I have been playing around with different versions of no bake goodies, and from what I can tell these type of oat ball items are very popular. I have also gotten great feedback that these taste great, which is nice. I would like them to be a bit less wet, so in making these take that into consideration. All my taste testers thought the end product was fine, but I am picky I suppose.


I apologies as I thought I had a picture of them alone but I do not.

What you will need.

Dry Ingredients:

140g Old Fashion Oats

15 Chocolate Chips – I used mini’s

88g Cinnamon Protein

1 tsp Cinnamon

2 Splenda Packets

Wet Ingredients:

50g Honey

120g Pumpkin


Step One: In a bowl mix together all dry ingredients except the chips.

Step Two: Place wet ingridents with dry and mix.

Step Three: Add in your chips and mix once more.

Step Four: Make into balls and place on a plate. I got 16 balls roughly 26g a piece.

Step Five: Place Plate in Fridge for at least 30 min, but longer the better.

Step Six: Once set, pull out and eat!

Macros Per Ball : 73 cal / 1.3g fat / 10.7g carbs / 5.4g protein

I have found these to keep better in the fridge then out on the counter. When I make these again I think I am going to take the pumpkin down to 100 grams and see how it fares.

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