Promax Lemon


@promaxnutrition lemon protein bar.
Was a bit Chalky, but had a good chew, good soft texture. Unfortunately slightly Weak on flavor, just a hint right when you bite it, more sweet than lemony, not much of a lemon smell either. Macros were 6/38/20 I believe ima give this one a 6/10 , worth mentioning that it’s gluten free I suppose.

Grenade Carb Killa


The great people over at @grenadefatburner sent me a over a couple of their #carbkilla bars to try.
Grenade Caramel Chaos: 8f/20c/23p and 7 fiber. Well first off all, if you do net carbs these bars are awesome at only 2, but I don’t follow that. Still solid macros for the bar. Pretty excited about this flavor as your don’t see caramel to much. Very visually appealing, Very smooth texture, with some Crisps added in there for crunch which I quite like, smell similar to a crunch bar, warmed half up, which brings the chocolate out a bit more, the chocolate is also more of a milk chocolate so it doesn’t over power anything else. Decent chew. Kinda reminds me of a mix between rice crispies meets fiber one bar. It almost seems to have a few layers. Chocolate/caramel/chocolate/nougat, and oh look it isn’t another direct copy of Quest bars. I’m glad a few companies can make their own product. My only criticism would be maybe add a bit more caramel.
8.5/10 and definitely would recommend. Just recently seen their CNC bar and it looks so damn good.

Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bar, Great Tasting High Protein and Low Carb Snack, Caramel Chaos, (Pack of 12), 2.12 oz. bar




@grenadeofficial chocolate cream review
220 cal / 8f / 20c / 23p
60g bar so average in size. Nice chocolate coating over the bar, then a layer chocolate, then a nougat type later. Decent macro split over, not heavily loaded with fiber either. No real aroma with this bar. Overall mainly soft texture with just a small crunch. Not really much flavor with that bar tbh. Not the worst bar I’ve had, but definitely doesn’t compare to the other grenade flavors I’ve had.



@grenadeofficial white chocolate cookie review
220 cal / 8f / 21c / 22p

Nice white chocolate coating, visible cookie pieces on the top. Firm but soft when broken in half. Nice bit of white chocolate came spitting out when broken into. Good cross between crunchy and soft. Very nice vanilla flavor, that finishes smooth. Good flavor, but it is pretty dang sweet. Good macro breakdown, only 2g of sugar, and 6g of fiber it gets my approval.
Overall solid pick up. @grenadeofficial coming thru again.


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Beechies Bake House Brownies


@beechiesbakehouse toffee brownie review : 6f/30c/14p
Great aroma to this little guy. Once heated it’s such a soft gooey brownie. So damn moist. Texture is absolutely on point, soft with a great chew. Center is absolutely covered in toffee giving it a great flavor. Dense with great chocolate flavor. Absolutely loved eating this and highly recommend.



Any one else suck at meal prep? 🙋 Well thank godness for @beechiesbakehouse for sending me some of her brownies! I got some classic and some toffee! Up first we have the Classic Brownie: Macros: 4f/26c/14p and 21g of fiber.

Bare with me as i tried for 20min to get a good picture with this crappy phone. Absolutely great texture, feels just like a brownie. Great aroma as you heat it up, looks just like a brownie, dense, moist, good size, absolutely no sugar, tons of fiber, no crazy ingredients, easy instructions, low fat, and it’s quite yummy. I was absolutely impressed with this actually. I would say my own critique would maybe be just a touch more chocolate flavor, but for having no sugar the flavor is doing just fine.