Mighty Muffins


Finally trying the @proteinpancakes mighty muffins. I’ve heard good things.
Went with the cinnamon apple as it goes with what I’ll be making tonight.
Macros : 5f/24c/20p
Super rich cinnamon flavor, and good amount of Apple chunks. Making it is easier than hell, just make sure to get all the dry mixed well. Just a bit dry but not like a typical mugcake. I did feel as though this gave me a bit of a unwanted cinnamon bite at the end. Great concept , but I think the flavor on this one could use a bit of work. I’ve been told the maple and chocolate are good so when I can get my hands on them I’ll update



@proteinpancakes chocolate peanut butter mighty muffin 8f/22c/20p

Great chocolate aroma, specially before you cook it. Slightly under dosed on the chocolate flavor was really the only downside to that, but it’s quite good when you get a PB chip with the bite. The texture of these is absolutely spot on👌 gooey, fluffy, and light. Left it slightly undercooked for some yummy gooeyness at the bottom. Really like these quick govto muffins.


@proteinpancakes mighty muffin peanut butter flavor 7f/22c/20p
Slightly weak and underwhelming pb flavour when you don’t get a chip with the bite. They seem to sink n sit at the bottom. Very moist, good easy chew, great fluffy muffin texture. When you do get a PB chip in your bite it is quite enjoyable. Super easy to make, just add water n mic for 50sec. I love the concept of these. Did like this one over the cinnamon apple. 


Good aroma before you even cook it. Nice pumpkin flavor right away then the maple follows. Nice and fluffy, great texture, super easy to make as you just add water. All of these mighty muffins also have Probiotics which is a nice addition. I like that this one also only has 4g of fat in it compared to he typical 8g. This definitely became one of my more favorite flavors. Just need to try the chocolate and the smores.

Be sure to check out @proteinpancakes then head over to the site as I put a few recipes and reviews up!
Served with a fresh cup of @alphamind_coffee


@proteinpancakes smores mighty muffin. 6f/24c/20p – slightly strange smell when first opened, and still once cooked. Good amount of chocolate chips and marshmallows thru out that really gave it a nice flavor, but the muffin itself I feel is slightly lacking sweetness. With the amount of chocolate in here maybe just a few more marshmallows, and maybe somehow add in a Graham cracker crunch it would be great.
Either way if you get a bit of chocolate in every bite your golden. Still love the concept of these muffins. 1 more suggestion would be to add a small fill line so the user knows how much liquid to put in.




@proteinpancakes chocolate mighty muffin: 8f/21c/20p .So fluffy, moist, and gooey. I feel the chocolate is a bit undertone here and needs just a tad bit more sweetness with it. Have a slight coco powder after taste. It is good chocolate flavor tho when you get yourself a nice melted chocolate chunk that’s scattered throughout the muffin. I think texture and presentation wise this is spot on a muffin, now to just tweak the flavors a bit more and it will be solid.

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