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Whats with the Beef?

Usually when people associate taking a protein supplement the first thing they think of is Whey. Then maybe egg or milk, then soy, followed by numerous different plant sourced proteins. To often Beef protein is overlooked or not mentioned.


I thought I would write just a bit about beef protein, why I like it, benefits, and some products I would recommend.


Couple reasons why I like to add in Beef protein into the mix,

  1. Usually very low in fat, and usually no saturated fat. Makes it very easy if you just need to hit a protein mark without using up other macros.
  2. On a biological level, beef protein ranks right at the top along with egg and whey
  3. Typically beef proteins are very low in sugar and overall carb count. Again making it easy to use as just a protein macro marker
  4. With carbs and fats very low, it makes the beef protein easier to digest, and beef protein is broken down in the stomach vs the intestines which helps avoid that swelling sensation some might experience when drinking whey.
  5. You can also find extra vitamins/minerals, and creatine in beef powders.
  6. You can still cook/bake with beef protein

A few products that I could recommend would be

-Carnivor by MuscleMeds —- Also their carnivore muscle brownies are fabulous

– Paleo Protein by MHP

-Beef Protein Isolate by Olympian Labs

I have used all of those brands with great success. They all are very low fat and low carb which makes it awesome for me as I find myself using them towords the end of the day to hit lacking protein. Since they are also low fat low carb they would make a great post workout shake as the body isn’t getting caught up on digesting anything but the protein.

I plan to start incorporating more beef protein into my baking as well, so stay tune to see some new recipes coming featuring beef!


Going to include a nice little article I thought was a good read as well. Dives in deep about protein in general.  http://www.jssm.org/vol3/n3/2/v3n3-2pdf.pdf


Im just trying to be a beef cake

So I decided to give a go at baking with beef protein.

Let me tell you it wasn’t a bad life choice. It almost leaves the cake with a nice fudgy feeling to it. I have only tried Vanilla caramel flavor but intend to try my hand with a chocolate as well. I think it would make a nice batch of brownies, hint hint


Vanilla Caramel Cake with a Chocolate Frosting

What you will need:

50g Pumpkin

1.5 egg whites. (roughly 70g)

34g Protein

45g Self rising Flour

14g Coconut Flour

4g sweeter

6g Psylium husk (cause fiber )

1/4t Baking powder

1/8tsp baking soda

Splash of Caramel Sauce

Splash of Almond milk

Now usually I would add 4-8g of SF FF Pudding mix but I was out so I skipped it.

Mix all that together and throw in a sprayed baking dish and bake roughly 20-30 min at 350.

I have been playing with trying to get more rise in my cakes so lately I have been whisking the egg whites a bit in a separate bowl then adding them last but I don’t think it is helping.

Well cooking in a bowl mix:

15g Chocolate Protein

5g Coco Powder

1 oz FF Cream Cheese

Splash of Almond milk

Splash of Chocolate Sauce

Mix till well incorporated then put in fridge to chill

Once the toothpick test comes out clean pop that bad boy out to cool for at least 30 min.

Once cool cut in half and spread some of your frosting in the middle of the cake.

Once Frosted either add some toppings or just enjoy!

Macros for the Cake are 502 cal 2.5 fat / 70 carbs / 53 protein and a whopping 15g of fiber !

I also used almost the same identical recipe and made this amazing cake as well.


Vanilla Carmel Cake with a Vanilla Frosting.

Super Versatile Cake. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Remember if you liked the cake be sure to check me out on Instagram under d_chron or hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness !!

Once frosted restack the cake and continue frosting with remaining frosting.