Its like if French toast and Cheesecake met, and F**Ked, youd get this

Alright guys I got something for you. Super simple, SUPER macro friendly and freaking yummy!


Strawberry Protein Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast

How freaking good does that sound?!?

Alright so this is all you need.

4 Slices of bread

70g of strawberries

1 egg white

Splash of Milk

2oz Fat Free Cream Cheese(or w.e cream cheese you want to use)


Strawberry Syrup(not needed)

1/2 Scoop of Strawberry Protein

Reddi Whip, Cool Whip, it doesn’t matter

Baking Powder and Baking Soda

Lets get this shit started!

First things First, Don’t forget your apron!

IMG_20150730_094030061_HDR(don’t mind me I had just rolled outta bed)

Now, Cut off the edges of the bread

IMG_20150730_090812890 IMG_20150730_090955342

Once edges are cut off Use your rolling pin to flatten them out


Next Take you Protein, Syrup, Cream Cheese(helps if It is room temp but I just used cold stuff cause I didn’t wanna wait) and mix it in a bowl.


Since we are already mixing things, grab another bowl and add in your egg white, splash of almond milk, and a splash of syrup.(I also put in a smidge of B.P. and Baking Soda. Don’t ask if it made a difference lol)


Now let that sit and take you Cream Cheese mix and start spreading on one side of your flattened bread

IMG_20150730_092633567 IMG_20150730_093029413

Take your Strawberries and cut them into little pieces and arrange them along one edge of the bread. Save just a bit of each!

IMG_20150730_091757886_HDR IMG_20150730_093327568

Roll those bad boys up

IMG_20150730_093511989 IMG_20150730_093403959

Take your Rolled Bread and drop into the egg wash and cover completely. At this time also spray and heat up a skillet.

IMG_20150730_093923335_HDR IMG_20150730_094121905

Throw them in the pan and start to cook em


At this point, I took some cinnamon and sprinkled it on right before I turned them.


Well they are cooking don’t forget to grab the biggest strawberry in the container and munch on it



Inside Money shot

IMG_20150730_094432157_HDR God damn those are looking good!

Take the French toast and try to plate all fancy( im trying to step my game up)

Take the last bit of cream cheese and spread along the plate, then top with bits of berries. Reddi Whip in the middle.


Throw a bit of syrup over the top, and your done!


Macros for the plate minus those 2 strawberries are

274 cals, 2fat/37carb/28protein and 8 grams of fiber!

Hot damn!

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Off to go bench!

Get to the Choppa! Arnold Muscle Bar Chocolate Brownie Review


The title…. I just had……

Alright, so I recently picked up the new Arnold Series Muscle Bar. Flavor Chocolate Brownie. I do believe they also have a cinnabun and Chocolate PB as well, so be on the lookout for those reviews as well 😉

Before We dive into this stats for the bar:

Macros: 1 bar(90g) 370 cals , 16g of fat / 30g of carbs / 30g of protein / 2g fiber / 7g sugar.

IMG_20150717_150049420 IMG_20150717_150057478

If you are knowledgeable on Quest Protein bars you will see that there is at least twice the ingredients if not triple compared to Quest.

First Glance out of the Wrapper : Had some minor melting on the top of the package but nothing to worry about. This bar being 90g compared to your usual 60g’ ish bars had a bit more density to it. Not really “squishy” or soft like you may find with a quest or ohYeah bar. Has a bit more richer chocolate smell than my previous review had, but still didn’t get a ‘chocolate brownie’ feel with just the smell.

No Fancy additions to this bar. Just a flat brown bar, yet good size to it.


Once you break it open you see that it has a Softer brownie layer that was more like a cake feel than a brownie.

Lower level was a much thicker, chewy, brownie feel which I happened to enjoy.  This bar actually looked like what the picture had shown on the wrapper unlike my previous review.


I decided to do this review in 3 parts.

Room temp: Wasn’t to bad right out of the package. The Top portion of the bar(the softer cake) tended to have a slight grainy texture to it which I wasn’t a huge fan of. The layer of chocolate on the outside was quite thin which most of the top had gotten stuck to the package. The bottom layer however gave me a nice chew.

Warm: Heating it up slightly helped to bring out the flavor of the chocolate outside lining but IMO made the inside of the bar worse tasting.

Cold: Cold was my favorite way to eat this I think. I felt that it helped to bring out the chocolate flavor of the entire bar and made it seem a bit sweeter. This way made me feel like I was eating a brownie the most.


30g of protein

Dense feel when eating

Has a nice Milk Chocolate flavor


Looked like the picture

Nice chewy brownie layer


Grainy Brownie Layer

Not super strong on the chocolate flavoring

Warming it up made it worse

16g of fat along with 7g of sugar  is a bit steep for the flavoring of the bar

I know not every bar needs a ton of fiber but for 370 cals and 30 carbs I would of liked to see a bit more fiber.

High Calorie Bar

Long Ingredient List.

Slightly higher in Price.

Alright so now to get to the ratings. I am going to do this in 2 parts then combine the two ratings.

Macro Ratings: IMO I am going to give this one a 6/10. Super high in Fat compared to a lot of its counter parts, higher in sugar than a lot of competition lately, and so low of fiber. Frankly for almost 400 cals I would of liked to see either a much richer flavor, or more fiber making up the carbs.

Taste Rating: 8.5/10. Was enjoyable to eat, really enjoyed the chewy brownie layer but I think the top layer and outer coating could use a bit of work. Wouldn’t throw it away but wouldn’t buy it again either. Much rather go with a Combat Crunch if I wanted to stay with Muscle Pharm.

So now, lets combine the two.

Overall Rating: 7.8/10 or a B- , good enough to get by but never first in line.

Interested to see how the Chocolate Pb and Cinnabun Stack up against this.


Bare with me as I am still trying to get the hang of these reviews!

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Got a bar you want me to review just let me know!

OhYeah! One Bar (Chocolate Brownie)


I recently was selected in a contest from OhYeah! and received their new “One” Bar. I got Chocolate Brownie and Cookies and Crème. I tried finding these on their website but they must be to new? Only found CCCP, Pb, and lemon pie.

I wanted to start doing some reviews on different products I come across just to possibly help someone else with a purchase down the road.

Lets get started.

Macros: 210 cals 7g fat / 24 carb / 21 protein / 10g fiber / and only 1g of sugar

Squeeze test: Felt soft in the wrapper. Had some give to it so it was a decent que that it wasn’t going to be hard as a rock.

At first glance the bottom for some reason reminded me of a Snickers bar. unfortunately this wasn’t a Snickers bar.


First Glance out of the package: Nothing super special about the Aesthetics on this one. Plain flat brown protein bar. Smell has a slight chocolate smell to it, but nothing over powering.


Split it open to check the inside.


Now on the wrapper it shows the bar is fully brown/black throughout the entire bar, but when you bust it open it has a tan filling with small black crispies.

Taste: At first bite it wasn’t terrible but nothing special. I felt that there just wasn’t enough bang from the chocolate that was there let along get the feeling of eating a chocolate brownie. The crisps were nice, but yet again not strong enough of a chocolate flavor. Now the tan filling at first glance threw me off but I thought that it may just be how their coloring turned out. With further eating IMO it tasted like it should of been a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor vs a chocolate brownie.

Texture: Soft and flexible with a nice chewy consistency. Just a tad bit of graininess, but I did like the added ‘crunch’ from the crispies even though I felt they didn’t ‘crunch’ enough.

Heat test: of course I had to try in the microwave as well. 10 sec later it turned it quite soft, maybe even just a tad to much. I thought it helped improve the taste of the bar as I then had the ‘melty’ feel well eating.

IMG_20150714_114029021 IMG_20150714_114037369_HDR

Overall thoughts: I am going to give this a 6.5/10. Mainly because the lacking of a rich chocolate, and the filling throwing me off.

Compared to Quests Chocolate brownie that comes in at 170 cals / 6g fat / 24g carb / 20g protein / 19g fiber / 1g sugar and the same bar weight at 60g I would probably have to go with quests. Less overall Cals, Tad less fat, more fiber, and more like eating a chocolate brownie.

Would I recommend? If these are all you have access to then yes, if these are marked down cheaper ( as I found online the other flavors were just over 2 bucks ) then yes. If you have to pay the same price and can get quest then I would say go with quest.

Let me know if this review was worth the read and informative. I have many other protein bars, proteins, and more I would be willing to through reviews to if you guys wanna see em.

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Orange is the new….. Orange…?


Had some Carrots I needed to use up. I had planned on making carrot cake bars which I did a couple days earlier but this time I decided I was gunna change it up a bit. Plus, it has been to long since I have done a cake.

I am only throwing this up cause the lovely and talented @deadliftlove asked me for the recipe so I had to oblige. Make sure to go check out her IG for amazing foodporn.

What you will need:

60g Self rising flour

10g baking sweetener (stevia, truvia, honey, w.e )

2 egg whites

70g shredded carrots

1/2 scoop orange cream protein (could use vanilla)

4g SF FF Vanilla pudding

1.7 oz of Applesauce

Just a bit of orange Zest

Baking Powder

Vanilla extract


Splash of Almond milk

If needs more sweetener add in a bit of Maple Syrup


66g Fat free Cream cheese

1/2 Scoop Orange Protein

Just a smidge of Pancake Syrup

Splash of almond milk if needed.

So what I did was combine all the dry mix. Then added In all my wet mix. Mixed it all up. Got out a Large ramekin lined with parchment paper and sprayed.

Dump everything into the ramekin and bake at 350 for roughly 15-20 min. Each protein will be different.

In the meantime while that is baking, put everything for your frosting in a bowl and mix together. You want it to be well mixed but not to runny. I put it in the fridge until the cake gets done.

Use the ole toothpick test to tell when its done.

Once done, take out and let sit till cool.

Once cake is cooled down, take a Large bread knife, or some dental floss and cut the cake in half.

Lay top layer off to the side and start to spread some of your frosting on the top of the bottom layer. Once covered place top layer of cake back on and continue frosting entire cake.

It would be great to eat it just like this, but if you know me I like my toppings. I added goldfish, oatmeal crème pie, and some protein cookie dough. Paired with honey nut cereal and caramel ice cream. This was so damn moist and good lemme tell ya. I wasn’t a huge carrot guy, and I’m not a huge orange as a dessert guy but this combo makes me rethink things.

Macros for whole cake without toppings: 626 cals 3.2 fat / 94 carbs / 52 protein  ….. this also was loaded full of fiber.

Now I also used a higher carb protein at 17g of carbs per serving so if you went with a basic protein you could knock off an extra 15g of carbs.

Cut this baby into 4 slices and you have,

Macros Per slice : 156 cals /  .8 fat / 23.5 carbs / 13 protein

Now I decided for shits and gigs to look up you average Carrot Cake slice with cream cheese frosting……

Their Macros : 300 cals / 16 fat / 37 carbs / 3 protein

What a freaking difference. I bet mine tasted pretty damn close to theirs, so ill stick to my eating a whole cake cause I am a fat ass. haha


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Quick ass Smores Muffins. Cause Breakfast wasnt enough


Well I was having breakfast the other day, I believe it was a omelet and bagel. I finished it up, and thought to myself this just isn’t enough. Wanted to smash down some more protein without killing the fats.

Decided I would quick whip together some macro friendly Puffins. (Protein Muffins)

What you will need:

15g Self rising flour

1 egg white

33g Smores Protein

5g Pyslium Husk (not needed, I just wanted more fiber)

4g SF FF Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding mix

4g Brown Sugar Sweetner

1.7oz Applesauce

Vanilla Extract

Baking powder


Splash of Almond Milk


7.5g Mini Marshmallows

15 pieces of Smores Goldfish

Chocolate Sauce

Let’s get started


Add in all dry ingredients and mix well.


Add in Wet ingredients and mix that shit up


This is where I added in that splash of almond milk.

And just keep mixing. Till you got something that Slightly thick mixture



Throw your batter in the spray muffin tin. I made 4 big ones, could of gotten 5 out of it though.

Bake @ 350 for roughly 12 min. After 8 or so minutes I took them out topped with goldfish and marshmallows. Put back in for roughly 2 more min. Then switched the muffins to a higher rack and Switched the oven to Broil and let the Mallows get all purty like.

Watch closely as you don’t want to burn and ruin everything haha. Let cool in pan for a couple minutes if you would like, or if you are a fatty like myself, demolish as soon as you can.


Top with some chocolate sauce if you would like.


Hot Damn look at that. 4 Quick ass smores muffins that are so good!

Macros for all 4 : 376cals / 4.1fat / 49.9 carbs / 31.4 protein

Macros for 1 muffin : 94 cals / 1 fat /  12.5 carbs / 7.8 protein

That is with toppings included. If you just went plain jane or even a protein frosting those macros would be even lower!

Not to shabby if I say so myself.

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Oh shit I dont have any pumpkin! Thank god for ripe Banana’s

After seeing multiple brownie posts yesterday I decided I was going to make a batch. Had a can of beans I needed to burn threw, it was going to be glorious!

Well I throw my shepards pie in the oven, and start getting all my ingredients together. Run down to the pantry to grab another can of pumpkin thinking I got at least two stashed. Im moving around multiple cans of beans but cant find any pumpkin anywhere! Thank god I had 4 ripe banana’s sitting in the fridge so I decided I would roll with that.

I didn’t get fancy and do wet with wet , dry with dry I just dumped it all in a bowl,,,,,, as usual.


120g White Bean(ground)

71g Ripe Banana

2 egg whites

1 sc protein

2 svg stevia or sweetner of choice

15g self rising flour

14g Coconut Flour

14g Chocolate chips

Baking powder


Splash of almond milk

Pancake Syrup

Got the protein, eggs, syrup, chips, flour, sweetners all in a bowl and im mixing.


Added in more flour and a splash of almond milk


Transfer into a 8×8 sprayed and or lined baking dish. I added some chocolate sauce to the top


Bake for 18 min at 350


After I took them out I crumbled an oreo, and @ecpk cookie dough on top


After letting them cool I made a quick drizzle out of 15G Biscoff spread, some caramel syrup, and almond milk. Pour over everything.

Slice into 9 pieces and eat with your favorite ice cream.

IMG_20150710_225841281 IMG_20150710_225851203

IMG_20150710_225819569 IMG_20150710_225823032_HDR

Those chunks tho


Couldn’t help but get a close up. Look at that chocolate swirl.


God damn that was finger licking good.

Macros with out toppings for whole pan : 542Cal 8.7f / 70.6c / 46.8 p

Macros per 1 slice : 60cal .9f/ 7.8 c / 5.2 p

These were pretty good. I think I may build on these. If I had more protein  left I woulda thrown in pb into the mix.

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Time to break in my new inzer belt.

So Much Food, So much Weight loss

I thought I would just write up a quick post on how macro progress has been over the last few months so you beginners can see that you in fact can increase food intake, well decreasing body weight.

Before I really got serious I was eating rougly 65f/280c/200p each day. With those carbs though I had fallen under the hype that you don’t need to count fiber so any fiber intake I wouldn’t count twords my carb goal. So for example If MFP says I had eaten 40g of fiber and I was at my 280g of carbs I would proceed to eat then 40g more non fiber carbs. I weighed right round 185lbs. I did some searching and I believe this was First photo of starting to actually track progress.


Then, I actually started counting my fiber. At the start of this picture my macros were

Training days : 65f/280c/200p and 40g of fiber a day.

Non Training Days : 65f/250c/200p 40g of fiber a day.

Refeed Day(once a week) 65f/380c/200p

I instantly starting dropping weight.

Macros Stayed like this for I believe 3-4 weeks as I was having steady weight loss. Was having a bit of a hard time recovering so 20g of protein was added in.

After a couple Weeks only change was the reduction of rest day macros.

So now every day would look like this:

65f/280c/220p and 40g of fiber a day.

Little while on that and I started to feel just a bit pudgy so fat got dropped to 60g a day.


IMG_20150511_065812_310  this photo I believe is after 6 or 7 weeks in.

Round this time I think now I am weighing roughly 175 lbs.

Macros stayed the same for I think 1-2 more weeks and then I hit a low time body weight.


At this time I believe I hit 168lbs.

Now the fun starts

Macros get changed.

60f/290c/220p daily.

Weight plays around at the low 170’s daily for the next week

Bump up to 60f/310c/220p

Round this time I hit another new low bw 166lbs

IMG_20150608_070433_378 This was taken a couple weeks after photo before the last one.

Carbs get bumped up again


Weight still hovering in the low 170’s high 160’s

and as of this past week another carb increase,

60f/360c/220p and again that is with one reefed a week and no rest day macro changes.


This was my latest update. I believe weight in this picture is 171lbs.

I am no macro expert or anything, I just wanted to post this because so many people have the idea that you either cant eat more food and lose weight, or you cant eat carbs/”junk” food and lose weight. Both are completely false.

Just take a look at my Instagram and you will see all the food that I eat that many consider “unclean”

d_chron #dustyscalculatedmadness

I would love to hear your feedback from Flexible Dieting and your approach to it!