Surviving the booze cruise

Hey everyone!

I thought with New years right around the corner I would give a few pieces of advice when it comes to booze and making it fit into your macros and daily life!!!


So first lets talk about how to track alcohol as I see many are very confused about it.

So, when consuming alcohol it is a empty calorie, yet that does not mean it is just a free drink. We need to account for those calories somewhere….. but where?

Here’s how we will do it.

Lets take your average beer, that has say 150kcals.

Now you can go about this two different ways. Either take it as a fat source, a carb source, or a combo of the two.

So take 150/4= 37.5

or 150/9=16.6

So that 1 150 calorie beer could be either 37.5g of carbs, or 16.6g of fat. That way you are accounting for all of the calories. Be careful just scanning in a bottle of beer, or wine as if they do list carbs they are not accounting for all calories so you will have to manually enter it.

This way, if you already know what you like to drink you can plan ahead and estimate how many grams of carbs/fats you will need to set aside.

Now, what is the most macro friendly Alcoholic Drinks?

Lets Start with Beer. Here are the 10 most commonly found macro friendly beers.

  1. Budweiser Select 55: 55 calories
  2. Beck’s Premier Light: 63 calories
  3. Miller 64: 64 calories
  4. Amstel Light: 95 calories
  5. Anheuser-Busch Light Pale Lager: 95 calories
  6. Michelob Ultra: 95 calories
  7. Natural Light: 95 calories
  8. Miller Light: 96 calories
  9. Heineken Light: 99 calories
  10. Corona Light: 99 calories

and the 10 to look our for

  1. Samuel Adams Boston Lager: 180 calories
  2. Guinness Extra Stout: 176 calories
  3. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale: 176 calories
  4. Pete’s Wicked Ale: 172 calories
  5. Anheuser-Busch Ice Pale Lager: 171 calories
  6. Harpoon IPA: 170 calories
  7. Heineken: 166 calories
  8. Long Trail: 163 calories
  9. Killian’s Irish Red: 162 calories
  10. Molson Ice: 160 calories

Here is a list of some wines, least to most macros for a 6 0z pour

German Spatlese Riesling (Dr. Hermann “H” 2009)110 calories, bottle 495 calories

Slightly Sweet Lambrusco (Lini 910)140 calories, bottle 630 calories

Cabernet Sauvignon from France160 calories, bottle 720 calories

German Auclese Riesling160 calories, bottle 720 calories

Cabernet Sauvignon from California175 calories, bottle 788 calories

California 16% Zinfandel (Bob Biale)190 calories, bottle 855 calories

Australian Shiraz (Mollydooker The Boxer)190 calories, bottle 855 calories

Chateau Y’quem270 calories, bottle 1215 calories (note: standard serving size is only 2oz which is 90 calories)

Ruby Port310 calories, bottle 1395 calories (note: standard serving size is only 2oz which is 103 calories)

Tawny Port320 calories, bottle 1440 calories (note: standard serving size is only 2oz which is 106 calories

And finally your most macro friendly liquor per 1.5oz svg

Vermouth, 64kcal

Coconut Rum, 77kcal

Beefeater Gin, 98kcal

Rye Whiskey 104kcal

Scotch Whiskey, 104kcal

White Rum, 104kcal

Vodka, 104kcal

Cognac, 104kcal

Tequila, 104kcal

I would recommend either drinking these on the rocks, or mixing with a diet soda to save yourself un needed carbs.


Alright, so now that you know how to track booze, what’s the plan of attack?

Well for me, I like to drink on my reefed days so I have that extra cushion but if you happen to not have a reefed day or drinking doesn’t fall on that day here’s the plan.

Can take it a few ways. For me in particular, I will usually either fast for most of the day consuming few calories from fats and carbs and just making sure to hit my protein levels. That way, come drinking time I have made sure to hit my proteins yet gives me quite the cushion for available drinks. For me, that way if tracking gets lost through out the night I can feel better by knowing I gave myself quite the deficit going into the night and I wont worry so much about going over by 1 or 2 drinks. Leaving room in the macros for the day also comes in handy if you fall trap to those late night drunk hunger callings . Most of the time, the food isn’t the healthiest option but having yourself a nice stockpile of macros can make the hit not as bad.

One more thing I like to do is keep water handy with me well I am out drinking. This will help prevent you from a nasty hangover the next day due to dehydration.


I hope some of this will help you tackle your next outing with no problems!


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