MuscleMeds Carnivor CNC Bar


@musclemeds Carnivor Soft Baked CNC Bar – 17f/32c/30p

Good chew, soft, dense, bit of crunch to help with texture, could use a bit more of a cream flavor, and I would make the chocolate a bit richer. Specially for the higher fat content. Overall wasn’t a bad bar to eat, and it was tasty both cold, and warmed up. Prefer these over the Arnold bars for similar macros.


World Pea Snacks Fava Crips


World Pea Snacks Fava Crips Ranch – 40 beans – 2.5f/17c/5p

Awesome crunch, great macros for the portion size, when eating these I almost got reminded of eating corn nuts. I would of liked to see a bit more flavor come out of these. You get great ranch flavor right away, but the more you chew it almost blends into a sweet flavor. Maybe throw in a bit of herb zest? Really good chew with these. Ive put them on salads, sammys, and in my soup!


World Pea Snacks BBQ




@worldpeassnacks BBQ – 3f/22c/5p for the whole bag.

Great smell when popped open, just like lays BBQ. Super crunchy, and very enjoyable to eat. Never thought I would enjoy eating pea’s but this def changes the game! Only critique would be to increase the flavor just a tad! Portion of sales goes to help youth education initiatives worldwide.


B-Up Bars


High expectations with this bar and I was let down. Pretty dry bar, not much of any jelly flavor, being dry made it seem very grainy. I was def expecting this bar to have more moisture and flavor for 10g of fat.  Would of really liked to see more presence from the jelly here. Up side is this bar does have a decent amount of fiber clocking in at 18g.



@yupbrands CCCD review. 7f/25c/20p
Well I had thought to myself. Cookie is great cold, so I tried that first. Eh so so. Then I tried it heated up, just slightly better. At first glance it has nice chunks, but I have to be honest. Absolutely NO FLAVOR in this bar at all. Not a hint of sweetness, no real chocolate flavor at all. Only a slight taste of chocolate if you only take a bite of the chips. Overall bar is pretty grainy, and leaves a weird aftertaste. Only upside to this bar is its a soft chewy texture. Definitely won’t be buying these again. Do yourself a favor, for the same macros grab a @combatcrunch or a @grenadefatburner bar and be happy. I only ate enough of this to review and pitched the rest


GNC Lean Bars


Pumpkin Spice: Macros – 180 cals / 7f/22c/15p and 10g of fiber. As soon as you open it, you get hit with a pumpkin aroma. Nice thick frosting bottom layer, with a almost rice krispie meets granola texture which I quite enjoyed. Def a nice change up in texture from most of the bars on the market. Every bite is crunchy, then finishes with a nice chew. Warmed it up just a bit so the frosting started to melt and it made it that much better.




@gnclivewell chocolate chip lean bar : 6f/20c/15p and 10g of fiber.
Great aroma to it, Reminded me of eating a chocolate chip chewy granola bar. Similar feel well eating it. Crunchy and chewy. Good bit of chocolate chips sprinkled on top, and a nice thick Chocolate coating. Good macros, nice bit of fiber, and thank God something different than a quest knock off. Vits n minerals in the bar as well cause they care. Taste increases as you warm them up. I really would like to see a bit more vanilla get thrown into these.


@gnclivewell PB Chocolate lean bar: 5f/21c/15p

Once again, great chew and texture. Slightly crunchy at first like a natures granola bar kinda, then finished soft like a rice crispy. Good nutty flavor with a finish of chocolate. Tons of PB chips covering the bar. Nice chocolate coating on the bottom of the entire bar. Was absolutely great warmed up as well. My only criticism would be up the peanut butter flavor just a bit. Very much enjoy eating these bars. Pairs fantastic with some @alphamind_coffee


@gnclivewell blueberry lean bar: 180cal 6f/22c/15p and 10g of fiber.
Great blueberry aroma, nice blueberries spread throughout, great texture. It’s like a cereal bar meets a rice crispie bar, then they make a baby that gets dropped in a sweet cream. Not a huge blueberry flavored guy, but they did quite the job flavoring these. Not overpowering, just the right amount of blueberry. Haha. Good crunch that finishes off chewy. Warming these up makes them even better. Really brings out the flavor of both the bar, and definitely of the sweet cream frosting. They even throw in a few vits n minerals in here for #micros cause they care. Once again I am a big fan of these lean bars and I highly recommend grabbing some. Good macros, good price(roughly round 2$), and filling.



@gnclivewell strawberry lean bar review : 6f/21c/15p and 10f
Good macros, nice bit of fiber, Nice strawberry smell, big fan of the texture. It’s a nice crunch with a soft chewy finish. Good bit of sweet cream frosting on the bottom, and nice strawberry chunks throughout. Actually pretty good taste of this bar. Quite enjoy heating this up and pairs perfect with some @alphamind_coffee . this isn’t my favorite bar out of this line, but still a solid choice

Fit Elite Bars


@fitelitebars bday cake review 5f/24c/20
Pretty soft bar. Similar to the original quest. Very very soft texture, cept when you get a bit of sprinkles. Half my bar had em half didn’t. Not much of a smell to this one. Would of liked to have a real good sugary vanilla smell. Good chew. Not a bad taste, but nothing overwhelming. Bit bland with a hint of sweet as you start chewing. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the sprinkles. Heated up made it just a tad better.
7.5/10 unfortunately would take a @combatcrunch over this.


Cookies and Crème : Super Soft, and very similar to quest CNC. Nice amount of chunks, cookie and crème. Good chew and doesn’t leave you with that grainy feel. Warming this up really helps increase the crème flavor.

Macros: 180 cals / 5f/24c/20p and 15g of fiber

8.5/10 **Note** Since trying this they have changed the formula.


CCCD: This bar was super under flavored IMO. Warming it up made it even worse. Had decent chunks but just really lacked flavor. Honestly made me feel like I was chewing on gum that lost its flavor.



Combat Crunch Bars

Here is a link to a variety pack if you just cant decide on a flavor! Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch 1 Variety Pack 12 Bars

@musclepharm @combatcrunch chocolate cake review:
Great chocolate flavor, good chew and great amount of crisps for a good texture. Reminds me of eating of those those crunch candy bars. Visually appealing with a deep coloring and a nice drizzle on top. I love the crisp layer on top with the chewy layer on bottom. Good blend of each. Also leaves a nice after taste in your mouth. Macros are 7/25/20 so it’s super competitive in that field.


Chocolate PB Cup: Not terrible, not great. Decent chocolate flavor but lacks in peanut butter flavor. Bit of a chewy, and decent macros. Not nearly the flavor of a Peanut butter cup. 7.5/10


Birthday Cake: Under flavored, had a random lemon hint to it, def didn’t feel like I was eating bday cake. Crunchies on the top gave it nice texture, but tasted more like fruity pebbles, which isn’t the worst thing but not on a bday cake. Warming it up made it slightly better.  6/10


Cinnamon Twist: My favorite CC bar. Right away you get a huge blast of cinnamon, similar to a oatmeal cookie kinda. Break it open and it looks like a oatmeal cookie again. Aesthetically pleasing, pockets of cinnamon thru out the bar, and covered in whats like a sweet cream. Crispies on the top for a nice crunch. Warming this slightly makes it even better.



Wc Raspberry: Very eye appealing. Nice white coating with a pink drizzle. With your first bite you know right away you are eating something raspberry. Small raspberry chunks scattered thru out the bar. This also kind of reminded me of a oatmeal cookie style bar. I would of loved to see some WC chunks thru out the bar.

8.5/10 Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Nutritional Bar, White Chocolate Raspberry, 2.22 oz, 12 Count


Cookies and Crème: I chose to eat this one cold. I thought it really helped bring out the flavor of the bar more. By first glance, its def a eye appealing bar. I didn’t get a huge ‘cookie’ feel from it, but the bar did have good flavor. I got more of a CCCD feel from this one. I would of maybe liked to see more of a white layer underneath the chocolate, then more cookie chunks thru out the bar.



@combatcrunch chocolate coconut bar Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Supplement, Chocolate Coconut, 12 Count, 26.67oz

10f/25c/20p – little higher fat macros with this. Assuming from the coconut?
Now to start this I gotta say I do not like coconut one bit, but I am gunna eat it for you guys
First opening you get a good bit of coconut aroma. Nice white coating with a chocolate drizzle. Plenty of ‘crunchies’ throughout the the bar. Solid chocolate filling. Great chew with this bar which combat is known for. Nice crunch then leaves you chewing a bit. Great white chocolate flavor, and a good hit of coconut. Some bites the texture of coconut is more prevalent then others, but every bite finishes with a coconut flavor, and the more you chew the more it comes out. As usual warming it up made it better as well. Only thing that disappointed me was I was expecting a nice Chocolate flavor from the filling and I didn’t get that. Even though I dislike coconut it’s a solid bar and if you enjoy that flavor I think you will love it. @combatcrunch just turn up that filling a bit👊
8/10 , would buy again if liked coconut, but lower fat or increase chocolate.


@musclepharm@combatcrunch smores review
210 cal / 7f / 25c / 20p

Visually appealing bar. Keeping a similar look as the other @combatcrunch bars. Chocolate coating, white drizzle, and a tan filling. 63g bar, so average size, visible crisps on the top and sides. Good macro break down as usual with CC. Slight graham cracker aroma. Good chocolate flavor, then you get to the smores flavor. You get a bit of a marshmallow flavor, and a bit of a graham cracker flavor but neither are very strong. Overall good chew, not to sweet but sweet enough. Chunks of marshmallows and cracker woulda done this bar good. Still a solid pick up.

Musclepharm Combat Crunch High Protein Bars (12 Bars, S’mores)

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