G2G Bar Reviews.


PB chocolate chip- 70g bar 14f/25c/18

Now first off, yes I know what you are thinking , 14g for a smaller bar. Yes bit higher than I would like, but after eating this it is justifiable. Great peanut butter smell n taste. Really big blast of honey, its got omegas, gluten free, low sodium, naturally flavored, and all that good stuff so you clean eaters or diet restrictive people can enjoy to!
Im not big into whats in the bar just macros, but I can say you can ‘feel good’ eating this as their ingredient list is top notch.
They also gave me a coupon code for 20% off(Baker) how fitting I know. So try em out.




Almond fruit nut – if you like a trail mix feel, or if you like almond butter these are a great pick up. Starts with a big almond butter taste, then hits you with some cinnamon then finishes off with a blast of honey.
Used as today’s quick pre meal.



Today was Peanut butter fruit nut. Again very strong peanut butter smell and taste. Starts crunchy and finishes smooth. Big chunks of nuts and some chunks of fruit through out. I do think it could use just a bit more fruit, at least in this bar was a bit scarce. The bits with fruit in it tho did have a nice taste similar to a pb&j.
Still got 1 more to try out. But would recommend these. These pair well with coffee.




The final @g2gbar review. Almond chocolate chip. Great earthy and oat smell. This one reminds me the most of eating a granola bar. Dense, chewy, texture on point. Hits of cinnamon, honey, and Vanilla. These bars are easily one of my favorite bars to have with coffee. 8/10 use ‘Baker’ to save 20% gotta find new bars to review now

You can find these bars at https://good2gobar.com/


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