Beechies Bake House Brownies


@beechiesbakehouse toffee brownie review : 6f/30c/14p
Great aroma to this little guy. Once heated it’s such a soft gooey brownie. So damn moist. Texture is absolutely on point, soft with a great chew. Center is absolutely covered in toffee giving it a great flavor. Dense with great chocolate flavor. Absolutely loved eating this and highly recommend.



Any one else suck at meal prep? 🙋 Well thank godness for @beechiesbakehouse for sending me some of her brownies! I got some classic and some toffee! Up first we have the Classic Brownie: Macros: 4f/26c/14p and 21g of fiber.

Bare with me as i tried for 20min to get a good picture with this crappy phone. Absolutely great texture, feels just like a brownie. Great aroma as you heat it up, looks just like a brownie, dense, moist, good size, absolutely no sugar, tons of fiber, no crazy ingredients, easy instructions, low fat, and it’s quite yummy. I was absolutely impressed with this actually. I would say my own critique would maybe be just a touch more chocolate flavor, but for having no sugar the flavor is doing just fine.

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