Oh shit I dont have any pumpkin! Thank god for ripe Banana’s

After seeing multiple brownie posts yesterday I decided I was going to make a batch. Had a can of beans I needed to burn threw, it was going to be glorious!

Well I throw my shepards pie in the oven, and start getting all my ingredients together. Run down to the pantry to grab another can of pumpkin thinking I got at least two stashed. Im moving around multiple cans of beans but cant find any pumpkin anywhere! Thank god I had 4 ripe banana’s sitting in the fridge so I decided I would roll with that.

I didn’t get fancy and do wet with wet , dry with dry I just dumped it all in a bowl,,,,,, as usual.


120g White Bean(ground)

71g Ripe Banana

2 egg whites

1 sc protein

2 svg stevia or sweetner of choice

15g self rising flour

14g Coconut Flour

14g Chocolate chips

Baking powder


Splash of almond milk

Pancake Syrup

Got the protein, eggs, syrup, chips, flour, sweetners all in a bowl and im mixing.


Added in more flour and a splash of almond milk


Transfer into a 8×8 sprayed and or lined baking dish. I added some chocolate sauce to the top


Bake for 18 min at 350


After I took them out I crumbled an oreo, and @ecpk cookie dough on top


After letting them cool I made a quick drizzle out of 15G Biscoff spread, some caramel syrup, and almond milk. Pour over everything.

Slice into 9 pieces and eat with your favorite ice cream.

IMG_20150710_225841281 IMG_20150710_225851203

IMG_20150710_225819569 IMG_20150710_225823032_HDR

Those chunks tho


Couldn’t help but get a close up. Look at that chocolate swirl.


God damn that was finger licking good.

Macros with out toppings for whole pan : 542Cal 8.7f / 70.6c / 46.8 p

Macros per 1 slice : 60cal .9f/ 7.8 c / 5.2 p

These were pretty good. I think I may build on these. If I had more protein  left I woulda thrown in pb into the mix.

Remember if you like these feel free to tag me in your creation! Find me over at IG under d_chron or hashtag #dustyscalculatedmadness !

Time to break in my new inzer belt.

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