Wait, you dont eat clean?!? You are the devil

The title says it all.

Recently I got into a small argument on a food post I made on Instagram. He claimed how could I be in a lean bulk if I ate the way I do. I.e. Ice cream, cakes, pizza, and every other GOD DAMN DELICIOUS food their is. He claimed that it would be a ‘Dirty Bulk” eating the way I do.

I proceeded to explain to him calories in vs calories out, counting macros, hitting my fiber goal, and making sure to get in plenty of my micros. After dropping science on his Bro self he continues to argue the fact that you cant eat sweets or ‘junk’ food and ‘lean’ bulk or even cut weight(which I did as well).

First of all, I had spent plenty of time eating chicken and broccoli and ‘clean’ eating. I lost some weight sure, at one point I did get pretty lean, but I was also small, weak, doing cardio, not eating things I enjoyed very much blah blah blah. If you want to eat that way, by all means do it! LOVE IT! DO YOU! But, my friends one size does not fit all.

I am not a dog, I don’t treat my self with little goodies(well I do but in a different way). I don’t spend 2 months eating cardboard in hopes to have 1 cheat meal. In fact I don’t even like the word cheat, cause that implies you are doing something bad. Why and what the hell is bad about a fat ass burger and pint of ice cream. Not a damn thing in my mind. I think ‘clean’ eaters can develop just as bad relationships and eating disorders with food as anyone can. Is mentally breaking yourself healthy? No.

It falls down to personal preference but, ask yourself. How is your relationship with food. Do you view food as the enemy, do you view things as bad, and will never eat a peanut butter filled doughnut with chocolate frosting ever again cause its not ‘clean’. That is why I absolutely love Flexible Dieting and/or IIFYM eating style. I am able to enjoy anything and everything I want day in and day out without EVER feeling guilty about eating something or hating myself for eating something then spending the next 3 days doing hours and hours of cardio or starving myself.(note: starving and fasting are two totally different animals)

Now, with that being said, everything is in moderation, and I make it fit. If I want to have ice cream and pizza I will either fast to save macros for that said dish, or eat very low fat or low carb to give myself plenty of allowance to enjoy those foods. Where you enjoy here, you may sacrifice somewhere else, but you are not at all hindering progress in the least.

I don’t want to go on and on and on about this, but I did want to do a quick write up about this topic as I have had it mulling around the head last few days.

What is your take on eating? Id love to hear.

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