God damn Do I love Cinnamon and Themes.

Yes, it is true. I will see a flavor, or an ingredient like in todays example the Cinnamon Combat Crunch Bar and a Left over Cinnamon roll and that will spark the creativity and next thing you know Im scrounging up everything I have in the house that related to cinnamon and I will throw it together and hope for the best.


This is another Improve recipe so unfortunately no step by step, but honestly this is so easy you don’t really need much direction. This also happened to work out nicely cause I didn’t have much left in the fridge (no veggies at all) and had a long day of work ahead of me. Threw together a huge spinach salad(yeah there is that salad again. #doyouevensaladbro) but thought to myself……..hmmm…..I should be a winner and eat more Micros today. Grabbed a bag of frozen veggies, seen 2 dishes I usually cook them in were dirty(usually I wouldn’t care, but had raw pork in one and lots of other dirty dishes in the other, so I played it safe) so I immediately threw those back in the freezer as laziness took over. I just so happen to have couple zucchini in the fridge but didn’t want to take the time to cook em, so that left me with the idea of Zoats for breakfast. A quick easy volume meal that also can hit some good micros, and a whole lotta fiber in one sitting.

So, lets get this cinnamon train rolling.

Get a small to medium sauce pan. Now for me I have a hot pot so at this point Ill start heating up some water so it gets boiling quick, vs waiting for my water to get hot in the pan.

Well my water is heating up I will take either

40g oats or today I used a Quaker Cinnamon Apple Quick oats pack (cause lazy as fuck, and remember theme 😉 )

Throw that in the sauce pan with cinnamon, 1/3 cup of milk(not needed just wanted to chance it up a bit)

and however much zucchini you got. Today mine came to 6.5oz.  You are going to want to get it nice and shredded. I just use a hand Cheese shredder. Does the job like a charm.

Now at this point hopefully your water is boiling, add 2/3c water to your sauce pan (1 cup if no milk was used) and bring that to a boil. Once those fine bubbles have started drop your heat down, and throw in 2 svg egg whites, or more if you need some more protein and continue to cook that up. Now this is wear I will add in some of my flavorings.

I threw in more Cinnamon, Couple splashes of Vanilla, a Packet of Stevia, and a smidge of maple syrup. Mix in thoroughly and continue to cook. Once it has increased in volume a bit and looks like everything is incorporated you are done! Now for the final step and this really doesn’t matter either (whey) pun fully intended, but I will throw in some protein for extra protein value and flavor. Today I mixed in .5scoop @cellucor cinnamon swirl whey right before I took it off the heat. Could add it once you take it off the heat I am not sure it really matters.

Transfer your steamy, scrumptious oats into a serving bowl of choice and if you are feeling like making a flex bowl throw some goodies on it! Today I used a @musclepharm cinnamon combat crunch bar cut into pieces, a left over Pillsbury low fat cinnamon bun, and cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Was going to add in Coconut Sugar as well but I forgot.

Grab your favorite coffee mug, fill it to the brim ( Im using @alphamindcoffee, use “Rhine” to save 20% on your entire order! yes your welcome! ) grab a spoon and dig in!

You can really get creative with this on your flavor combos. Chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, strawberry, banana, really is endless. Goes for toppings as well. Brownies, chocolate chips, fruit, candy, ice cream, whatever you fancy at the time!

Remember if you like feel free to give it a share and don’t forget to tag me in It telling me if you enjoyed it or not! Also so I can see some killer flavor combos! @d_chron on Insta, or just #dustyscalculatedmadness !

Until next time, Eat good and lift heavy folks!

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