 protein and a whopping 15g of fiber !

I also used almost the same identical recipe and made this amazing cake as well.


Vanilla Carmel Cake with a Vanilla Frosting.

Super Versatile Cake. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Remember if you liked the cake be sure to check me out on Instagram under d_chron or hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness !!

Once frosted restack the cake and continue frosting with remaining frosting.