FITJOY Protein Bar line


@fitjoynutrition Frosted Cinnamon Roll – 230cal 8f/23c/20p and 11g of fiber.
Very similar macros and size as a Quest. Similar texture as well, except they added in some whey crisps as well as ground almonds for some texture which was nice. I would say add in a bit more crisps for crunch and the texture is solid. Cinnamon base bar with an icing drizzle as well as a coating on bottom. Great aroma when first opening up the package. Flavored with Stevia so i know a lot of people will be happy with that. I do think the bar could use a bit more sweetness in it, yet this is the first cinnamon bar I ate that I felt had real spices used in it. This definitely is on par with @combatcrunch CT, with CT edging out on texture. Very solid bar, definitely a better choice over Quest cinnamon. Excited to try the others.
8/10 would eat again.
FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar, Frosted Cinnamon Roll, 12 Count


@fitjoynutrition Chocolate Peanut Butter
220cal – 7f – 24c – 20p – 12fiber

Right away the smell gets ya. Great blend of peanut butter and chocolate. Reminds you of smelling a Reese’s wrapper or something haha. Dense chocolate bar with a peanut butter undercoating and peanuts scattered throughout the bar, pretty evenly I might add. Extremely chewy bar. Flavors unfortunately were slightly underwhelming. Neither seemed to really stand out. You would get just a bit of both flavors, but nothing overpowering, and not very sweet. Room temp seemed to have just a smidge more peanut butter flavor and heating brought out the chocolate. Heating it up though was a game changer. Made it smell like a fresh brownie. Also helped bring out the flavors a bit more. Nuts helped to add some texture, but something else was needed. Still, I would call this an upgraded Quest bar. Similar base, but they seem to be trying to spice the bar up a bit more. Worth mentioning macros really aren’t that bad for being a choc/peanut butter bar.
7/10 , would eat and not complain but prolly not buy.


@fitjoynutrition iced chocolate brownie review for #nationalchocolateday or world chocolate day or w.e 😂
230cal 8f/ 25c / 20p and 12f

Standard 60g bar. Chocolate coating, chocolate filling, and a chocolate drizzle over the top. Visible pecans in the bar as well. Nice chocolate aroma similar to a tootsie roll smell. Very nice chew in this bar with very small crispies in it, and maybe small chocolate chips? I enjoyed the chocolate flavor quite a bit actually with this bar. Smooth, not too tart and not too sweet. Did get a bit grainy and lose flavor slightly the more you chewed though. It’s nice to see an addition of the pecans, but I felt they didn’t add much flavor or texture to the bar itself. Sub em out and drop the fat. Main protein source is from an Isolate so that’s nice. Warming this up made it way better. Made it seem like more of a brownie, could better taste the pecans, and made the chocolate taste better.


@fitjoynutrition Chocolate Mint Review
220cal / 7f / 25c / 20p / 13f

Off the bat as soon as you open this up its like opening up a pack of thin mints meets peppermint patties😍 solid chocolate bar with a chocolate coating. Visually a very average bar. Very chewy bar with a few crispies in there to add just a small crunch factor, but just enough to know its there. Mint is definitely the star here. You get a bit of chocolate flavoring when you start chewing but as you continue to chew the mint becomes WAY more prevalent. They definitely flavored the mint well, as most bars make it way too menthol tasting. They didn’t. Honestly reminds me of eating a peppermint patty. Mint is a bit strong compared to the chocolate. If they would throw in a chocolate thin mint type layer just to have a bit more supporting flavor to tone down the mint just a bit, they would of hit a home run with this.
This bar and Cinnamon Roll were my ✌ favorites from the @fitjoynutrition line. I will be doing a YouTube video where I revisit each bar and make updated reviews. Excited to see where this bar company goes.
8.5/10 would buy


@fitjoynutrition chocolate chip cookie dough.
220cal / 7f / 25c / 20p
Visible chocolate chunks spread throughout the bar. Very soft and chewy texture. Reminds me of the big 100 CCCD bar texture wise. Unfortunately for me this was the worst bar in the line. The cookie dough part of the bar didn’t really have much flavor at all, and the chips although there were quite a few weren’t sweet enough to save the bar.


@fitjoynutrition French Vanilla Almond
220cal / 8f / 23c / 20p
visually very appealing with a white yogurt coated bottom, tan layer with nuts scattered, and a nice white drizzle over the top. Very nice vanilla aroma to accompany. Very soft bar with a nice chew. They have some crisps in the bar along with the combination of nuts I wish there was a bit more texture but still on the softer side. As you chew the vanilla flavor definitely is the star here. This is one of my favorites from the line. This along with cinnamon roll and mint chocolate.
All Fitjoy bars are also GF, GMO free, no atricfical colors, flavors, or sweetners.

FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bar, French Vanilla Almond, 12 Count


@fitjoynutrition homemade pumpkin pie review
220 cal / 7f / 25c / 20p
Decent cinnamon aroma to the bar, almost the same as their cinnamon roll bar 🤔, pumpkin colored bar with white yogurt coating and drizzle on top with cinnamon crisps on the top of the bar. Average 62g bar, and decent macro split. Visually appealing. Decent chew but needs more texture contrast. Flavor starts off decent but fads as you chew it and gets that typical ISO-1 bland finish. Was hoping for better spice with this one. Cinnamon wasn’t very strong, and nutmeg didn’t make it in the bar either.
Very bland and not very tasty imo. Let down since I’m a huge pumpkin fan.


@fitjoynutrition peppermint review

230 cal / 24 c / 20 p

Visually appealing other than random spots of greenish yellow? Very strong peppermint aroma. I was worried with how it smelled that it would be super overpowering in mint but it wasn’t. Enough to know it’s a peppermint bar but not enough to kill ya. I unfortunately thought that the support flavors weren’t very strong and it left you wanting more. Good macros on the bar, and a good chew. Peppermint bits offer just a slight crunch factor. Leaves quite the peppermint aftertaste in your mouth. Definitely not the worst for joy bar, but I don’t think this would be a bar I could eat everyday.
Worth buying for the season, but that’s it.
Overall 6.5/10


@fitjoynutrition Ice Gingerbread review

220 cal / 7f / 24c / 20p

Faint Gingerbread aroma. Pretty much reminds me of their cinnamon bar smell wise. Tan bar with white side/undercoating and small ‘Gingerbread bits’ scattered on the top. Overall macros are pretty standard and in good ratio’s. Small crisps scattered throughout the bar to give crunch factor. Overall I’m pretty let down on the flavor. You mainly get all the Gingerbread flavor if you get one of the bits that they put on the top, if not it’s a pretty bland tasting bar. Just super vague spices in the back drop.
Definitely won’t be getting these again.





@fitjoynutrition Birthday Cake Review
230 cal / 8f / 22c / 20p

Finally a fitjoy bar that looks slightly different than all the rest. Macro split pretty average on this bar. White coating with the effects of sprinkles and a tan filling. Sprinkles are just colored, no added crunch. Dry chewy bar, slight vanilla back taste, but overall pretty bland Bar. After your first 3 chomps after biting the flavor pretty much is non existent and eats bland AF. Definitely a whey taste with this. Definitely not the best bday cake bar on the market. Would high recommend the @muscletech bday cake over this.
Overall – 5/10


I thought I would attach this recipe for a DIY protein bar!

5 Step DIY Biscoff Protein bar!

Double Chocolate Coffee Muffins

Salted Caramel No Bake Truffles

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