Smart Choice Protein Edible Cookie Dough


@smartchoiceprotein white chocolate pumpkin spice edible cookie dough

130cal / 7f / 12c / 7p
Edible cookie dough you say?? Well I gotta look into this to make sure the kids are safe😂 right away you get a nice kick of a pumpkin spice cake aroma. Visible white chocolate chips scattered everywhere. Very similar texture to actual cookie dough. Creamy, not overly oily or fatty tasting. Literally reminds me of eating a spice cake that was slightly undercooked, or some delicious pumpkin cookie batter😍The spices didn’t overpower the cookie dough and made you tired of eating it real quick. Good macro breakdown of your like me and needed to fill some fats n protein but keep the carbs down. Definitely something that I could sit down and eat the whole thing. Also for those that care, it’s even gluten free.

They also wanted to hook you guys up with a deal so use the code ‘Dusty’ to save 10% on anything at @smartchoiceprotein
Anyone else tried this?? Definitely a tasty little snack.

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