Anchor Nutrition Blueberry Bar


@anchornutri blueberry protein bar – 3f/24c/20p and 7 fiber. Something a bit different today. This bar focuses on trying to alleviate nausea, morning sickness, sea sickness, etc with protein, ginger, and specific vitamins. Now I don’t suffer , I’m just saying the direction of the bar and it’s benefits. Great ingredient list using real blueberries, almond butter, sea salt, and more really gives this bar a raw and natural feel. Solid macros. Whey Crisps thru out with a nice crunch surrounded by a blueberry coating holding it together. Nice chew and rich blueberry flavor. I’m personally not a fan of ginger and I didn’t even mind it with this bar. Definitely a nice change up and a ‘simple’ bar. Give these guys a follow as I believe they are a new start up! Would love to see a PB honey, and a banana chocolate chip version of this.

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