Wait, You arnt on my Instagram?

Hey guys I just wanted to let everyone know that if you want to stay up to date, and see daily food pics make sure to head over to my Instagram and give that a follow as well!

Here are a few treats from the past couple days. Next Post will be Doughnuts and Deadlifts!

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I know y'all don't give a shit about my dinner. You just want me for my goodies… 😕😆 Wrapped up my half dozen with the dunkin chips ahoy donut. Kept the theme with @cellucor chocolate chip cookie dough brownies with a @dymatize fudge frosting with a cookie crumble. Just like the donut 😉 mixed butterscotch n chocolate pudding with egg whites n made an omelette stuffed with frosting. Threw the donut In the oven a bit then the pan. Melted the fluff inside but turned it almost into a caramel. 7/10. Also threw Brownie ice cream in the pan. Melted quite a bit so I decided to throw everything on top of the brownies. Now ima throw on some Beethoven and pass out cause I'm working all weekend….. Least I got a donut saved for deads tmrw. 😉 #iifym #teamwag #leangains #leangainsmeals #foodporn #food #carbsafterdark #cellucor #dymatize #flexibledieter #flexibledieting #if #fasting #cookies #donut #nationaldonutday #halfdozen #hotmess #alltheprotein #ifitfits #macros #bodybuilding #powerlifting #icecream

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See all of these, and many more !


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