Orange is the new….. Orange…?


Had some Carrots I needed to use up. I had planned on making carrot cake bars which I did a couple days earlier but this time I decided I was gunna change it up a bit. Plus, it has been to long since I have done a cake.

I am only throwing this up cause the lovely and talented @deadliftlove asked me for the recipe so I had to oblige. Make sure to go check out her IG for amazing foodporn.

What you will need:

60g Self rising flour

10g baking sweetener (stevia, truvia, honey, w.e )

2 egg whites

70g shredded carrots

1/2 scoop orange cream protein (could use vanilla)

4g SF FF Vanilla pudding

1.7 oz of Applesauce

Just a bit of orange Zest

Baking Powder

Vanilla extract


Splash of Almond milk

If needs more sweetener add in a bit of Maple Syrup


66g Fat free Cream cheese

1/2 Scoop Orange Protein

Just a smidge of Pancake Syrup

Splash of almond milk if needed.

So what I did was combine all the dry mix. Then added In all my wet mix. Mixed it all up. Got out a Large ramekin lined with parchment paper and sprayed.

Dump everything into the ramekin and bake at 350 for roughly 15-20 min. Each protein will be different.

In the meantime while that is baking, put everything for your frosting in a bowl and mix together. You want it to be well mixed but not to runny. I put it in the fridge until the cake gets done.

Use the ole toothpick test to tell when its done.

Once done, take out and let sit till cool.

Once cake is cooled down, take a Large bread knife, or some dental floss and cut the cake in half.

Lay top layer off to the side and start to spread some of your frosting on the top of the bottom layer. Once covered place top layer of cake back on and continue frosting entire cake.

It would be great to eat it just like this, but if you know me I like my toppings. I added goldfish, oatmeal crème pie, and some protein cookie dough. Paired with honey nut cereal and caramel ice cream. This was so damn moist and good lemme tell ya. I wasn’t a huge carrot guy, and I’m not a huge orange as a dessert guy but this combo makes me rethink things.

Macros for whole cake without toppings: 626 cals 3.2 fat / 94 carbs / 52 protein  ….. this also was loaded full of fiber.

Now I also used a higher carb protein at 17g of carbs per serving so if you went with a basic protein you could knock off an extra 15g of carbs.

Cut this baby into 4 slices and you have,

Macros Per slice : 156 cals /  .8 fat / 23.5 carbs / 13 protein

Now I decided for shits and gigs to look up you average Carrot Cake slice with cream cheese frosting……

Their Macros : 300 cals / 16 fat / 37 carbs / 3 protein

What a freaking difference. I bet mine tasted pretty damn close to theirs, so ill stick to my eating a whole cake cause I am a fat ass. haha


Remember to check me out on Instagram under d_chron and if you make something feel free to tag me in it, or use the hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness . I love to see the outcomes!

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