Gah, I know ive been absent! Coffee Truffles to make up for it!

IMG_20151104_215910Hey guys!


I know, I am sure you thought I was dead…. but in fact I am not. I have just been super busy with work, training, baking, and anything else that can get fir into there.

I made these “truffles” I will call them awhile back and haven’t been able to get them on here. You could also describe these as oat balls, or hell whatever you choose! I wasn’t 100% happy with these so I figured I would share and you guys can give them a shot! Maybe you will love them!


Let us Begin,

What you will need:

40g oat flour

30g chocolate protein

70g Pumpkin

11g Chocolate sugar free fat free pudding mix

1 serving of your favorite peanut butter( I used mocha and toffee flavors)

30g Honey

2 Stevia Packets

14g semi sweet chocolate chips

Favorite Coffee Grounds ( I used Alphamind. Go check them out and use “Rhine” to save 20%


All you need to do is mix everything together, other than the chips and coffee grounds(although you could put a bit of grounds in the mixture if you would like). Once everything is combined throw in the freezer for at least 15 minutes so you can use it.

Take the mixture out and roll it into even balls. I ended up 16 total balls. Now take your chips and melt them down. Once melted take each ball and dip it in the melted chocolate. Once its dipped sprinkle some coffee grounds over the top before it hardens.

(Oat flour is just ground up oats)


There you have it! All done! these would make for a great pre workout snack!

Macros per 1 ball : 1.1 fat / 5.6 Carbs / 2.4 Protein


I intend to keep playing with this to make better macros.


Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Feel free to tag me in your creations on IG ! Username is d_chron!




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