@powercrunch salted caramel review: 13f/9c/13p
Absolutely great caramel aroma as soon as you open it. Wafer texture. Dry/flaky crunch with a sweet creamy finish. Very very sweet on the flavor, and I think it almost overpowers at the end. One of the better uses I’ve seen for ‘salted caramel’ but I think the mark got missed slightly. Being so low carb is nice, but I feel as though there isn’t anything to the bar. It gets moisture and it shrivels in your mouth and gives you a burnt sugary taste. Now that said again, only 9 carbs is awesome. I do think 13g of fat is pretty high and only 13g of protein is a bit low. Would be a good fit if I only really needed to kill fats. If I needed other macros I’d rather put that much fat twords a @fitcrunchbars @gnclivewell oatmeal bar or @g2gbar . definitely not a bar to eat if you are hungry.


@powercrunch peanut butter crème : 12f/10c/13p .
Great peanut butter aroma, nice coating over the wafers. First off hits you with a nice Creamy peanut butter feel with a crunchy Wafter crunch that comes after. @theflexiblefoodie recommend eating these cold, which made this way better in my opinion so be sure to do that. Helps prevent it shriveling up into nothing when you eat it. Leaves you with a nice peanut butter after taste. Still not a bar that will satisfy hunger least for me, and I’d still like to see the fat a bit lower, but with that said it is a great low carb option.


@powercrunch peanut butter fudge review: 12f/10c/13p
First smell after opening package reminded me of a Reese Crispy Stick. Nice Wafter crisp n texture. I felt that this one lacked in overall flavor on both ends. I don’t really get any peanut butter flavor, and just a hint of chocolate at the end. Really isn’t much flavor in it at all. Also felt as though the bar was overall dry(yes I realize wafers should be) but every aspect was dry. If they could add the pb flavor and creamy aspect from their PB creme bar this would be much better. Good low carb option tho, but to high in fat.

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