Combat Crunch Bars

Here is a link to a variety pack if you just cant decide on a flavor! Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch 1 Variety Pack 12 Bars

@musclepharm @combatcrunch chocolate cake review:
Great chocolate flavor, good chew and great amount of crisps for a good texture. Reminds me of eating of those those crunch candy bars. Visually appealing with a deep coloring and a nice drizzle on top. I love the crisp layer on top with the chewy layer on bottom. Good blend of each. Also leaves a nice after taste in your mouth. Macros are 7/25/20 so it’s super competitive in that field.


Chocolate PB Cup: Not terrible, not great. Decent chocolate flavor but lacks in peanut butter flavor. Bit of a chewy, and decent macros. Not nearly the flavor of a Peanut butter cup. 7.5/10


Birthday Cake: Under flavored, had a random lemon hint to it, def didn’t feel like I was eating bday cake. Crunchies on the top gave it nice texture, but tasted more like fruity pebbles, which isn’t the worst thing but not on a bday cake. Warming it up made it slightly better.  6/10


Cinnamon Twist: My favorite CC bar. Right away you get a huge blast of cinnamon, similar to a oatmeal cookie kinda. Break it open and it looks like a oatmeal cookie again. Aesthetically pleasing, pockets of cinnamon thru out the bar, and covered in whats like a sweet cream. Crispies on the top for a nice crunch. Warming this slightly makes it even better.



Wc Raspberry: Very eye appealing. Nice white coating with a pink drizzle. With your first bite you know right away you are eating something raspberry. Small raspberry chunks scattered thru out the bar. This also kind of reminded me of a oatmeal cookie style bar. I would of loved to see some WC chunks thru out the bar.

8.5/10 Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Nutritional Bar, White Chocolate Raspberry, 2.22 oz, 12 Count


Cookies and Crème: I chose to eat this one cold. I thought it really helped bring out the flavor of the bar more. By first glance, its def a eye appealing bar. I didn’t get a huge ‘cookie’ feel from it, but the bar did have good flavor. I got more of a CCCD feel from this one. I would of maybe liked to see more of a white layer underneath the chocolate, then more cookie chunks thru out the bar.



@combatcrunch chocolate coconut bar Muscle Pharm Combat Crunch Supplement, Chocolate Coconut, 12 Count, 26.67oz

10f/25c/20p – little higher fat macros with this. Assuming from the coconut?
Now to start this I gotta say I do not like coconut one bit, but I am gunna eat it for you guys
First opening you get a good bit of coconut aroma. Nice white coating with a chocolate drizzle. Plenty of ‘crunchies’ throughout the the bar. Solid chocolate filling. Great chew with this bar which combat is known for. Nice crunch then leaves you chewing a bit. Great white chocolate flavor, and a good hit of coconut. Some bites the texture of coconut is more prevalent then others, but every bite finishes with a coconut flavor, and the more you chew the more it comes out. As usual warming it up made it better as well. Only thing that disappointed me was I was expecting a nice Chocolate flavor from the filling and I didn’t get that. Even though I dislike coconut it’s a solid bar and if you enjoy that flavor I think you will love it. @combatcrunch just turn up that filling a bit👊
8/10 , would buy again if liked coconut, but lower fat or increase chocolate.


@musclepharm@combatcrunch smores review
210 cal / 7f / 25c / 20p

Visually appealing bar. Keeping a similar look as the other @combatcrunch bars. Chocolate coating, white drizzle, and a tan filling. 63g bar, so average size, visible crisps on the top and sides. Good macro break down as usual with CC. Slight graham cracker aroma. Good chocolate flavor, then you get to the smores flavor. You get a bit of a marshmallow flavor, and a bit of a graham cracker flavor but neither are very strong. Overall good chew, not to sweet but sweet enough. Chunks of marshmallows and cracker woulda done this bar good. Still a solid pick up.

Musclepharm Combat Crunch High Protein Bars (12 Bars, S’mores)

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