Chike Nutrition Review


@ilikechike review – Full review on my YouTube.
Iced coffee Protein – Tad sweet but tolerable. Mixability was good. No noticeable chucks or gummed whey. Flavor was actually pretty close to drinking an ice coffee. I’m not a huge fan of ice coffee so you might really enjoy this. .

Iced Mocha- flavor just wasn’t there for me on this one. Very bland and unappealing. Mixability and getting a coffee feel were good, as well as macros but definitely wouldn’t see myself buying this one. .
Powdered PB – very comparable to its competitors(pb2, etc) as far as macros, grams per svg, etc. Mixability is fine, and flavor is good for being powdered pb. Ate it on rice cakes, and on cake. .
Overall, if your are a die hard ice coffee fan, definitely scoop up that flavor as I think you’ll love it.

Chike Nutrition High Protein Coffee, 17.56 oz

Chike Nutrition High Protein Coffee Mocha Iced Coffee, 1.1 lb / 498 g

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