Im just trying to be a beef cake

So I decided to give a go at baking with beef protein.

Let me tell you it wasn’t a bad life choice. It almost leaves the cake with a nice fudgy feeling to it. I have only tried Vanilla caramel flavor but intend to try my hand with a chocolate as well. I think it would make a nice batch of brownies, hint hint


Vanilla Caramel Cake with a Chocolate Frosting

What you will need:

50g Pumpkin

1.5 egg whites. (roughly 70g)

34g Protein

45g Self rising Flour

14g Coconut Flour

4g sweeter

6g Psylium husk (cause fiber )

1/4t Baking powder

1/8tsp baking soda

Splash of Caramel Sauce

Splash of Almond milk

Now usually I would add 4-8g of SF FF Pudding mix but I was out so I skipped it.

Mix all that together and throw in a sprayed baking dish and bake roughly 20-30 min at 350.

I have been playing with trying to get more rise in my cakes so lately I have been whisking the egg whites a bit in a separate bowl then adding them last but I don’t think it is helping.

Well cooking in a bowl mix:

15g Chocolate Protein

5g Coco Powder

1 oz FF Cream Cheese

Splash of Almond milk

Splash of Chocolate Sauce

Mix till well incorporated then put in fridge to chill

Once the toothpick test comes out clean pop that bad boy out to cool for at least 30 min.

Once cool cut in half and spread some of your frosting in the middle of the cake.

Once Frosted either add some toppings or just enjoy!

Macros for the Cake are 502 cal 2.5 fat / 70 carbs / 53 protein and a whopping 15g of fiber !

I also used almost the same identical recipe and made this amazing cake as well.


Vanilla Carmel Cake with a Vanilla Frosting.

Super Versatile Cake. Give it a go and let me know what you think!

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Once frosted restack the cake and continue frosting with remaining frosting.

Lets be Honest. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Fucking Rock.

What is up everyone! I decided to share some Reese cake recipes with you.
Will work on building these recipes into even better versions but until then let these satisfy your taste buds. First one I made ages ago, 2nd one made last night. Very similar, next time I will use regular flour.


Blend 90g cannelloni beans. Put half in one bowl and half in another(for two cakes if only one combine everything) then put half equal parts of each next ingredient in each bowl. 20g coconut flour, 90g pumpkin, 8g sf ff pudding, baking powder, vanilla or chocolate extract, sweetner of choice I used stevia and chocolate sauces, and a egg white in each. Then in the chocolate cake I put 5g coco and 1/2scoop chocolate pb casein. Almond milk to mix. Other bowl I put 12g pb2, 1/2scoop pb protein, and again almond milk to mix. There is the base, chocolate cake and pb cake. Put in oven at 350 and cook till done. 15-25min. Pb cooked way faster than chocolate. Take out and let sit till cool. Then take 5g coco, and 1/2scoop protein (chocolate pb for me) and a bit of almond milk and chocolate sauce if you have and mix into frosting. Can add more sweetener if needed. Cut both cakes in half. Place chocolate on bottom, take half of pb cake on top, take a thin layer of frosting and spread on top of pb cake. Then if wanted place desired goodies(pb cups and cereal for me) then place 2nd pb cake on top of filling. Place chocolate cake on top of that. Then use frosting to cover the cake. Top with desired goodies.
I hope I’m not missing anything.

Macros without goodies but with frosting was 565cals 8f 64c 63p give or take a few.


1/2 scoop pb protein

1/2 scoop chocolate protein

1/2 c cannelloni beans

90g pumpkin

2 egg whites

6g pb2

5g coco

3 sweetner packets

7g reese chips

Almond milk

Baking powder

Syrup and Chocolate Syrup.

Make just like above cake mixing chocolates with chocolates, pb with pb. Bake same amount of time.

In the meantime Take

5g coco

1/2 scoop chocolate protein

11g SF FF Pudding mix

Chocolate syrup

Splash of almond milk and mix for frosting.

Take takes out to cool, once cool slice each in half and spread a thin layer of frosting on each. Stack the pb on each other with 1 layer of chocolate on the bottom, and one layer on the top. Cover with remaining frosting and top with Reese chips.

Macros for 1/4 of the cake before extra toppings: 144 cal , 2.2f/15.4c/15.3p and 5.1g of fiber

Macros for whole Cake before extra toppings: 574 cal, 8.8f/61.5c/61.3p and 20g of fiber

A light drizzle of peanut butter and the fats can still stay low, or even use a PB2 drizzle to keep it way down. I also recommend adding in at least one crushed up Reese =]

Not to shabby for eating a whole cake. I think just about anyone could fit a slice of that into their day. Served with ice cream is always best of course.

What flavor cakes would you guys like to see? Enjoy the cakes even or am I wasting my time eating all this dank ass food?haha

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Gods drink…..but cold…?

So I usually drink my coffee one way. Black. Sometimes I will throw a bit of 0 cal flavoring in but 90% of the time I take my caffeine black, strong, and packing a punch. Well, its summer so I figured something cold was in order. Wanted to make a super macro friendly recipe so I decided I would whip up a Iced coffee or a play on a frappe or moolatte



What you need.

Vanilla caramel ice coffee.
3oz fresh brewed @alphamind_coffee  (be sure to go to and use the code “Rhine” to save 20%)
1/2 scoop protein. I used @bpi_sports vanilla
1tsp @alphamind_coffee grounds
4oz almond milk
Dash of vanilla and cinnamon
5-15g Caramel @waldenfarmsinternational depending on lvl of caramel you want.
Couple hand fulls of ice
Dash of xanthium gum


Blend and enjoy!
Macros for whole glass
90cal 3f/6c/12p and 3 fiber.


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Drink on my Coffee People!

Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit.


What’s going on guys??! Raining ass Friday and its slow as hell at work. I figured I would kill a bit of time and write up a full review on my thoughts about the company Enlightened and their product Roasted Broad Beans.

I like beans. Baked beans, Green beans, Bean Brownies, all sorts of beans. Good carb, good protein, good fiber. What else do you want.

Now, I want to say I am not affiliated, endorsed, or anything like that with this company. I was just lucky enough to win a giveaway and really enjoyed the product.


How nice =]

They also have ice cream which I would really like to try, but not stocked by me =[


So, What are Broad Beans?

“The best-kept secret in healthy snacking! Enjoyed around the world for their delicious flavor and satisfying crunch, broad beans are a nutritional powerhouse packed with protein and fiber.”

Then What are Enlightened Broad Beans?


are lightly roasted in sunflower oil, sprinkled with sea salt, and seasoned to perfection. With only 100 calories per serving, they are a great anytime, on-the-go snack! ENLIGHTENED Crisps are also certified vegan, gluten free, non-GMO Project verified, OU kosher, and wheat free. So go ahead… spill the beans.”

Here is a bit of a back story of the company.


Beyond Better Foods launched ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream in 2013, creating a new section in the ice cream aisle. We’re passionate about creating products that make you feel as good as they taste. Our nutritious, delicious, flavors will make you rethink what ice cream can be. Packed with protein, fiber, and flavor—and light on calories, fat, and sugar— ENLIGHTENED Ice Cream tastes great, and it’s what your body needs.

This year, we are excited to introduce a new line of crunchy and savory snacks – ENLIGHTENED Crisps.  Made from roasted broad beans, a true superfood, ENLIGHTENED Crisps are a fantastic anytime snack. Whether you’re craving sweet, salty, or (like us) both, we’ve got you covered.

IMG_20150807_075835774 IMG_20150807_075840774

Here is what a typical bag looks like, and my personal favorite flavor, Sriracha

Svg Size 1 oz : 100 cals, 2.5 fat , 15 carb, 7 protein with 3g of fiber.

Here was two reviews I did on some of the flavors.


@eatenlightened roasted broad beans Garlic & Onion.
First of all I wanna say thank you to @eatenlightened and @lowcarbcooking for hooking me up with a nice little goodie package.
Secondly, I freaking love these. At 2.5f/15c/7p 3fiber I could eat these all day. Awesome change up if you like munching on sunflower seeds, nuts, etc. Awesome flavor, great crunch(made a good topping on my chicken lo mein) and leave a nice taste in your mouth. Cool that it’s beans to haha. So many flavors to try.
Overall: 9/10
Would I buy: yes
Would I recommend: yes


Back with another review.
Today I’m doing 2 more flavors of the @eatenlightened beans.
Sriracha: first bit is sweet then come the heat in and gives you just the right amount of zing to know its Sriracha but not to hot where it looses flavor(like lots of Sriracha products) I could eat these for days, and threw some on my chicken Sammy which was a great idea.
Sea Salt. Perfect amount of salt flavor, and no to over powering. Threw these in my soup and they kept their crunch for some time. So much better than an oyster cracker.
No way to rate one over the other here cause it would just call to personal likings on flavor.
I would give them both a 9.5/10 just cause there is always room for improvement in anything.
Would I recommend: yes
So much you could do with these. Salads, chex mix, dish toppers, etc

They Also have BBQ and Wasabi flavor not pictured as well.

I highly recommend these to anyone and everyone! So much potential with these bad boys. I will be making these a staple in the diet. I wish I could get my hands on their ice cream to! Go check them out!

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Fudgy Monkey Stuffed French Toast


Caramelized banana and @dymatize fudge stuffed french toast with a @nutsnmore white chocolate drizzle.

Now doesn’t that sound good as hell. I regret not adding chocolate covered pretzels to this……. I know big fail

1.First cut off edges of Bread.

2.Next Take a roller or glass and flatten bread.
3.In a bowl Mix 2oz cream cheese, ½ scoop protein, and a bit of water till you get a thick frosting.

4.Take frosting and spread evenly across your 4 slices of bread leaving just a bit out for later.

5.Spray and heat your pan, I also added a covering of 0 cal butter spray.
6.Once hot add in 3g of honey, and 4g of brown sugar. Cook down until close to a syrup then add in your banana thinly chopped. Cook down until they become golden brown and covered in the glaze or syrup.

7.Then take bananas and evenly place them along 1 edge of all 4 slices of bread.

8.Carefully roll up your slices of bread and firmly press to hold together.

9.Grab another bowl and whisk your egg white, dash of milk, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. (At this time re spray and heat your pan you fried the banana’s in)
10.Once Whisked, carefully add your french toast and coat evenly and add to the skillet cooking all sides. 

11.Lastly take your remaining filling and place on the plate for decoration and so they have something  to sit on as well.


Total Servings:
Total Macros: (if your me and wanna eat eeverything!)
F: 4.9
C: 59.1
P: 29.6
Macros per serving:

Now there is so much you can do here. I also had planned on stuffing with chocolate chips or pb chips, and topping with candied bacon, but I wanted to keep it Macro friendly for my teammates over at #teamwag. Check out Workingagainstgravity if you wanna get involved.

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Wait, you dont eat clean?!? You are the devil

The title says it all.

Recently I got into a small argument on a food post I made on Instagram. He claimed how could I be in a lean bulk if I ate the way I do. I.e. Ice cream, cakes, pizza, and every other GOD DAMN DELICIOUS food their is. He claimed that it would be a ‘Dirty Bulk” eating the way I do.

I proceeded to explain to him calories in vs calories out, counting macros, hitting my fiber goal, and making sure to get in plenty of my micros. After dropping science on his Bro self he continues to argue the fact that you cant eat sweets or ‘junk’ food and ‘lean’ bulk or even cut weight(which I did as well).

First of all, I had spent plenty of time eating chicken and broccoli and ‘clean’ eating. I lost some weight sure, at one point I did get pretty lean, but I was also small, weak, doing cardio, not eating things I enjoyed very much blah blah blah. If you want to eat that way, by all means do it! LOVE IT! DO YOU! But, my friends one size does not fit all.

I am not a dog, I don’t treat my self with little goodies(well I do but in a different way). I don’t spend 2 months eating cardboard in hopes to have 1 cheat meal. In fact I don’t even like the word cheat, cause that implies you are doing something bad. Why and what the hell is bad about a fat ass burger and pint of ice cream. Not a damn thing in my mind. I think ‘clean’ eaters can develop just as bad relationships and eating disorders with food as anyone can. Is mentally breaking yourself healthy? No.

It falls down to personal preference but, ask yourself. How is your relationship with food. Do you view food as the enemy, do you view things as bad, and will never eat a peanut butter filled doughnut with chocolate frosting ever again cause its not ‘clean’. That is why I absolutely love Flexible Dieting and/or IIFYM eating style. I am able to enjoy anything and everything I want day in and day out without EVER feeling guilty about eating something or hating myself for eating something then spending the next 3 days doing hours and hours of cardio or starving myself.(note: starving and fasting are two totally different animals)

Now, with that being said, everything is in moderation, and I make it fit. If I want to have ice cream and pizza I will either fast to save macros for that said dish, or eat very low fat or low carb to give myself plenty of allowance to enjoy those foods. Where you enjoy here, you may sacrifice somewhere else, but you are not at all hindering progress in the least.

I don’t want to go on and on and on about this, but I did want to do a quick write up about this topic as I have had it mulling around the head last few days.

What is your take on eating? Id love to hear.