BPI Best Bar


@bpi_sports best bar review.
Smores – 9f/28c/20p and 15g fiber – visually similar to a quest. Nice chunks of Graham cracker chocolate, and even small bits of marshmallow. Very nice Graham cracker smell. First bite was totally unexpected! You bite in and get loads of Graham cracker crunch right away! Finish’s wish a sweet marshmallow finish. Warmed up brought even more sweetness to it. Good chew as well. Both bars also only feature isolate protein. Only criticism, add in a bit more chocolate.

Cookies n Cream 8f/28c/20p 16g of fiber – looks visually like CCCD bar , slight vanilla smell, good chocolate chunks, they made the chocolate chunks a bit crust here to which is nice, as it has a nice chew. Good but of a vanilla cream when eating. Once again warming brought more sweetness into the mix. I again would say add in a bit more chocolate n chunks to this one.


@bpi_sports salted caramel pretzel bar
230 cals / 7f / 29c / 20p and 15f
Great chew, great caramel aroma Pretzel added a nice texture enhancement but flavor got a bit lost. The bar itself seems to be a Vanilla base with hints of salted caramel. The caramel almost seems to be a backdrop flavor. Could be increased just a bit. I would also add in a bit more salt flavor as well. Might help bring both the caramel and pretzel out. I get pretty excited when I see a bar containing pretzel as it isn’t normally seen. Combining it with Caramel is a solid move. I definitely liked the flavor this left in my mouth after eating it. Caramel seemed to linger which I’m not complaining about.


@bpi_sports Apple Crumb Cake Best Bar-
220cal/6f/29c/20p. 17fiber
Smells very similar to the quest apple pie, and looks like it to. Soft bar, with a good chew. The base of the bars all seem to taste very similar with a vanilla base flavor. This one has hints of apple as you chew through it, that come from small dried apple pieces. I was definitely hoping for a Stronger cinnamon flavor with the bar. Few crunchy pieces scattered in there but needs more for a texture appeal. Flavored with stevia, which I know is a big hit for loads of people. Macros are pretty standard, maybe just a tad high on the carbs but not terrible. I would rate this one 3rd, behind Smores and Salted Caramel but ahead of CnC.

What I liked: Apple flavor , chewy, soft, simple short ingredient list.
Improvements: Cinnamon/crumb cake flavor, more texture.
5/10,, not the best, but not the worst


@bpi_sports iced vanilla cupcake review .
250 cal / 9f / 29c / 20p / 10fiber .
Again a very unappealing bar on the visual and aroma side of things. Tan bar with a yellowish white coating mimicking icing I would assume. Just a few small sprinkles scattered throughout the bar as well. Honesty I couldn’t even hammer out a smell on this bar, I think they were trying for a bday cake aroma or something but it’s to faint. Very very weird off putting taste as soon as you bite into, with a weird texture. You think it would be soft n chewy but it almost has a plastic feel to it. No real taste either other than a bit of sweetness at the end. I took only as many bites needed to make this review. Yet another dissipointment from @bpi_sports and their bars. Definitely sad I wasted money on these, but I knew I would not be surprised, yet I had to do it for you #fitfam .
Overall 2/10

BPI Sports – Best Protein Bar Iced Vanilla Cupcake – 12 Bars


@bpi_sports white chocolate pretzel review
250 cal / 9f / 32c / 20p .
Visually extremely unappealing here. Tan bar with a white bottom coating with pretzels scattered through out. Not really much of a smell here. Kinda just like their other bars. Little bit of white chocolate that’s it, but not a very pleasant smell. Very bland taste here. Extremely sticky, I don’t taste pretzel or w.choc, almost no crunch from the pretzel and you really only get a small vanilla sweet taste twords the end. Very disappointed with this bar. Little high on the macros being 9f and 32 c but they say it’s only 12 net carbs cause of fiber but I don’t follow that. I definitely would never buy this again and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. .
Overall 3/10

BPI Sports – Best Protein Bar White Chocolate Pretzel – 12 Bars

Bpi Best Protein Bar 1 Variety 12 Bars

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