Peanutbutter Banana Bread v1


Hey guys, I thought I would quick throw up a recipe for the banana bread I made the other day. This is the first version, so many more to come. Had to test the waters with a good base, now to experiment with ingredients. Didn’t do it step by step for that exact reason. Lots of fine tuning I would like to do.

I took

1 svg Light and Fluffy Pancake Mix

2.5 egg whites

280g ripe banana

6g Psyllium Husk

68g PB Marshmallow @cellucor whey

Cinnamon and baking powder

1 packet of stevia

Enough Almond milk  to mix.

Bake at 335 F for about 50 min. Take out and let cool on a raised surface. Serve warm, or stick in fridge to serve cold.

Top with your favorite spreads or sauces.


Cut this bad boy into 8 slices.

Macros per slice –  96cals .6g fat / 14.2g of carbs / 8.6g of protein

Macros for whole loaf – 770cals  4.9g of fat / 113.4g of carbs / 68.8g of protein

Now, With this base down things I plan to add or do differently.

I will try coconut flour, and oat flour instead of pancake mix.

I will add in Chocolate or Peanut butter chips into and on top of the mix.

Add in maple syrup or honey for even more sweetness.

Possibly add in pudding mix, or applesauce/pumpkin.

Add in some nut butters

Paired well Nuts n More PB, had a MHP ISO beef shake, and Last but not least Alphamind Coffee. Be sure to check them out and use my code “Rhine” to save 20% off your purchase.

Remember if you like my stuff fee free to check out my IG under @d_chron or #dustyscalculatedmadness. Tag me if you try it!

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