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Hello Everyone, and welcome to The Flexible Baker, a blog where we show our viewers that anybody and everybody can eat healthy without sacrificing the delicious foods they love! My name is Dustin Chronister (you can just call me Dusty), and I am The Flexible Baker!


Lets take it back a few years to where it all began. As a young child I was always slightly overweight. Never super obese, but always enough that I never felt happy about myself and definitely didn’t look very good. I finished 3rd grade weighing in at 158 lbs, and at one point in my last cut I seen 173 lbs, and am much taller. Being out of shape continued for multiple years, until I finally started to slim down just a bit. The problem was, it left me feeling soft and pudgy. I didn’t really have much in my life at the time, so I decided to get into fitness and jumped in head first. That’s kinda how I am with everything. If I commit to doing it, you’ve got me headstrong. As soon as I got involved with fitness, I knew I was hooked. I started looking into continuing education and got my CPT license. After that, I slowly just kept building and building. Now days I have multiple certifications in fitness and nutrition fields. Throughout this journey my training and nutrition has gone through many stages. I have followed bodybuilding, Crossfit, powerlifting, training styles and have competed in 2/3.  and more. I have gone through “eat whatever” phases, “eat super clean” phases, bulk and cut phases, and now finally I have found IIFYM and flexible dieting.


One day a switch just went off in my head and I decided I needed to expand my horizons on food. Growing up in my household we almost always just had a Meat, Potato, and veggie. Let me tell you, it was bland and boring! After realizing that I was missing out on so many delicious and different foods, I began my quest to never suffer from the “same ole same ole” ever again! Flexible dieting has allowed me to not only grow in my baking and overall cooking skills, but also then giving me the flexibility to enjoy numerous different dishes well still maintaining my nutrition and fitness goals. Come with me, and each day you will see my growth and transformation in the kitchen, in the gym, and in my daily life.


When I am not in the kitchen or the gym you might find me playing sports, kayaking, or traveling!


If you have any other questions just feel free to ask!

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