Its like if French toast and Cheesecake met, and F**Ked, youd get this

Alright guys I got something for you. Super simple, SUPER macro friendly and freaking yummy!


Strawberry Protein Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast

How freaking good does that sound?!?

Alright so this is all you need.

4 Slices of bread

70g of strawberries

1 egg white

Splash of Milk

2oz Fat Free Cream Cheese(or w.e cream cheese you want to use)


Strawberry Syrup(not needed)

1/2 Scoop of Strawberry Protein

Reddi Whip, Cool Whip, it doesn’t matter

Baking Powder and Baking Soda

Lets get this shit started!

First things First, Don’t forget your apron!

IMG_20150730_094030061_HDR(don’t mind me I had just rolled outta bed)

Now, Cut off the edges of the bread

IMG_20150730_090812890 IMG_20150730_090955342

Once edges are cut off Use your rolling pin to flatten them out


Next Take you Protein, Syrup, Cream Cheese(helps if It is room temp but I just used cold stuff cause I didn’t wanna wait) and mix it in a bowl.


Since we are already mixing things, grab another bowl and add in your egg white, splash of almond milk, and a splash of syrup.(I also put in a smidge of B.P. and Baking Soda. Don’t ask if it made a difference lol)


Now let that sit and take you Cream Cheese mix and start spreading on one side of your flattened bread

IMG_20150730_092633567 IMG_20150730_093029413

Take your Strawberries and cut them into little pieces and arrange them along one edge of the bread. Save just a bit of each!

IMG_20150730_091757886_HDR IMG_20150730_093327568

Roll those bad boys up

IMG_20150730_093511989 IMG_20150730_093403959

Take your Rolled Bread and drop into the egg wash and cover completely. At this time also spray and heat up a skillet.

IMG_20150730_093923335_HDR IMG_20150730_094121905

Throw them in the pan and start to cook em


At this point, I took some cinnamon and sprinkled it on right before I turned them.


Well they are cooking don’t forget to grab the biggest strawberry in the container and munch on it



Inside Money shot

IMG_20150730_094432157_HDR God damn those are looking good!

Take the French toast and try to plate all fancy( im trying to step my game up)

Take the last bit of cream cheese and spread along the plate, then top with bits of berries. Reddi Whip in the middle.


Throw a bit of syrup over the top, and your done!


Macros for the plate minus those 2 strawberries are

274 cals, 2fat/37carb/28protein and 8 grams of fiber!

Hot damn!

Remember if you liked these, be sure to tag me in the creations on IG I wanna see it! d_chron! or hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness  !!!

Off to go bench!

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