OhYeah! One Bar (Chocolate Brownie)


I recently was selected in a contest from OhYeah! and received their new “One” Bar. I got Chocolate Brownie and Cookies and Crème. I tried finding these on their website but they must be to new? Only found CCCP, Pb, and lemon pie.

I wanted to start doing some reviews on different products I come across just to possibly help someone else with a purchase down the road.

Lets get started.

Macros: 210 cals 7g fat / 24 carb / 21 protein / 10g fiber / and only 1g of sugar

Squeeze test: Felt soft in the wrapper. Had some give to it so it was a decent que that it wasn’t going to be hard as a rock.

At first glance the bottom for some reason reminded me of a Snickers bar. unfortunately this wasn’t a Snickers bar.


First Glance out of the package: Nothing super special about the Aesthetics on this one. Plain flat brown protein bar. Smell has a slight chocolate smell to it, but nothing over powering.


Split it open to check the inside.


Now on the wrapper it shows the bar is fully brown/black throughout the entire bar, but when you bust it open it has a tan filling with small black crispies.

Taste: At first bite it wasn’t terrible but nothing special. I felt that there just wasn’t enough bang from the chocolate that was there let along get the feeling of eating a chocolate brownie. The crisps were nice, but yet again not strong enough of a chocolate flavor. Now the tan filling at first glance threw me off but I thought that it may just be how their coloring turned out. With further eating IMO it tasted like it should of been a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor vs a chocolate brownie.

Texture: Soft and flexible with a nice chewy consistency. Just a tad bit of graininess, but I did like the added ‘crunch’ from the crispies even though I felt they didn’t ‘crunch’ enough.

Heat test: of course I had to try in the microwave as well. 10 sec later it turned it quite soft, maybe even just a tad to much. I thought it helped improve the taste of the bar as I then had the ‘melty’ feel well eating.

IMG_20150714_114029021 IMG_20150714_114037369_HDR

Overall thoughts: I am going to give this a 6.5/10. Mainly because the lacking of a rich chocolate, and the filling throwing me off.

Compared to Quests Chocolate brownie that comes in at 170 cals / 6g fat / 24g carb / 20g protein / 19g fiber / 1g sugar and the same bar weight at 60g I would probably have to go with quests. Less overall Cals, Tad less fat, more fiber, and more like eating a chocolate brownie.

Would I recommend? If these are all you have access to then yes, if these are marked down cheaper ( as I found online the other flavors were just over 2 bucks ) then yes. If you have to pay the same price and can get quest then I would say go with quest.

Let me know if this review was worth the read and informative. I have many other protein bars, proteins, and more I would be willing to through reviews to if you guys wanna see em.

Don’t forget to check me out on Instagram under d_chron or #dustyscalculatedmadness

5 thoughts on “OhYeah! One Bar (Chocolate Brownie)”

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