Think Thin Products


@thinkproducts chocolate almond brownie 6f/19c/10p
Very nice brownie/chocolate aroma when first open. Not a very big bar at 40g. Nice chocolate coating with a chewy chocolate filling. Slightly weak on the chocolate flavor in the bar itself. The almonds seem more like ‘crispies’ you’d fine in a combat bar or something similar but not nearly as large or pronounced. Almost non existent. Didn’t give me a brownie taste at all, more of a chocolate covered cherry almost? But really faint flavoring in general. Warming it up did make it a bit better but definitely lacking overall flavor. Definitely not something I’ll get again.


@thinkproducts salted caramel bar review: 5f/20c/10p
Pretty small bar at 40g. Macros arnt terrible with a even ratio split but I’d love to see a bit higher protein. Nice chocolate coating on the outside, with a caramel filling. Decent aroma when first opened. Good chew. Honestly this reminded me of a chocolate chip cookie dough more so than a salted caramel flavor. It does give you a nice hint of caramel right at the end though I would of liked to get a bit more of a salt taste as well. It does finish well, though maybe throw some kinda crunch in there for some texture? Well semi decent macros, and an acceptable taste ima go with

I also just posted Savory Pancake Pizza and Chocolate Pudding Muffins I thought you might enjoy as well!

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