Do you even salad, bro?

This post is all about Salad. Rabbit food, the green stuff, my foods food and more.


I think a lot of “Mainly Men” really undervalue the asset that is salad. I love it. It is so versatile and for the love of Christ there are barely any Macros to worry about! I love salads as additions to meals starters and sides. I love taking part of my dinner and throwing it into the salad to give it more flavor. Ill put cheese, eggs, fruit, cottage cheese, tuna, chicken, beans, corn, cheese nips, the additions are endless! Here I have some of last nights Fajita Slow cooker chicken mixed in with 3 cups of shredded lettuce, and half a cup of spinach, some onions, and tomatoes, and a svg of mozzarella cheese.

BUT WAIT! what about dressings! Most are loaded in Fats, or Carbs, or BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Well this is what I do.

You have a few choices. My go to is Waldensfarms 0 Cal dressings. They are life savors. Honey Dijon is prolly my fav, but the ranches, and Italian are not to bad either. Don’t want to go with Chemical Farms? No problem.

Mustard can go a long way. Sounds weird right? Well don’t knock it till you have tried it. Plus they make tons of different flavors of mustard so get creative!

Not a mustard fan? Well then, how about some cottage cheese? Usually I can get away with only using half a svg of fat free cottage cheese in my salads, with some pepper and it is enough moisture to cover everything! Mix in a bit of mustard and you are golden.

What about parmesan or Feta Cheeses? Not bad options either.

Lastly, throwing in some meat of some sort can help as well, specially if it is very moist or flavorful like a pulled chicken or something.

Other options you can add in addition or by themselves would be fruit such as apples or strawberries, or eggs. Hard boiled eggs, and if you want to skip the fat, then just egg the whites.

A lot of time I can get away with a half of svg of low fat or fat free cheese. Gives it just enough flavor to take away the salad flavor

Last but not least….. hot sauce, yes I said it. Hot sauce. So many kinds get creative with flavors. I put some roasted garlic salsa and some salsa Verde in this particular salad.


The Volume on this bad boy was awesome with such a low macro hit, getting a bit of fiber, and some good micros. The biggest reason that I will use volume salads is either A. I am fasting but need some substance to hold me over yet saving as many macros as I can, or B. I need some fillers in my meals. I find salads are so great for option A. For example today is a rest day for me, so I want to save all my macros for dinner. Had a small amount of volume oats for bfast, now this big ole salad half way through the day. This should hold me now until I get home and make some dinner and of course some dessert.


I think I may make some pizza, and with it being national Ice cream day, I gotta figure out something to do with that!

Have a good day everyone and don’t forget to eat some Rabbit food!

Who Doesn’t love Brownies?

Well I sure as hell know that I do, and if you don’t then I am sorry to hear that….. you should probably turn away as I am about to lay down some SIMPLE yet Delicious brownies. untitled

Let’s get started.

I wanted to do a picture at each step but I had pre prepped part of this are slightly was rushed in making it, but I wanted to get something on here for everyone !

Pre heat over to 350, or 400 for a quicker cooking time.

Take 70g of cannelloni beans and grind them up. (make sure you have rinsed and drained them previously.) I just use a coffee grinder, could use a food processor, blender, masher, it doesn’t matter. Get them all mashed up and throw them in a bowl.

Next take 60g Pumpkin Puree, 15g coconut flour, 96g egg whites, 5g coco powder, 1g chocolate extract(I think, it was around 1tsp. I just pour a bit in). 15 chocolate stevia drops, and 1 packet of stevia. Dash of cinnamon, 1 tsp baking powder, and 4g of chocolate sugar free fat free pudding.  Now mix in 1/2 scoop of protein. I usually will do a whole scoop, but I put it in the pan before remembering to add the other half….. haha oh well! Now depending on the protein you use the amount will vary, but use just enough almond milk or milk of choice to mix it all together. I like mine just a bit past a thick paste.

Next take a pan of choice, this time I used a 8×8 sprayed pan lined with parchment paper and sprayed again.  pour and spread mixture around evenly.  Pop those bad boys in the oven at 350 for about 15-20 min again depending on protein, oven, milk added.


In the mean time take 1 Scoop of protein(usually would be a half, and the other half in the protein but it doesn’t matter. Mix with 2tbsp of nutella, and enough milk of choice to mix into a nice paste. Pop it in the fridge well the brownies finish cooking.


Use the ole toothpick method to check if they are done. If it comes out clean you are good to go!

Let cool on top of a rack I took mine out of the pan to speed up the cooling phase.


Well I was waiting for it to cool I made a sweet omelet that had turned out great!

I took 4g Butterscotch sf ff pudding and mixed with 4 egg whites. tossed it in a sprayed heated pan and let cooked for a bit.

Then I threw in 2 crushed up oreos and 7g peanut butter filled chocolate chips.


Let cook and fold over for maximum melty’ness

Well that is cooking, take your fudgy brownies and throw them on a plate.

Take your frosting out of the fridge and start lathering on your brownies nice and thick.


I had some fats to kill so I throw some Almond butter (16g) on top making sure to get a bit on each one. 😀



Cut into 9 pieces and enjoy!

wait….. where is the omelet.

Don’t worry, there it is ! I covered that in some leftover frosting so it melted on nice and good like.


I hope you enjoy! I tried to keep these very simple, yet awesome! Now, If you don’t have a bunch of fats to burn like me that is okay don’t sweat it. The Nutella is not needed to make the frosting work.

Macros for whole batch without extra peanut butter: 613 calories 16.1g of fat/ 42.2g of carbs/ 49.6g of protein

With extra pb: 707 cals/22.1f/45.2c/56.2p

If you make these and do like them, feel free to tag me on Instagram!


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Hello world, and Welcome to my Madness!


Hello Everyone!

This is my very first post, and definitely my very first blog! Not very computer savvy these days so I apologies on the dull and low quality of the blog. As I go along I hope to figure out how to jazz this baby up a bit more, not only so it is more user friendly, but also more eye appealing as well.

So, What is Dusty’s Calculated Madness. Why did I decide to make a blog, what am I taking the time out of my day to do this when I could be eating or looking at foodporn haha. First and foremost I am doing this to share and spread knowledge about subjects that I love. Food being first are most important, but I also hope to share training related articles, workouts, general fitness stuff, humor, books, music, life in general, cause at the end off the day everything gets counted into my Daily Madness. Without one thing, there may not be another so everything plays a part. I also hope to build a vast archive of recipes, tips, tools, reviews, and more for not only myself but all of you to refer to that might cure a sweet tooth, improve mobility, find out about a new book, or know if the new smores oreo’s are good or not. (yes, yes they are).

I have know prior schooling for any of this, and barely have used a compute since high school, so please bare with me as it will be a learning experience for both of us!

I will make a “Get to know the author” post soon enough!

Fitting as much into as little as possible

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