Mighty Muffins


Finally trying the @proteinpancakes mighty muffins. I’ve heard good things.
Went with the cinnamon apple as it goes with what I’ll be making tonight.
Macros : 5f/24c/20p
Super rich cinnamon flavor, and good amount of Apple chunks. Making it is easier than hell, just make sure to get all the dry mixed well. Just a bit dry but not like a typical mugcake. I did feel as though this gave me a bit of a unwanted cinnamon bite at the end. Great concept , but I think the flavor on this one could use a bit of work. I’ve been told the maple and chocolate are good so when I can get my hands on them I’ll update



@proteinpancakes chocolate peanut butter mighty muffin 8f/22c/20p

Great chocolate aroma, specially before you cook it. Slightly under dosed on the chocolate flavor was really the only downside to that, but it’s quite good when you get a PB chip with the bite. The texture of these is absolutely spot on👌 gooey, fluffy, and light. Left it slightly undercooked for some yummy gooeyness at the bottom. Really like these quick govto muffins.


@proteinpancakes mighty muffin peanut butter flavor 7f/22c/20p
Slightly weak and underwhelming pb flavour when you don’t get a chip with the bite. They seem to sink n sit at the bottom. Very moist, good easy chew, great fluffy muffin texture. When you do get a PB chip in your bite it is quite enjoyable. Super easy to make, just add water n mic for 50sec. I love the concept of these. Did like this one over the cinnamon apple. 


Good aroma before you even cook it. Nice pumpkin flavor right away then the maple follows. Nice and fluffy, great texture, super easy to make as you just add water. All of these mighty muffins also have Probiotics which is a nice addition. I like that this one also only has 4g of fat in it compared to he typical 8g. This definitely became one of my more favorite flavors. Just need to try the chocolate and the smores.

Be sure to check out @proteinpancakes then head over to the site as I put a few recipes and reviews up!
Served with a fresh cup of @alphamind_coffee


@proteinpancakes smores mighty muffin. 6f/24c/20p – slightly strange smell when first opened, and still once cooked. Good amount of chocolate chips and marshmallows thru out that really gave it a nice flavor, but the muffin itself I feel is slightly lacking sweetness. With the amount of chocolate in here maybe just a few more marshmallows, and maybe somehow add in a Graham cracker crunch it would be great.
Either way if you get a bit of chocolate in every bite your golden. Still love the concept of these muffins. 1 more suggestion would be to add a small fill line so the user knows how much liquid to put in.




@proteinpancakes chocolate mighty muffin: 8f/21c/20p .So fluffy, moist, and gooey. I feel the chocolate is a bit undertone here and needs just a tad bit more sweetness with it. Have a slight coco powder after taste. It is good chocolate flavor tho when you get yourself a nice melted chocolate chunk that’s scattered throughout the muffin. I think texture and presentation wise this is spot on a muffin, now to just tweak the flavors a bit more and it will be solid.

Cinamon Roll Stuffed Apple

This is a very simple recipe that anyone can do! I usually make 4-6 of these at a time to share with others! Macros change depending on type of butter, brown sugar, apples, and cinnamon rolls. I use Lite Brown Sugar, Lite Butter, Low Fat Cinnamon rolls, and usually Fuji Apples, but any good size baking apple would work. I’ve experimented with a few different ones.


Very Simple.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Cut the top off your apple and core out the insides, so it leaves a hollow shell.

In a small bowl melt 1-3 tbsps of butter depending on how many you are making. Mix that with 5-30g of brown sugar(again depends on how many you make), and 1/2-2 tsp of cinnamon. Mix all 3 together. Take a brush and cover the insides and top of the apple with your butter/sugar mixture.

Take 1 cinnamon roll and place it inside your apple. Take the remaining butter mixture and brush a bit more on top of the roll.

Bake uncovered for atleast 25 minutes, but I prefer 35-40 minutes as it allows the apple to break down more.

Once done, pop out of oven and drizzle the cinnamon roll icing over the top.


That’s it!

Butterfinger Muffins!

IMG_20160322_220434Trying to experiment with a new protein I have been cooking with. GNC Leanshakes come with a tad bit higher carbs than your average protein. It has extra fiber in there, as well as a few other things which makes the serving size 52g compared to your usual 30g scoop.

What does that mean?  Well I have been able to use less flours because of the added powder. Helps bring the overall carb count down.

Today I have a rich chocolate muffin, with a peanut butter filling, and Butterfinger pieces baked into the top.


Let’s get started,

Preheat oven to 350, and spray a muffin tin.

First a bowl crack an egg and whisk until broken down. Add in 30g Chocolate Syrup(I used WF), 90g Unsweetened applesauce, and a splash of milk/water. Mix everything together.

In a separate bowl, mix together 1 svg Chocolate LS(again 52g so you may either need more protein or more flour to get to 52g), 10g coco powder, 15g Whole Wheat Flour, 4 Splenda Packets, 1 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp baking soda, 1/4 tsp salt. Mix everything together.

Begin to pour your dry mix, into your wet mix mixing as you go. Continue to incorporate until it has formed a nice brownie like batter. Use milk/water to finish mixing if needed.

Now, to make the peanut butter filling just put 24g PB2 and 10 PB protein and mix with water/milk/syrup till it gets a slightly running consistency, similar to your batter.

Grab your muffin tin and evenly put a scoop of better in each muffin tin being sure to leave some for later. Then proceed to distribute your pb mixture evenly in each muffin. Top each muffin with any left over batter you have.

Lastly Sprinkle 20g Butterfinger pieces over the tops of your muffins.

Place in the middle of the over and bake for roughly 18 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Place on cooling rack for at least 10 minutes to allow to cool and set.

Plate and enjoy!

Macros per muffin: 99 calories / 3.2g fat / 12.4g carb / 10.6g protein




My Protein Chocolate Cookie




@myproteinuk double chocolate chip flavor. 13f/20c/38p
Very very soft and chewy. Dense cookie weighing at 79g. Has a nice brownie smell to it. Good amount of chips in it as well. Just a tad bit grainy as you get twords the end of your bite, and the chocolate kinda loses its flavor. I do like the macros of this a bit better than L&L if they would just tweak taste n texture just a bit these would be fire.

Promax Nutrition Brownie and CNC

Promax contacted me asking if I would help them with a brand relaunch and give some reviews on their new bars. Boy am I glad that they did! Yummy !!



@promaxnutrition new CNC protein bar. Macros – 280cal, 5f/40c/20p.
Also 18 vits n minerals cause #micros , starts with a nice white coating with a deep Chocolate filling. Very very soft when you bite into it, leaving you with a nice chew. When biting into it, almost reminded me of buying a powdered donuts almost. Got nice cookie pieces thru out. I like the good bit of cream flavor, then it turns into more of a chocolate as you keep eating. Good bit of sweetness but not overpowering at all, very good chew, and no artificial sweeteners, very dense bars as well at 75g.
Definitely worth picking up. Only critique might be making the cookies pieces crunchier for texture, but I feel the whole premise of this bar is to be soft so it might not fit.



Very very dense bar at 75g. Very good chocolate smell, and deep color. Absolute brownie texture with a chocolate coating. Really good dense chew, being very soft. Very happy with the chocolate flavor as well. They also throw in 18 vits n minerals cause those #micros yo. No artificial sweeteners for you hippies out there. 😜 they definitely stepped it up with these bars. Head over to their page as they will be dropping a killer #giveaway today. I’ll be doing the CNC bar tmrw.
Went well with a fresh cup of @alphamind_coffee use ‘BACHRONISTER’ to save 10%!

Vanilla Cake with a Salted Caramel Frosting

IMG_20160314_221425.jpgLately I am really trying to experiment with different types of flours, mixing flours, different types of ingredients, and any other way I can think to change things up.

Tonight I decided to give plan ole All Purpose Flour a crack. I had tons of Vanilla protein, and had just got the Salted Caramel from Quest so I figured those to would make a good pairing.

So, lets get all our ingriedents together, and pre heat the oven to 350 degrees.

First lets start by adding all of our dry mix into a bowl.

28g Vanilla Protein

20g All Purpose Flour

7g Coconut Flour

4 Splenda Packets

1 Tsp Baking Powder

1/4 Tsp Baking Soda

1/4 Tsp Salt

Mix that all together well

Then Proceed to place wet ingredients in.

60g Plain Greek Yogurt

46g Egg Whites

61g Unsweetened Applesauce

25G 0 Cal Waldens Farm Pancake Syrup

1 1/2 Tsp Vanilla (you can just use 1 tsp, I just like vanilla a lot)

And a splash of water if needed to finish mixing.

Once batter has been mixed grab a 6in ramekin and spray it down with non stick spray and/or place parchment paper in it.

Place in the middle of your oven and let bake for roughly 20 minutes. The type of protein powder and size of container will affect cooking time. Just keep and eye on it and use the toothpick test to check if done.

Once cake is done, take out of oven and place on a cooling rack.

Well your cake is cooling its time to make up the frosting.

In a bowl place:

2 oz FF Cream Cheese

28g Salted Caramel Protein

30g Waldens Farm 0 cal Caramel Syrup

Mix it together well. Place in fridge until cake is cooled.

Once cake has been cooled, place on a plate and begin frosting your cake. You can adjust levels and cut in half if you only want the top portion of the cake covered.

Sprinkle Sea Salt over the top if you would like to round out the Salted Caramel feel.

Macros for the whole cake: 457 cals / 1.2f/47.5c/66.3p and 5.8g of fiber!



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BeJammin Bars


@yupbrands BeJammin Bars –

Apple Pie

Not a very strong aroma to this bar like I was hoping. Loved the nice apple chunks on the inside but overall apple flavor reminded me more of apple cider than apple pie. Very soft texture to this bar, which makes it nice to eat. Warming this guy up is also fantastic and highly recommended. This bar only has 2g of fat, so it makes it my go to protein bar when I don’t want to waste fats.


I was slightly nervous buying this one as the Bup Pb&J was terrible. This was not a let down at all. So soft and tons of filling that actually tasted like jam! After you bite into it the jam hits you first then the more you chew on it the peanut butter comes into play. Very similar taste to a smuckers sandwich. Awesome aroma as well. Only things to improve would be to add in a bit more of a PB flavor, and these to tend to stick to the wrapper quite a bit but not a huge deal.

8/10 —– if warmed up 9/10