Clif Builder Bars


@clifbarcompany Chocolate mint 9f/29c/20p

Great mint aroma when busting it open. Thick chocolate coating covering this bar. It’s mainly comprised of a rice crispy style texture, with a chocolate layer above that. Macros are not terrible but, a bit high on carbs comparing to say a quest or CC. Sugar is also 22g, but it’s advertised as a higher carb ‘energy’ bar. Bar gives you a pretty good chew with a mix between a gooey chocolate and crispy bottom layer. Definitely not a over powering menthol mint flavor. Good mix between chocolate and mint with this. Only downfall I found is after you swallow it you get some dry crispies left in your mouth that are slightly un enjoyable. Maybe increase the chocolate just a bit on the crispys.
Solid bar though
8.5/10 would buy again.
CLIF BUILDER’S – Protein Bar – Chocolate Mint – (2.4 oz, 12 Count)


@clifbarcompany Peanut butter Crunch Builder Bar Review. –

10f/29c/20p — first off, absolutely great peanutbutter aroma with this guy. Nice peanutbutter coating around the bar with then a pb layer covering some rice crispy texture. This bar didn’t disappoint in the chew factor. Great blend of chew and crunch. Macros arnt the worst for being a Peanutbutter based bar, but that sugar is pretty dang high. To be honest, I didn’t think this flavor was bad at all, but I felt like I was eating a vanilla bar with hints of peanutbutter. Warming it up did bring out the pb flavor a bit more though.
8/10 would eat again.

CLIF BUILDER’S – Protein Bar – Crunchy Peanut Butter – (2.4 oz, 12 Count)


@clifbar chocolate hazelnut –

280 cals / 10f / 28c / 20p

Chocolate coated bar, with crisps and a layer of hazelnut filling it. Decent Chocolate flavor but isn’t extremely overpowering here, more so emphasis on the hazelnut. That flavor is more pronounced. Decent chew as the crisps offer some crunch. The more you chew it, the drier and slightly grainy it becomes. 68g bar so similar size to most. Bit high on the fat for me, as I like 5-7g for a bar personally. Not terrible but nothing special.
Overall : 6/10

CLIF BUILDER’S – Protein Bar – Chocolate Hazelnut – (2.4 Ounce Bar, 12 Count)

I hope you enjoyed the review! I thought I would attach a few more in case you are in a reading mood!

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