MuscleTech Nitrotech Crunch Bar


@muscletech Nitro tech Crunch Bday cake bar
240c / 7f / 24c / 22p
Decent Macro breakdown in my opinion. 65g bar so average size. Very similar texture to a @combatcrunch bar. White coating with a pink drizzle and visible spanks throughout the bar. Very soft and chewy but has a bit of crunch from the spranks. Really good level of sweetness in this bar. Strong vanilla flavor, and it reminded me of eating a good frosting or frosted animal crackers kind of. I can’t believe I’m really enjoying a muscle tech product but I have to say this bar is probably the best birthday cake flavors bar I’ve tried, and one of the best bars I’ve had in awhile.


@muscletech cinnamon bun review

240 cal / 7f / 24c / 22p

First initial smell is delicious. Smells like a cereal bar. Aesthetic look with a white frosting. Cinnamon filling, and cinnamon drizzle. Good breakdown for macros as well. Good chew with enough crunch to give some contrast. Great white chocolate coating, and a really good cinnamon flavor. It is a bit strong of a flavor but I love cinnamon so I thought it was great. Extremely happy with this bar. @muscletech killing it.

Muscletech Products – Nitro-Tech Crunch Bar Cinnamon Bun – 2.29 oz.

@muscletech nitro tech crunch chocolate PB review
240 cal / 7f / 24c / 22p
Peanut butter coating with chocolate insides. Visible crunchy crisps. Good macro split compared to @combatcrunch and similar feel. Great chew as it’s a nice blend of soft and crunchy. First get a bit of peanut butter, then chocolate, then the peanut butter comes back. Not a very sweet bar overall so I feel the flavors could of been pronounced a bit more. Feel of eating this though was much better than say a @ohyeahnutrition of @questnutrition as this had good texture feel. Not quite as good as their birthday cake flavor but still a solid bar.



Muscletech Products – Nitro-Tech Crunch Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter – 2.29 oz.

@muscletech CCCD bar
240 cal / 7f / 24c / 22p



Solid chocolate coating with loads of visible crunchies. Right when you bite into it you get tons of crunch and texture. Smooth chewy filling once you get last the crunchies. Filling is pretty sweet but not overpowering. Could use a bit more flavor imo. Eating this bar kind of reminded me of eating a crunch candy bar but with filling. Macros are a great split for a bar as well. Would of liked to see some chocolate chips inside the filling to fit more CCCD. Not my favorite in the line but still a decent bar.


Muscletech Products – Nitro-Tech Crunch Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – 2.29 oz.

Muscletech Products – Nitro-Tech Crunch Bar Cookies & Cream – 2.29 oz.

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