Raw Rev Glo Bars


@rawrev Peanutbutter Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Glo Bar
11f/19c/11p and 13fiber.
I’ve had this on my shelf for awhile so I figured it was time to try it. Smaller bar, and not to visually appealing at first glance. Very strong natural PB aroma. Very dense bar with a great chew. Has a touch of sweetness without overpowering. Dark chocolate chips spread throughout it. Don’t get much sea salt unfortunately as i think it would go great with this. I feel just a tad bit more sweetener and this would be great. Heating it up did bring out a bit more sweet and salty. Fat is a bit high, but it’s also a natural Peanutbutter bar, so there’s that. Protein could be upped a bit more as well. These reminded me kind of like @g2gbar
Things to note- gluten free, non gmo, minimally processed ingredients, organic raw super foods, and antioxidants. Ingredient list is also very short, and very easy to read(aka nothing you can’t pronounce cept ISO-1😂) Macros arnt great but I did enjoy eating this bar and it’s more filling than you think.
Raw Rev Glo Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, 12 Bars/1.6 oz per bar


@rawrev Creamy Peanutbutter & Sea Salt
180cal / 11f / 17c / 15p
Small dense bar at 46g. Big ole natural PB smell. You can see chia seeds scattered throughout the bar that almost look like mini chocolate chips. These are very soft bars with just a bit of crunch coming from the chia. Not an overall sweet bar by any means, not much of a sea salt nor is it an overpowering PB flavor. Warming it up didn’t really change the flavor. I do like how these are very simple easy ingredients, it’s almost all fiber source of carbs which makes these quite filling, and the mission behind the company seems to be good intentions. That being said, this one fell short unfortunately. Tighten up the flavor a bit, and throw some more salt and you’ll be good.

Raw Rev Glo Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt, 1.6 Oz. Bars, 12 Count



@rawrev Dark Chocolate Espresso Crunch

180cal/ 10f / 21c / 10p
On the visually appealing side of things these definitely rank in the lower side of things. Let’s remember minimal, natural ingredients though. Has a very nice faint coffee aroma to it which I quite liked. #teamcaffiene Loads of noticeable chocolate chunks through out setting you up for some #chunkporn Smaller bar at 46g, so it’s a bit calorie dense, but you find that, with natural bars so that’s expected. Honestly first thought I had when chewing was I thought I was eating a coffee flavored nut, then right twords the end a blast of peanut butter hits you. Makes loads of sense as if I’m not mistaken coffee beans in it. Usually natural bars need more of a sweetner but this has a nice balance. Starts of kinda tart and loads of coffee, finished sweet with hints of pb and chocolate. Beans also gave it a nice Crunch for some texture.
Definitely a solid choice if your looking for a change up.
Raw Rev Glo 12 Pack Case – Dark Chocolate Espresso Crunch Bars with Raw Superfoods. High Protein (Plant Based), High Fiber, Low Sugar (Sweetened with Imo), Organic Ingredients, Gluten Free, Non GMO
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