OhYeah! Bars

Macros: 210 cals 7g fat / 24 carb / 21 protein / 10g fiber / and only 1g of sugar

Taste: At first bite it wasn’t terrible but nothing special. I felt that there just wasn’t enough bang from the chocolate that was there let along get the feeling of eating a chocolate brownie. The crisps were nice, but yet again not strong enough of a chocolate flavor. Now the tan filling at first glance threw me off but I thought that it may just be how their coloring turned out. With further eating IMO it tasted like it should of been a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor vs a chocolate brownie.

Texture: Soft and flexible with a nice chewy consistency. Just a tad bit of graininess, but I did like the added ‘crunch’ from the crispies even though I felt they didn’t ‘crunch’ enough.

Heat test: of course I had to try in the microwave as well. 10 sec later it turned it quite soft, maybe even just a tad to much. I thought it helped improve the taste of the bar as I then had the ‘melty’ feel well eating.

Overall thoughts: I am going to give this a 6.5/10. Mainly because the lacking of a rich chocolate, and the filling throwing me off.

OhYeah! Nutrition One Bar Chocolate Brownie, 2.12oz, 12 Coun


@ohyeahnutr white chocolate raspberry.
I was very happy with this bar. Right off the bat it had a great aroma to it. Nice thick WC coating, and great visual appeal inside and out. It was a nice blend of white chocolate then the more you chew you got blasts of raspberry. Great chew on this one as well. I actually was curious how it was fair cold, and I definitely was a fan.
8/10. Beats quest, specially if they added some Chunks
Oh Yeah! One Bar, White Chocolate Raspberry, 12 Count

@ohyeahnutr Almond Bliss
230 cal

Very strong coconut aroma when first opening which worried me as I don’t like coconut but it wasn’t very overpowering, just a subtle backdrop. Nice Chocolate coating with 3 almonds placed over a nougat filling. I loved the addition of almonds for a crunch factor, and the nougat as well had a bit of a crunch which was nice. Chocolate flavor was good, but not super prominent. I also felt the nougat lacked overall flavor. I thought the more you chewed it the blander/dryer it got. The coconut did linger in your mouth for awhile though. I don’t come across @ohyeahnutr bars to often as they are not in my area so this was unfortunate, but I’ve heard great things about their bday cake and cinnamon bars.
Iss Oh Yeah One Bar, Almond Bliss, 12 Count

@ohyeahnutrition Lemon Cake Review.

Cals – 220
I was expecting a nostril filling lemon aroma when opening this but was slightly let down. Faint lemon at best imo. Visually it looks sharp with a Nice thick white coating over a yellow filled bar. Not to firm, but not to swishy. Very good chew. Taste again I am let down. I get a bit of white chocolate sweetness but then the lemon never really comes to steal the show. It’s more of a backdrop flavor. I also felt like the more you chewed this the grainier it got. They do throw in a few crisps to help with the texture, but not a ton to really make a huge impact. Not overly sweet which is a plus until you get to the last bite before swallowing then you get more of a sweet hit. Overall wasn’t a huge fan of this. Definitely needs work on the lemon flavoring and the graininess.
Also has 10g sugar alcohols in it which I know some like to stay away from as you can’t digest them well.
OhYeah! Nutrition One Bar Lemon Cake, 12 Count Net WT 2.12 oz Per Bar


@ohyeahnutrition Bday Cake Bar

220cal / 7f / 24c / 21p
First glance it’s a very average size bar, yellow filling, white outer coating, and sprinkles. Not much of an aroma, other than a faint vanilla? Pretty chewy bar, soft, just a slight bit of crunch from the sprinkles. First notable flavor is vanilla and nothing else really jumps out at me in terms of flavor profiles. Fairly sweet, but just short of being to sweet. The more you chew the more you do get a bit of the graininess from the fiber. Aftertaste That’s left in my mouth was nothing special either. Overall the bar is definitely edible and above average, yet nothing spectacular imo. Nothing really jumped out at me.

Oh Yeah! One Bar, Birthday Cake, 12 Count (2.12 oz. Per Bar / 25.44 oz. Per Box)


@ohyeahnutrition peanutbutter pie
Sorry for the darkness lighting at work is meh.

220cal / 8f / 23c / 22p

Very nice peanut butter aroma when opening. Peanut butter coating as well. Standard size bar. Pretty good peanut butter flavor but nothing overwhelming or lasting. Some Chew but no real texture appeal. I think there is some crispies in the bar but you can notice them. Smooth texture for the most part, not to grainy. Was I the only one who got a weird aftertaste? Not a terrible bar, but definitely nothing to WOW me.

Iss Oh Yeah One Bar, Peanut Butter Pie, 12 Count


@ohyeahnutrition review – Mint Chocolate Chip
Cals – 220 / 7f / 24c / 21p

Very strong Mint aroma when opening which is nice. Solid chocolate coating with a pale green filling. With the smell of this I had high hopes, but once again I am let down. There was literally no taste in this bar. Just a faint peppermint back drop that faded quick. Slightly grainy when chewing. Honestly not much to say about this bar. Few bites in was all I needed to know this was a dud.

Oh Yeah! One Bar, Mint Chocolate Chip, 12 Count, 2.12 Ounce (60g)/bar


@ohyeahnutritioncinnamon roll
230 cal / 9f / 24 c / 20p

Pretty visually appealing. Mine seemed to be faded out with the coating as it was barley enough to cover the bar but so thin it’s see thru. Nice little design over the top, and a cinnamon filling. Not a very strong cinnamon aroma with this bar. Chewy with a bit of a crunch, but not enough to make a contrast of texture. Slight grainy well chewing as well. Flavor is alright, but nothing overwhelming. I definitely could of done with more spice in this bar. Icing glaze wasn’t very sweet either. Macros are alright, but fat is getting high at 9g. Not nearly as good as @muscletech or @fitcrunchbars cinnamon flavor.
One Bar Cinnamon Roll NEW Flavor 20 g Protein 12 Bars (2 Pack)


@ohyeahnutrition chocolate bday cake review

210 cals / 7f / 25c / 22p

Good macro split to start it off. Nice Chocolate aroma when opening. Chocolate coated, chocolate filled, some crisps throughout, and sprinkles to top. Visually pretty appealing. Decent amount of crisps in the bar but they don’t withstand to give it a crunch. Decent chew in the bar, but overall very bland tasting bar and loses any flavor extremely fast. Also felt it left a bad aftertaste. Definitely wasn’t impressed with this bar. Overall pretty unimpressed with the One line. One more left to try.
Oh Yeah! One Bar, Chocolate Birthday Cake, 2.12 oz bars 12 count (pack of 2)


@one1brands CCCD review –
210 cals / 8f / 24c / 21p
Average size bar at 60g. Chocolate coating with a cookie dough filling. Faint chocolate aroma is all the noise feels you get with this one. Decent split on macros, but a big reason One bars won’t ever replace bars like quest are the sugar alcohols. Quite a few people can’t handle them. Decent chew with this bar but not much for texture. This one didn’t finish off grainy like a lot of their other bars did for me which is a plus. Does have some chocolate chips scattered throughout the bar. The chocolate coating I did expect to be slightly stronger as it’s a decent coating but wasn’t. The filling did give you a decent cookie dough feel being soft and chewy. Could maybe use a touch of vanilla to help enhance the flavor imo. Decent bar, decent flavors, but nothing WOW here.

OhYeah! Nutrition One Bar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 25.44 Ounce

Hope you all enjoyed the reviews!

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