Quest Hero Bars

Overall, this brand on bars lost it for me. Another company with a lot of hype behind their product that just doesn’t deliver. Check out the reviews to see what I thought or here are some links for you to check them out yourself! 

Quest Hero Bar, Vanilla
Quest Hero Bar, Variety Pack
Quest Hero Bar, Chocolate
Quest Hero Bar, Blueberry


@questnutritionblueberry cobbler review
170 cal / 7f / 30c / 17p .
Very faint Blueberry smell here. Cereal bar style filling, Blueberry layer, then covered in a vanilla coating just barely enough to get around the bar. Very very sweet bar, honestly it’s almost chewy texture that sticks in your teeth. Macro split is a bit off for me as I would of liked to see a bit higher protein count here. Flavor definitely isn’t Blueberry cobbler. It should be a sweet vanilla with a weird gummy layer. I get little to no Blueberry flavor here and left a bit disappointed.
Overall – 5.5/10

The bar is edible and isn’t terrible but nothing I would write home about or go outta my way to get again.


@questnutrition Vanilla caramel hero bar review
170 cal / 9f / 29c / 16p
visually a bit better than the chocolate bar but still very plain. Smells exactly like a cereal bar you’d get from a gas station. Whey crisp filling, thin layer of caramel, then a white coating. Macros on the bar are a bit wacky for me. Higher fat and carb to lower protein usually isn’t a win for me. Also totes 12g of sugar. 60g bar weight so it’s a standard size for quest bars. Bar chews very soft with just a bit of crunch for texture. Kinda keeps the cereal bar flavor as well. The picture shows almonds and I don’t taste any of those, and I don’t really get the caramel flavor either. Mainly just a overall vanilla flavor this this bar. I think the flavor here is actually much better than it’s brother the chocolate pecan. Finished smooth and doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. Wasn’t a bad bar at all.
Overall 7/10


@questnutritionchocolate caramel pecan review

200 cal / 11f / 27c / 15p .
I must of gotten the reject of the group. Pulled mine out of the package looking like Frankenstein. Not quite how the package looks eh? Visually very unappealing with a chocolate coated whey crisp bar with a caramel layer and scattered pecan pieces coming it an a pretty standard 60g weight. .
Fat macros are a bit high for my personal liking at 11 with only 15g protein and 12 of the 27 carbs are sugar which seems a bit high compared to most bars? I could be wrong. .
Taste wise the primary flavor is caramel with chocolate being a very faint backdrop and a finish at the end. The pecans although some visible decided not to show up to the party as I couldn’t taste them. The bar also seemed to chew and finish a tad bit dry as well. Throwing in the microwave for a bit seemed to help the flavor just slightly, but you shouldn’t have to do anything else to a protein bar as they are suppose to be a convenience product. .
Overall 6.5/10
With all the factors weighing in I decided to go with 6.5. Originally I had planned a 7 but I felt with as high rep quest has with protein bars I was a bit let down by this bar. It’s much better than the @fitjoynutritionbar I had yesterday (see earlier post) but not something I would write home about.

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