BeJammin Bars


@yupbrands BeJammin Bars –

Apple Pie

Not a very strong aroma to this bar like I was hoping. Loved the nice apple chunks on the inside but overall apple flavor reminded me more of apple cider than apple pie. Very soft texture to this bar, which makes it nice to eat. Warming this guy up is also fantastic and highly recommended. This bar only has 2g of fat, so it makes it my go to protein bar when I don’t want to waste fats.


I was slightly nervous buying this one as the Bup Pb&J was terrible. This was not a let down at all. So soft and tons of filling that actually tasted like jam! After you bite into it the jam hits you first then the more you chew on it the peanut butter comes into play. Very similar taste to a smuckers sandwich. Awesome aroma as well. Only things to improve would be to add in a bit more of a PB flavor, and these to tend to stick to the wrapper quite a bit but not a huge deal.

8/10 —– if warmed up 9/10


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