Fit Elite Bars


@fitelitebars bday cake review 5f/24c/20
Pretty soft bar. Similar to the original quest. Very very soft texture, cept when you get a bit of sprinkles. Half my bar had em half didn’t. Not much of a smell to this one. Would of liked to have a real good sugary vanilla smell. Good chew. Not a bad taste, but nothing overwhelming. Bit bland with a hint of sweet as you start chewing. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the sprinkles. Heated up made it just a tad better.
7.5/10 unfortunately would take a @combatcrunch over this.


Cookies and Crème : Super Soft, and very similar to quest CNC. Nice amount of chunks, cookie and crème. Good chew and doesn’t leave you with that grainy feel. Warming this up really helps increase the crème flavor.

Macros: 180 cals / 5f/24c/20p and 15g of fiber

8.5/10 **Note** Since trying this they have changed the formula.


CCCD: This bar was super under flavored IMO. Warming it up made it even worse. Had decent chunks but just really lacked flavor. Honestly made me feel like I was chewing on gum that lost its flavor.



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