B-Up Bars


High expectations with this bar and I was let down. Pretty dry bar, not much of any jelly flavor, being dry made it seem very grainy. I was def expecting this bar to have more moisture and flavor for 10g of fat.  Would of really liked to see more presence from the jelly here. Up side is this bar does have a decent amount of fiber clocking in at 18g.



@yupbrands CCCD review. 7f/25c/20p
Well I had thought to myself. Cookie is great cold, so I tried that first. Eh so so. Then I tried it heated up, just slightly better. At first glance it has nice chunks, but I have to be honest. Absolutely NO FLAVOR in this bar at all. Not a hint of sweetness, no real chocolate flavor at all. Only a slight taste of chocolate if you only take a bite of the chips. Overall bar is pretty grainy, and leaves a weird aftertaste. Only upside to this bar is its a soft chewy texture. Definitely won’t be buying these again. Do yourself a favor, for the same macros grab a @combatcrunch or a @grenadefatburner bar and be happy. I only ate enough of this to review and pitched the rest


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