Al Wheys Good Cookies


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@alwheysgood Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Per 1 cookie – 190cal / 7f / 25c / 8p
First glance it does look like a nice chocolate chip cookie you’d buy from the store, and has a great vanilla cookie smell to accompany. 48g cookie which is 8g total less weight than half of a LnL cookie. Very soft and very chewy cookie. Good vanilla flavor through out the cookie. Texture is nice as it reminds me of a cake cookie. It is just a tad bit dry but definitely edible. Level of sweetness is on point for the most part. First initial bites are good then it gets a bit dull and dry, then finishes chewy and sweet again. Still a bit of a macro hit , but I love that they actually put two cookies in here instead of trying to fool people with their labeling. These are a pretty solid option. Imo if they could just fix the dryness these would easily give LnL a run for their money. Also just got word that there will be a new and improved formula and a new flavor next month!


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