R.e.d.d Superfood Energy Bar


@reddbar Peanutbutter Bar Review –

230 cals / 10f / 29c / 10p –
11 superfoods, 23 vitamins and minerals, a bit of caffeine , gluten free, non gmo, plant based, and pretty much free of everything so they got it on that front. Bar has a rich peanut butter smell off the bat. Visually looks exactly how a superfoods bar would look like in my mind. Peanuts , pats, quinoa, agave are the first ingredients so that’s your main fat and carb sources, so good energy there. I would complain about only 10g of protein if this claimed itself a protein bar but it doesn’t. First bite you get a good chew, a small bit of crunch which is nice. Overall flavor starts off with a bit of sweet from the agave, then you get a backdrop of peanut butter in there, but nothing stands out. If the peanut butter flavor was a bit richer, or they had better supporting flavor this would be a solid bar. .
Would recommend if you are trying to steer clear of unwanted goodies in your bars. .
Overall 7/10

Redd Peanut Butter Superfood Energy Bar, 2 Ounce (Box of 12), Gluten Free, Protein Bar + Energy Shot + Multi Vitamin

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