Detour Bars


@detourbar Cookie Dough Caramel Crisp.
Macros on this bar are definitely fair. it’s a good sized bar, has a thick chocolate coating, nice layer of caramel, whey Crisps, and then a thick cookie dough layer. Kinda like a snickers feel but without nuts and then add cookie dough lol. Good chocolate aroma, and a great chew. The flavors this bar says on the package definitely lives up to their claim. Solid bar by @detourbar . Woah @gnclivewell stopped carrying them and I had to pay like $4 at a gas station for it. Oh what I do for you guys. Video review on YouTube!
8/10 would eat again!

Forward Foods Detour Lean Muscle Cookie Dough Caramel Crisp, 3.2-Ounce Bars, 12-Count



@detourbar Chocolate Chip Caramel (mini)
2.5f/13c/10p and 3 fiber.
Nice Chocolate aroma as well as a chocolate coating. Visible chocolate chunks underneath the coating as well as a caramel layer. Under that you find a nugat type filling scattered with crispies. Good chocolate flavor, with just a hint of caramel. Very soft bar with a good chew. Had a bit of crunch but coming more from the chocolate chips vs the crispies. They arnt quite as prominent as the picture shows. Decent bit of fiber but not a redic amount like some bars, and only 2g of sugar which was surprising as the bar has a great flavor that isn’t to sweet and overpowering. This bar is also Non-GMO and Gluten free for those that gotta watch that. Warming this up really brought out the caramel flavor. I’d say, only improvement would be to make the crispies a bit crunchier and prominent. Solid bar though. @detourbar was so kind to send me a few flavors so be on the lookout for a bunch more reviews to come!
8/10 would eat again!
Detour Simple Bars, Chocolate Chip Caramel, 9 pk 1.1 oz (Pack of 1)

@detourbar Caramel Peanut Bar
120cal – 4f – 12c – 10p

Nice Chocolate coating around the bar , with a thin caramel layer underneath it. Nugat filling, and it has just a few peanuts scattered throughout it. Macros arnt terrible with a decent split. I’m all for lower fat bars #teampovertyfats really got a nice peanut flavor with this bar. Backdrop a caramel, with them just a touch of chocolate. It made for a real nice blend of flavors tbh. I felt what needed to stand out did. I also enjoyed that in every bite I got a bit of peanuts. Helped with the texture a bit. Only negative I found was right at the last chew or two before swallowing you notice a bit of a grainy texture. I’d say only recommendation with this would be increase the amount of nuts slightly so there’s more contrast of texture. Similar to eating a snickers tbh.
8.5/10 would eat again.
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Detour Simple Bars, Caramel Peanut, 9 Count


@detourbar Salted Caramel Cookie Dough mini
110 cals
4f/11c/10p – chocolate coating, covering a caramel layer that’s trying to bust out. Chocolate chips scattered throughout and then cookie dough bottom. Great chew. Just enough caramel to know its there but not be over powering so you can still get a mix of chocolate and cookie dough. Great amount of sweetness in the bar with only 4g of sugar as well. Heating it up made the caramel so much better and more prominent of a flavor. Only then did I taste the salty component. There was a few copies thrown in but not many, so my critiques would be to add a bit more of a salty component and increase a crunch factor. When eating protein bars I find texture is half the battle. Solid bar. @detourbar definitely has some quality bars out there.
8/10 would buy.
Forward Foods Detour Simple Salted Caramel Cookie Dough 12-2.1 oz / 60 g Bars


@detourbar Smart Apple Cinnamon Bar

130cal / 2.5f / 18c / 10p
Pretty excited for this bar being a oat base, and apple cinnamon flavor. I feel those are just a match made. First off it gives a nice almost danish meets granola smell. Can’t think of exactly what it reminds me of. Good macros imo. I always look for a low fat bar with out much luck. this was awesome. I’ll take just a bit higher carb for the trade off. Oat base with apple chunks and a nice icing on top. This is extremely chewy to start, and I was pleasantly surprised when it had some crunch! Great mix between apple and cinnamon here with neither overpowering, then the icing just comes in and finishes it off with a sweet aftertaste almost like those apple cinnamon nutragrain bars almost. 38% organic ingredients, gluten, and GMO free as well so there’s that to. I am super freaking impressed and happy to eat this. I definitely would and will eat these again. I don’t give many 9’s but this gets it.
9/10 what do you guys think of these?
Paired so well with @alphamind_coffee
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Detour Smart Nutrition Bars, Apple Cinnamon, 1.3 oz., 9 Count



@detourbar Blueberry Smart Bar.
130cal / 2f / 18c / 10p – Macros are spot on. Low fat, with a good mix of carbs and protein. Low cal but would make a good pre workout in a pinch. Looks almost identical to their apple cinnamon bar, only difference is the blueberry aroma. These are just a bit bigger than your average fiber 1 bar for comparison. Oat and fruit bar with a icing drizzle. Good mix between oats, blueberry, and icing. Not one or the other overpowers here. At first I thought the blueberry was weak, but the more you u chew the more it comes out. Could be just a bit more prevalent though, as it does slightly have a artificial taste. Great chew with just a bit of crisp with this. Great bar all in all. Loved eating it. Definitely would get again.
8.5/10 so far pretty happy with these bars.

Detour – Detour Smart Blueberry, 9 bars

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