Fudgy Monkey Stuffed French Toast


Caramelized banana and @dymatize fudge stuffed french toast with a @nutsnmore white chocolate drizzle.

Now doesn’t that sound good as hell. I regret not adding chocolate covered pretzels to this……. I know big fail

1.First cut off edges of Bread.

2.Next Take a roller or glass and flatten bread.
3.In a bowl Mix 2oz cream cheese, ½ scoop protein, and a bit of water till you get a thick frosting.

4.Take frosting and spread evenly across your 4 slices of bread leaving just a bit out for later.

5.Spray and heat your pan, I also added a covering of 0 cal butter spray.
6.Once hot add in 3g of honey, and 4g of brown sugar. Cook down until close to a syrup then add in your banana thinly chopped. Cook down until they become golden brown and covered in the glaze or syrup.

7.Then take bananas and evenly place them along 1 edge of all 4 slices of bread.

8.Carefully roll up your slices of bread and firmly press to hold together.

9.Grab another bowl and whisk your egg white, dash of milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. (At this time re spray and heat your pan you fried the banana’s in)
10.Once Whisked, carefully add your french toast and coat evenly and add to the skillet cooking all sides. 

11.Lastly take your remaining filling and place on the plate for decoration and so they have something  to sit on as well.


Total Servings:
Total Macros: (if your me and wanna eat eeverything!)
F: 4.9
C: 59.1
P: 29.6
Macros per serving:

Now there is so much you can do here. I also had planned on stuffing with chocolate chips or pb chips, and topping with candied bacon, but I wanted to keep it Macro friendly for my teammates over at #teamwag. Check out Workingagainstgravity if you wanna get involved.

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